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No Fly No Guns No Brains


Obama’s latest speech was a laughable hot mess.
He started out by basically saying that the mass shooting in California was Work Place Violence, before he said that it was Terrorism… but being careful to say that it wasn’t directed by ISIL.
Pretty much the only person calling IS “ISIL” anymore is Obama.  ISIS called themselves ISIS… and now they and pretty much everyone in the middle east just calls them “IS” now.  As in “Islamic State”.  Obama is tone deaf when he keeps saying ISIL.   I think he says that just to reinforce he hates Israel.

He espoused one idea that on the surface sounds good.  If you are a Terrorist on the No Fly list, then you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun.  On the surface – I agree with that sentiment.  Who wouldn’t?  The problem though is that lots of people on that No Fly list are not Terrorists.  There have been Small Children on the No Fly list.  Even a sitting Senator was put on the No Fly list…. Let’s call it the NFL for the time being.   The NFL is a shady government roster that no one knows who controls, how it’s vetted, and no one has oversight on it.  Names get added but it takes an act of The Great Pumpkin to get a name off it.   And that’s the problem I have with it.  Secret Covens muttering over secret documents…


How do you know if you are on the list?  Pretty much the only way to know is if you try to board a plane.  Heaven help you if you bought a No Refund type ticket through Priceline.
Without any Due Process you could have your Rights revoked… and it would take your Congressmen to try to help you get your name off that list.
Another problem…
If you are  a proscribed person and you try to buy a gun… sign that 4473… Boom.  You just committed a felony.   You walked into that store a regular joe, and walked out a Felon.

The Progs don’t have to Ban any gun.  They just ban you.  And it’s as easy as just adding your name to the list.

Another problem.  Some folks I know have Job Applicants run through NICS.  No Approval means no job.  This can have a dire effect on your whole life… not just getting a new gun from a dealer.

Again, all of this with no due process.  No way to know if your name is on there.  No notification, “Hey, you need to talk to your local FBI agent to get this cleared off.”  All you get is “Denied”.  No reason.  No warning.  And there’s really no help for you, because quiet seriously, your Congressmen do not care.  Especially if you live in a Democrat Held State.  Welcome to Shit Creek, your paddle has been revoked.

Obama breezed though this little tidbit rather quickly.  Of course he doesn’t want you to think about it.   If you think – you question.  And that’s the last thing They want you to do.

Standing with Israel.

The story of the 3 young lads, kidnapped and murdered in Israel truly breaks my heart.
Hamas is to blame, but Palestine as a  whole is accountable.  Their whole culture is about hate.  They teach hate from a young age and feed off it for the rest of their lives.   Truly disgusting.  What’s worse is the Palestinians the news agencies find to comment on it.  Even more disgusting that the killings were not seen as a bad thing by these people.   All they can do is point bloody fingers at Israel and get completely hysterical and froth at the mouth.
I found the response by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be absolutely on point.   Netanyahu had composure and dignity and righteous anger…  Man – how would it be to have a Leader like that in the USA?
With everything going on in the USA – we look to Leadership and we find none.  Instead, we have a limp noodle that is destroying America as much as he possibly can. 

Sopranos Health Care

tony-sopranoIt started out as Free Health Care.  That whipped the unwashed, low information masses into a frenzy.  Got a lot of people in on this idea. Garnered a lot of support.  Then they changed it bit by bit.  “You can keep your old plan.”  And “You can keep your same Doctor.”  While never telling anyone that in fact, no, it’s not free.

Then it turned into something else… Like something out of the Sopranos.  It’s more like, “So, you’re gunna buy this health care policy.  You have until the end of the year.  Or else.”

Unless your part of The Family.  Then you get exemptions. It’s universal for everyone else.

This is like a Mafia style Protection Racket.  It’s not lowering the cost of anything.  In fact, for most everyone, it’s more expensive.  A lot more expensive.

I fully expect to hear Joe Biden come out and say “That’s a nice Health Care Plan you have there… I’d hate to see anything happen to it.”


Obama is not acting in our Nation’s best interests

He is pushing his own Agenda in backing the Syrian Rebels, who are backed by both terrorists, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  (Same thing?)  Pushing against international opposition to strike Syria plays into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and basically the entire Muslim Street agenda of doing away with Israel.

Obama’s backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, given them weapons and aircraft.  To fight who?  Who would Egypt need fighter jets to fight?  Israel.
Who is the target if the US strike’s Syria?  New York?  Israel.  Everyone is pointing guns at Israel, and Obama is giving them the ammo.

And the guns.

For what?   His Anti-Israeli feelings?  This is going to cost thousands of lives, if not hundreds of thousands of human lives.  Many Americans.  Many families of Americans.  Friends of Americans.  Business Partners of Americans.

Who Wins in all of this?  America?  No.  Who?

You know who…  The same people who we’ve been fighting against since September 11th, 2001  They are winning.

If we do this, what do we get out of it?   Nothing but more Cattle Car Security, Federal Scrutiny, and Higher Taxes… and the sacrifices and deaths of our Military brothers.

