Glock’s Model 42, their new .380 pistol.

Okay, the cat is out of the bag on Glock’s new Model 42 pistol.  It’s a sub-compact, single stacked .380 Auto, according to TFB.  Check the link for the apparent specs.
Now, a lot of people have expressed disappointment over this pistol, even though it’s not been released yet.  I’ve even muttered that Glock is about 4 years late on the .380 Craze Wave.  Colion Noir has even said that “It’s the gun no one has asked for“.

You know what though?  I think it’s brilliant.  Look at what this little Mini-Glock is going to be and compare it to what’s already on the market.   What is it going to compare with?    Ruger LCP, KT P3AT, S&W Bodyguard, the Kahr something or other… I think Glock is just Depth Charged everyone else in the Little .380 Market.  What’s one thing none of the other .380’s have?  A decent trigger.  Is a decent trigger important on a little gun?  Sure as hell it is.  Even more so.  Try to shoot a Mouse Gun accurately.  It’s damn near impossible.   So if Glock rolls out the 42 with their stock 5.5 pound pull, and if it has a decent barrel in it… the 42 will have instantly blown everything else out of the water in that market segment.  And if we have easy to swap sights like normal Glocks… fantastic.

Pocket Pistols remain a popular choice for Concealed Carry.  .380 isn’t the New Hotness anymore… That was taken by .410 Shotshell firing revolvers and then by 9mm Sub Compacts… but .380 Auto remains popular.  Glock took their time engineering it.  So what?  SIG took 2 years to roll out a .40 cal pistol, and they did that with the 229.  This was back when SIG took time to do actual engineering, sure, but see, Glock is even more careful.  We’ve not seen Glock’s Pistol Caliber Carbine yet, have we?  And that’s been rumored since before there was an Internet.  I think I first heard about it on my Dial Up Prodigy account.

I’m not saying I’m going to rush out and get a 42.  But I can see it banging the gong for a lot of folks who want something as concealable as possible, yet still want to be able to shoot it. I think the 42 will be a real winner.

Why I prefer Glock

It’s all about simplicity, really.  Nothing needs to be tuned or tweaked.  Nothing needs adjusted.  Out of the box, you could take it, unprepared to a 500 round pistol course and run it without problems.  Then when you get home you can throw it in your gun vault and neglect it for as long as you like.  When you take it out again, it will still run.
Any “upgrades” are optional.  Such as sights.  You can shoot it just fine with the factory sights, but may find improvement with some aftermarket options.  But that doesn’t effect the reliability.  It’s out of box performance is exceptional.  Easily the best I’ve experienced.  Even better than S&W M&P’s and XDM’s, both of which are outstanding systems.  And while many complain that Glock is uncomfortable – that’s something that is easily changed like the Sights.  You can do it yourself.  At home.  With some sandpaper and a soldering iron that you can buy for 10 bucks from Harbor Freight. I did.

Hate and Loathing in D.C.

Congress showed their hand prematurely.


The Obama Administration asks you to sacrifice everything.  Your health, your lives, and the well being of your families.  They ask you to train yourselves to stomp on those that simply ask that the Government follow the Constitution.  They label your fellow Veterans as National Threats, potential Terrorists, or Dangers to society.  You are only useful to them while you are in Uniform and On Duty.  And as soon as you take off your Uniform, you become one of Them… those very people you were told to keep an eye on, to watch out for, to be ready to fight “just in case”.    They don’t care about you.  You are just a guard dog, to be chained up in the back yard when not needed.   They consider you only to be political pawns at best.   They are in fact disgusted by your very existence.  This Administration has shown that it does not care… They cut your benefits, they cut your health care… Hell, they were even closing your Post Exchanges when and were they could.  Where your families buy their groceries.  4th of July Fireworks?  They cancelled them.

These people think you are stupid. I forget who it was, Vice President Al Core or then Senator John Kerry that pointed to the Marines and threatened his children that if they don’t do well in school they will end up like those Marines. WTF kind of respect is that? That’s not respect. That’s loathing. You Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers, are beneath them. They hate you. And they want you to hate Civilians that love the Constitution. The very document that you swore your Oaths to Protect and Defend.

How long must this be endured?

That’s your Dynasty?

The NDAA was passed into law. Meaning that the Government can sweep you up and lock you away indefinitely without due process. It’s pretty much the suspension of our constitutional rights. Innocent until proven guilty? Gone. Speedy trial? Gone. Right to face your accuser? Gone. The Constitution? It’s a foot note in the history books now.
But who cares? Some guy on a TV Reality Show got booted!
Republicans locked armed with Democrats and voted to cut the benefits and healthcare for Vets… But didn’t make any cuts on themselves… and of course, by the standing law they put into place, they will continue to get an increase ever year.
But who cares? Some guy on a TV Reality Show got booted?
And if they are not talking about Phil Robertson (Yeah, I know his name because I’ve met him. I’ve not watched his show) they are talking about Miley Circus shaking her boney ass.
What about Obama making up rules and changing laws at his own whim? The NSA is recording fucking everything… It’s all out of control.

I’m sorry but I thought I remember growing up and learning that we had 3 branches of the Government and that it was the Legislative Branch’s job to make the laws, and the Executive Branch’s job to enforce them, and then the Judicial Branch to make sure it was all legit.
All of this is a sad puppet show now. It’s political theatre… and the show is a Satire.

So maybe there is no difference anymore with talking about one Performer, Phil, or the other, Obama.

