The Uprising Saga

The Uprising Saga is a collection of stories not just about surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, but winning it.  Most Zombie Stories are about running away and hiding in some hole like rabbits… frightened to go out and stretching out their meager ration of food as long as possible.  Screw that.   Pickup your weapons and get to work… there are Zombies to kill.

Uprising started out with a thread on, a short story I wrote answering the question “What if?”  It started out as realistic as possible with people I knew and what I would do… and then we took it up a notch.

Uprising USA. 

Amazon Kindle,   Amazon Paperback,    B&N.

Uprising UK

Available for the Amazon Kinde.

Uprising Russia – Expected unleashing, Christmas 2012.

Uprising China – Expected unleashing, Oct 2013.

Uprising novels by other Authors:

Uprising Italia, by Zach Hill.  It’s on here for the Kindle. And in Paperback too!

Uprising Russia will happen, eventually. I’ve started and restarted the book several times. But events have made just opening the UR:R File Folder very difficult for me. Everyone in the stories are based on real people, some characters even using their real names.
Zach, the author of Uprising Italia, is my real Brother. As is “Uncle Musket”. And Josh, who makes an appearance in USA.
Well, we’ve lost Zack and Musket. There are others, good friends of mine, who are major characters that have passed on. Their loss in real life makes their Characters exceptionally difficult to write.
Because of this, I’m working on other projects.
And from now on – I’m not putting people I care about into any future series!

158 thoughts on “The Uprising Saga”

  1. I ordered today as soon as I got off the phone with you, then spent all my spare time at work reading the teaser on Amazon….Love it can’t wait to get the book 😉

  2. George, just finished Uprising USA this morning. I’m not what you would call a terrific reader and can probably count on two hands how many books I’ve read cover to cover in my 33 years but you can rest assured that there will be 3 more added to that collection as soon as they are available.

    Thank you for the time and effort that you put into not only the book but your blog, YT channel, and guest appearances on podcast.

  3. This is an amazing book. I just can’t put it down. It gives me the creeps, but I just can’t stop!

  4. Dear Mad Ogre,

    I wanted to start off saying I LOVED your novel. It was a non stop, action packed thriller, I couldn’t put down. I am looking forward to it’s future installments. That being said, I am very disappointed with the work White Feather Press did. Their editing department did your novel a huge disservice. I have never read a fantastic book with so many spelling errors. I wanted to inform you that I have written the publisher with my complaint.

    Very Respectfully,


    1. Thanks you for your kind words. As much fun as Uprising USA was – UK is much better, more fun and a much better book altogether.

  5. Ogre,

    Just finished USA, and can’t wait for UK to come out! I know you say you’re no Larry Correia, but I’m putting it on my shelf next to MHI anyway. Great work, man. Loved it- and can’t wait to see what you do by the time the Ogre hits China!



  6. Ogre,

    I just read the Kindle version and was impressed. The editing problems that have been mentioned didn’t interfere with the readability. I’ll buy the UK book when you release it.

  7. I’ve got at least 9 more people who are interested in buying a copy. I’m looking forward to UK and China. I can honestly say that I get a chuckle when I think of the Ogre standing 2′ taller than a whole horde of zeds.

  8. George you magnificent bastard … I read your book!

    Now, how long do we have to wait before we can get our hands on Uprising UK?

    Is it done yet?

    How about now?


  9. Just finished reading Uprising USA, and got to say it was a great read. Can’t wait to read the rest of the serie.s

  10. Loved the book and can’t wait for the next one. Very cool story and the cities and streets are close to where I live in Lehi. I even tried a gatorbull and loved it! When does UK come out?

  11. Ogre:
    I finished you novel in the wee hours of the morning and thanks for turning me into a zed all day at work! I made the mistake of starting it Sunday morning and just couldn’t put it down. As a vet, active gun guy, and zedhead this book hit on all cylinders for me. I found myself playing out the scenes in my mind with my friends and family. And yes fatigues were made for the female anatomy. Can’t wait for the sequels! Keep up the awesome work!

  12. It’s been a long time since I sat down to read a book. I bought a Kindle and purchased my first ebook, Uprising USA. Then I spent the next two weekends in the deer stand reading and hunting.
    I’m hooked! I will be reading Uprising UK in the deer blind this weekend. 🙂

  13. Reading USA now love it. UK on order and coming soon. Your writing reminds me of another Author I Loved William W Johnstone. Thanks for the great read and keep them coming.