I do not support this push for war.  I do not support this President’s agenda.  I am sorry that Syria is a train wreck of a country and so many innocent people are dead and dying… Syria has never been our Friend, they chose to befriend the Axis of Evil, Russia, China, and those oppressive Communist regimes.   I say those allies of theirs can help those people.  Not us.  We don’t need to sacrifice ourselves and Israel to help people who would have loved to have seen these Chemical Weapons used on Americans.

Let me get this straight…

I heard this as interpreted by a hottie on Fox News…  the Government says “Help me, help you to protect you, from me.”   I chuckled at that for a bit.  A couple days later I was listening to an Obamacracy Official, and damned if that just isn’t exactly what he was saying.

So we need more legislation to keep these guys from overstepping boundaries, when we already have laws stating that they can’t over step boundaries.

And you know it’s bad when even The Huffington Post is holding up their hands and saying “Whoa, wait a sec here.”

Things were fine when they were just targeting Fox reporters, but they crossed the line when they went after the AP reporter.  That was the trigger that made it all blow up in their faces.   What’s asinine is that all of this was known well before the election and it’s only coming out after Bama’s got his second term.

I don’t envy the Dems come Mid Terms… the results are going to be scathing.


I hope.

Massive Layoffs

In the past 48 hours, these companies reported layoffs:
Westinghouse – 200
Research in Motion Ltd – 3,000
Lightyear Network Solutions – 15
Providence Journal – 23
Hawker Beechcraft – 410
Boeing 61,000
CVPH Medical Center – 17
US Cellular – 980
Commerzbank – 6,000
Iberia – 7,000
Momentive Performance Materials – 150
Brake Parts – 75
Vestas Wind Systems 1,700
Husqvarna – 390
Ericsson – 14,000
SRA International – 222
PerkinElmer – 75
Majestic Star Casino and Hotel – 80
Center for Hospice NY – 80
Bristol-Myers – 500
Lower Bucks Hospital – 500
Oce North America – 9
Corning United Blood Services Gulf – 150
Atlantic Lottery Corporation – 16
Welch Allyn – 10% of manufacturing work force
Dana Holding – 12% of work force
Stryker – approx 5%
Boston Scientific – Unspecific amount
Medtronic – 1,000
Smith & Nephew – 80
Abbott Labs – 550
Covidien – 600
Kinetic Concepts – 300
St. Jude – 300
Hill Rom – 200
Darden Restaurants – 3%
JANCOA – 350
Kroger – 30
ING – 2,350
Caterpillar – 4,000 (Decatur plant)
Alcatel-Lucent – 5,000
Umatilla Chemical 34
Pepsi – 8,700
Bank of America 30,000
And the unnamed Las Vegas Employer who let go of 22.

No, I’m not making this up.  Some of these layoffs were planned in advance of the Election regardless, but were asked to not announce until after the election – such as Boeing, who had been hinting at it though for some time.  Many of the others were holding on and were not going to lay people off if Romney won.   Many of these companies just couldn’t afford to keep them on thanks to the Healthcare laws passed which would have been repealed under Romney.
Guys, this has just started.  There are going to be more layoffs coming.  Buckle up.  It’s going to get bumpy.

For you business owners out there… something to think about….
You didn’t fire those workers.  The Democrats did.

The Election

Words can not describe my utter dismay and disappointment with the Election.  I am glad MadOgre.com has been down for a few days since the election – because my ranting would have been as incoherent as Liberal Logic.

We have (as a Nation) re-elected the guy that basically ordered the death of a US Ambassador and a couple US Navy SEALS.    We’ve elected the guy that bows before leaders of other nations, not as a lack of tact – but as a symbol to the world that America is lower than the others.  Come on, he even bowed to a Florida Mayor.   We’ve elected the guy that has been to all 57 States.  The guy that claimed to be a Foreign Student at Colombia.  The guy that grew up hating America.  We’ve elected to keep sending Chewbacca on expensive and extravagant vacations.  We’ve elected to keep going down the path of Socialism and destruction.

As a Nation… We have really and truly fucked up.   How did this happen?

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At first the Administration didn’t know anything.  Then they tried to point fingers at an Internet Movie.  Then they didn’t know anything again.  Then they only found out too late.  Well, now it seems that not only did they know, but they watched it happen live.  Not only that but it is rumored that they actually told US Asssets to Stand Down.  So not only did they watch it – but they wanted it to happen.  Much as surfaced about the Benghazi attack.  All the truth will eventually come out.

If Obama really did order CIA and Marine Assets to Stand Down, as has been reported, then it is clear that Obama actually did want those men to die.  Specifically the Ambassador.
So my question is this.

Why did Obama want U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens to die? The other men were just collateral damage in this. But Obama chose to let Stevens die… he wanted him to die.
That’s what I want answered.

Because the POTUS doing what he did… Ordering the Marines to NOT follow their standing orders, to thrice deny CIA requests to go in. These were active decisions to let Stevens die. What did Stevens do? What did Stevens know? It had to be something very horrible… because otherwise Obama has basically sentenced the man to die and then watched it happen. He might not of pulled the trigger himself, but he ordered it. This is most un-presidential and he needs to be held accountable for it.