The Government makes me feel so greatly disappointed that guys like West and Mattis haven’t take shit over. There’s a Ticket I could vote for. Take it over, knock it down and hit the big red RESET button and put the laws back to how they were originally. Because it was pretty damn good then.
All men, created equal… That says it all right there.

Shooting just for some fun.

It’s good to get out and just pop a few rounds for fun. Nothing serious. Brought a couple of my boys out, joined by Louis Quarleno and we just had some fun shooting just for the fun of shooting.

The guns were my Daniel Defense DDM47vLW, and a Bushmaster ACR. Both great rifles. No malfs. No problems.
I have to say that my Daniel Defense keeps creeping up the later in “Favorite Rifle Ever” category. It’s the Light Weight version, but with the Battle Comp 1.5 on it – there’s just no recoil to speak of and the accuracy is right up there were my Rock River Elite A4 was, but the Daniel Defense is 1/2 the weight of that beast. The other thing I really like on the Daniel Defense is the Lucid HD7 optic. Simple, Solid, and it just works. I love the reticle options, but pretty much just always keep it on the T shaped option, because it’s fast and accurate… or I should say that I’m the fastest and most accurate with it.

Oh, and as you can see, I was playing around with my Drift HD Camera. The Glocks came out too, but no video of that. Even though we did try to mount the Drift HD under Q’s Glock 17. It worked, but the video result was just boring.


Adjustable stocks.  It started there.  Length of pull.  Comb height.  That’s all fine and well.  But now user adjustable is going everywhere.  Is this a good thing for the average shooter?
It’s bad enough watching someone who should be more squared away, constantly playing with his stock length and his sling… I’ve watched guys play with their adjustments more than actually pulling the trigger.  More than drilling the Fundamentals.  More than their effort in making an accurate shot.

Now there is this thing:  The Effin-A.   A user adjustable muzzle brake.  Now, the more I think about this… the more I can see the appeal.  Think of all the excuses you can use for poor shots.  What I’m seeing is a whole lot of ammo used testing and tweaking – and that’s good.  That’s a lot of practice going on and I like that.  It certainly has it’s place.  Maybe.  For guns no one else is making a brake for.  (Is there such a thing now days?) Being able to tune the brake to what you want.  If you are a competitive shooter and know your gun better than you know your spouse’s erogenous zones… Maybe this is for you.  Then again, maybe not.

For me… I’ll buy a Battle Comp and have it installed properly and call it good and not have to worry about futzing with the muzzle brake and I can concentrate on my shooting.  Of course, I’m the same guy that set his adjustable stock to how he wanted it a long time ago and has never moved it since.  I don’t like playing around with my weapon like that.  In fact, it annoys me.  My Battle Comp was engineered very well to start with.  In fact, it was engineered pretty much perfectly.  Why would I want to mess with that?

What do you guys think of this?

An Open Letter to all Democrat Mormons.

Your hypocrisy disgusts me to the core. You are Mormon and yet you follow the wicked persuasions of Democratic Party and “Liberal” (though they polluted the meaning of the word) Ideology. As a Mormon your Faith requires you to avoid even the appearance of Sin… Yet you support the Party that delights in it. It promotes sexual promiscuity, and removes the responsibility of it. It excuses it as “there is nothing wrong with that” and dismisses the repercussions to the soul.
It’s the party that fosters it and forces it to children through public education where the curriculum teaches oral and anal sex as alternatives to intercourse to avoid pregnancy. And should that unfortunate “condition” occur… The child is able to ask for and be granted abortions, without parental consent or notification. The allowance and excuses for the murdering of infants… killing life so precious they are spotless before God. Your Party supports all of that and you support that Party.
All of this against the tenents of your Faith… You, Democrats make very poor Mormons and I am ashamed that you are members if my same Church… To think I would have to sit in a Sacrament Meeting with you and watch you take the bread and water and make a Mockery of those covenants. Blood and Sin are the hallmarks of that you support. You need to repent to the God of Heaven and beg his forgiveness. How any Democrat is allowed in His Church I’ve no idea… but they should be driven from his Houses like Jesus drove out the money changers from the Temple.

Or am I wrong on this? I know that Church is for Sinners and all that… but if I don’t pay a full tithing, I can’t go to the temple. But if I believe Democrats are awesome and Reid and Pelosi are heroes for keeping the USA Pro-Choice… supporting hundreds of thousands of abortions. I can just slide on through into the temple. Is it a money thing? You can buy your way in? Because that’s what it seems like. Harry Reid is a Mormon, and it is rumored that he goes to the temple.
What did Jesus say about rich men entering the kingdom of heaven? Eye of needle, what?
To get your temple recommend, your pass to go into the temple… you have to answer some questions. One of them is “do you support any organization that is counter to the beliefs of the church”. The Democrat Party is 180 Degrees opposed to Mormon belief.

Maybe I’m wrong here. If I am, tell me why… not with political reasons… doctrine reasons. Show me where in the Scriptures or Articles of Faith or Gospel Principles or Conference Talks that I’m wrong.
Show me.

Audio Book Available: UPRISING USA

It’s on right now:  Uprising: USA.

I’m so stoked about this… I love Audio Book.  Any time I can I get one to listen to in the car.  Love them!   Having my own book in Audio – Coolest thing ever.

I want to thank my Publisher, White Feather Press, and Skip Coryell personally for this.  I’d also like to thank the Narrator, Jason Clearfield. Lots of different voices in Uprising USA… takes a guy with some serious talent.

And thank you to all my friends for the encouragement.  Ahem… buy my audio book?  Please?

It’s so cheesy… Just cracks me up.