  14. Heard about this book on your interview on Gunfighter Cast by Daniel Shaw of the Gun Rights Radio Network. Finally, I bought it last Sunday. The book was finished Wednesday night…Thursday morning at 3:30. I even tried the Gator-Bull. I have to say impressive sir. Great read. I will be buying the following books

  15. Just finnished Upriseing UK yesterday,…
    Is Upriseing Russia and China available yet?
    Got Upriseing USA and the companion book Upriseing Italia.


      1. Damn!

        I better not have to wait to long,….

        Half way through Italia in 3 days,….


  16. PS: I also get all the jokes in the books,..
    And all the movie referances,..
    Finnished the first book in a week while at work,…
    Just finnished the second in under a week while at work,…
    (had to do something constructive!)

    Mind you I was surprised with how your makeing Sarah Palin out in all this,…


      1. Can she come back with the board/leaders of IANSA as pets,….?

        Inquireing minds and all that!??


  17. great books Ijust finished the first 2 books as good as MHI liked that you inclued palin Ithink you hit the nail on the head

  18. Ok,..

    Now I’ve finnished ‘Italia’

    Now I’m left hang’n waiting for the rest!


    1. Go to and Register… in the R&R section, you will find a Creative Writing Subsection… Search for the Uprising threads. There is a LOT more to Uprising. Sound Tracks even.

  19. You have no idea how refreshing it is to read a Zombie Apocalypse book written by someone who actually is knowledgable about firearms and tactics… Slow start in the beginning but sucked me in like a frustrated housewife reading the Twilight series!!! Have to wait til Thursday to buy the next installment, because if I do, I will not me a good Freemason because I have a degree to perform on Wednesday that requires my full attention, but thank you Kind Sir for your labors…. Ogre for President 2012!!!


  20. Heard about Uprising on Daniel Shaw’s “Gunfighter Cast” podcast. Finally sat down to read it this weekend. Yep, you almost got me in trouble. I’m visiting my family back in TX and rather than spending time with them, I’ve been reading every chance I get!

    I’m going to download UK tonight otherwise I won’t have anything to read on my flight back home.


  21. Just finished USA, it’s a rainy dreary day here, so I just bought UK for the kindle and Italia in case the weather’s to crappy to go to the range tomorrow.

  22. Just finished UK today and downloaded Italia. They are not high literature but they are addictive, the literary equivalent of popcorn. Now that you are a high powered author pay someone to edit the things. Keep up the good work George, you are right about UK being better than USA. If this level of improvement continues than Russia is going to rock!

  23. I stumbled upon Uprising USA at the Kindle store, bought it and let me say, outstanding, sir!!! After reading that, I had to get Uprising UK and Uprising Italia, devoured them both! Now, I am left feeling all empty inside anxiously awaiting Uprising Russia…I know just what I want for Christmas! Thank you for such excellent reads! And let me close with saying the idea of fast zombies scares the shit outta me! 😉 Can’t wait for Russia!

  24. Ogre,

    I just finished read both USA and UK. Loved them found your books by way of Larry and both of you will start to become part of my bookshelves. You are going to have to go right next to his books. Please keep the great books coming.

      1. I was wondering if you had any good suggestions of other authors that write in yours or Larry’s style.

        1. Look for “Day by Day Armagedon”, that’s a good zombie book. Other authors… I’ll have to write a whole post about this!

  25. Ogre, Ive been reading within this genre for that last ten years or so. I read a lot. No television. That said, your two books are right up there with my favorites! You really did a nice job with these. Is there a possibility of more?

    Thanks for hours of entertainment.

  26. What do you mean your ‘re-writeing’ Italia?
    Dose this mean your adding to it?

    Or have you decided to add the Chevy VOLT to the ‘Targets of oppotunity’ list?


  27. Hey Ogre ever get a chance to read “Recon of Worlds” on Kindal by umwa? Be willing to re imburse the cost which I didn’t set and &_&()* Amazon will not let me lower, just for an eval…..

  28. Where is Uprising Russia? Man I was really looking forward to getting it for me and my son for Christmas! How much longer do you think it will be? We loved the other two and Italia. Thanks for all the entertainment.

  29. Hows things going with Upriseing China?

    Got a freind getting me Crusader soon.

    Also hanging out for Upriseing russia!

    I think I’m going into Zombie withdrawl!

  30. Dear Mr. Ogre,

    Thanks a bunch for the entertainment/education (just in case…). I’m currently in serious withdrawls with the five different book series I’m currently reading all waiting on the release of thier next respective books. I know you’ve probably had your hands full trying to fill orders for AR’s and train eager students considering what’s been going on latetly, but hows Uprising Russia coming along? Thanks again!

  31. I loved both Uprising USA and UK. Reading Uprising Italia now, can’t wait for Uprising Russia! Where can i find it? Supposed to be out Xmas 2012 but not seeing it anywhere yet. Could you help a Rabid Fan out?

      1. Uprising Russia,…

        (Taps foot on floor)
        Tap Tap Tap tap,…

        Waiting,.. waiting,…. waiting,….


  32. When will the next Uprising book becoming out? I loved the last three and can’t wait for the next installment.

  33. waiting for the uprising Russia book, its been a long time since the last one, but I am betting it
    will be worth the wait.

  34. Going into serious Zombie withdrawl here,….

    Re-writing Russia,….??

    Can I have the old draft then??

    No, seriously can I?

    huh? huh?


    1. No.
      You can read what was posted in the Creative Writing Section of It’s visible if you are a Member.
      Also there are other UPRISING stories going on.

      1. Hows it all coming along,…?

        Hope the re-write is going smoothly?

        Waiting,.. waiting,…. waiting,…


  35. Loved Uprising and just finished Uprising UK. Just courious why they aren’t available through Apple iBook anymore? Even Uprising Italia wasn’t available anymore either. Patiently waiting for Russia!!

  36. I’m on my second rereading of U:USA which i got on Just wanted to know when the next books are coming out on audible?

    1. I do not know. The publisher has not said. But I’m glad you liked it! Please give it a good review on!

  37. Hey I read all the uprising books thus far and loved them!!!! Have you thought about possibly making this into a movie series? I was actually kinda sad that you killed April off she was my favorite character in the book 🙁 anyways hope to read Russia soon I got money put away so I can order it asap :o)

    1. Thank you. I’d love to have the story made into a Movie. Or TV Series. Absolutely.
      Feel free to pass your copies along or give word to any Actor, Director or Producer that you know.


      And my apologies for killing off April. My wife made me do it.

  38. Sry I dont know any personally. 🙁 but I had to ask, and I wouldn’t give my copies of the uprising saga too anyone lol ive read usa and uk over 25 times each and never get bored with them! Do you think when russia comes out I could buy a autograph copy of the book?

    1. Also I was wondering if you had to choose between a SCAR-H or a M-249 which would u you choose to kill zeds?

      1. All depends on the situation. Foot patrol, of course the SCAR. Mounted on a vehicle or as part of a Fire Team, then we’d have the M249.

  39. In the first book you had made a drink called a gatorbull have you actually had one? I was curious because it sounded good and tryd it. It was amazing I was shocked lol

  40. I read a lot of ebooks so I’m glad to see this for kindle. My question is, is there any way to buy as a bundle or do I have to buy each book individually?

    1. I don’t have any bundles – or anything to do with pricing or all that publisher’s stuff. Sorry about that!

  41. Hate to be a pain,… but a sit-rep on Uprising Russia??
    Hope the re-write is going well,….
    Like a 162gn BTHP,…..


  42. Very Cool!

    While your hunting Prius’i,…
    How about all these stupid ‘Hybrids’ as well,….?

    Just a thought.


  43. I have loved the Uprising series so much. I am anxiously awaiting Uprising Russia and Uprising China. To sate my thirst I have ‘re-read all three several times. Fingers crossed.

  44. Just checking in waiting to see when Uprising Russia will be released starting reading your earlier books.

  45. Any Update on Uprising Russia?

    I have since bought a Deuce and a Half so I have the right environment in which to read it!


      1. Excellent!

        Just finished re-reading all the previous books again,….

        Can’t wait for the next one,….


  46. What’s the status of Uprising Russia and Uprising China?
    I am looking for something to read this fall in the treestand.

  47. I go on Annual leave from work in 3 weeks,….

    Any chance I’ll have something to read?



  48. Hey MadOgre I’ve been a fan of the 2 uprising books that have come out when’s Russia and China going to be released? Its been 4 years since the supposed release date please let me know if u cancelled the saga or not.

    1. Uprising Russia will happen, eventually. I’ve started and restarted the book several times. But events have made just opening the UR:R File Folder very difficult for me. Everyone in the stories are based on real people, some characters even using their real names.
      Zach, the author of Uprising Italia, is my real Brother. As is “Uncle Musket”. And Josh, who makes an appearance in USA.
      Well, we’ve lost Zack and Musket. There are others, good friends of mine, who are major characters that have passed on.
      And their loss in real life makes their Characters exceptionally difficult.
      Because of this, I’m working on other projects.
      And from now on – I’m not putting people I care about into any future series!

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