New School Uniform?

Last year I taught a lot of Teachers, School Administrators and other School Faculty Members defensive shooting skills. I taught them for Free. This was in Utah, where it is Legal for Teachers and Faculty to carry concealed if they have a Carry Permit. For a teacher standing in front of a class room, I can’t think of a better holster than an INCOG carried in the Appendix Position, with a Glock 19 or an M&P 9C in there.

Watch this video below and tell me your thoughts.

What I’m taking away from this is that no one else in the family is wearing a target… just the little school boy going to school. Schools being “GUN FREE ZONES” which makes them Fish in a Barrel situations. Everyone else is safe, because evidently they are not going to Gun Free Zones.
My take – Get rid of Gun Free Zones. Let Teachers who stand up and are willing to bear the responsibility protect the students they teach. If they are not willing to protect my kids, why would I be willing to let them teach my kids?

Obama is not acting in our Nation’s best interests

He is pushing his own Agenda in backing the Syrian Rebels, who are backed by both terrorists, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  (Same thing?)  Pushing against international opposition to strike Syria plays into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and basically the entire Muslim Street agenda of doing away with Israel.

Obama’s backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, given them weapons and aircraft.  To fight who?  Who would Egypt need fighter jets to fight?  Israel.
Who is the target if the US strike’s Syria?  New York?  Israel.  Everyone is pointing guns at Israel, and Obama is giving them the ammo.

And the guns.

For what?   His Anti-Israeli feelings?  This is going to cost thousands of lives, if not hundreds of thousands of human lives.  Many Americans.  Many families of Americans.  Friends of Americans.  Business Partners of Americans.

Who Wins in all of this?  America?  No.  Who?

You know who…  The same people who we’ve been fighting against since September 11th, 2001  They are winning.

If we do this, what do we get out of it?   Nothing but more Cattle Car Security, Federal Scrutiny, and Higher Taxes… and the sacrifices and deaths of our Military brothers.

I do not support this push for war.  I do not support this President’s agenda.  I am sorry that Syria is a train wreck of a country and so many innocent people are dead and dying… Syria has never been our Friend, they chose to befriend the Axis of Evil, Russia, China, and those oppressive Communist regimes.   I say those allies of theirs can help those people.  Not us.  We don’t need to sacrifice ourselves and Israel to help people who would have loved to have seen these Chemical Weapons used on Americans.


As the situation in Syria is heating up, I grow more and more disappointed in this administration.
Their bungling of this crysis is an epic failure.  Obama is rattling sabers at people who have nothing to lose, no respect of human life, and are filled with seething hatred.   They are not people who are going to be intimidated by John Kerry shaking a finger at them.
Especially with Russia standing behind them.
Russia needs Syria.  Russia will defend Syria.  Because Russia wants their Port there.  Russia has a Naval Base there.
So why do we not let Russia handle this situation?  There is no need for us to meddle in these affairs.
What about the other Arab nations who are our allies?  We shouldnt have to get our hands dirty in this.  This is Syria’s civil war.  It’s horrible.  It’s disgusting.  And it’s none of our business.
Pushing War at this time in this area threatens us economically and Israel quite physically. 
So what should we do?
Nothing directly.   Have Lebanon and Turkey, or Russia handle this for us.  Incentives for them to take care of this.
Offer Russia Favored Nation Trade Status.   Offer Russia some business deals.  Build some factories in Russia… whatever they want that benefits both of us.  Everyone wants something.  And its usually money. 
Someone give Obama a copy of Game of Thrones.  Sheesh.

I’m a Mormon

Message on FB: “Why you bragging about being Mormon?”
My response: First off, I wasn’t bragging. I’m proud to be a Mormon. I’ve taken it for granted in the past. Forgot who I was. I remember now. I was born LDS. I served an LDS Mission. But I’ve not always been Mormon. There is a difference.
Even if you are born into a Mormon family, there is still that moment when you are “Converted”. I remember that moment when that happened to me.
While looking through the scope of a rifle on an overwatch and feeling so empty inside. I prayed that there had to be more to life. The feeling that I got after that – I can’t explain it. Here, let me tell you what Chocolate tastes like. But I do know what that feeling was and where it came from. I can’t just put that away anymore.
I decide that I was going to be Mormon or I wasn’t. No more in between.
I’m Mormon.

If you don’t like that and can’t accept that, then you are not, nor have you ever been, my friend.

I’m proud to be a Mormon. We have an awesome history in this country and around the world. We had a State give an official Extermination Order against us, yet we remain Patriotic Americans. We’ve be been reviled in society yet we remain helpful to the community. It’s a tough example to live up to. But I’m trying.

Lucid HD7 Gen 3 FDE

I’ve tested the original Lucid HD7 and found it to be most excellent.  One thing that continues to impress me is the unit’s ability to handle recoil.  Even after much pounding on an AR, the POA/POI was not changed from when it was zeroed to where the last accurate shots were placed.  Granted this was a short test, only 300 rounds, but I’ve seen slight shifts on some other red dots in this price range.  The first Gen HD7, I beat the hell out of it on many different hard recoiling guns.  I have the impression that the Gen 3 is every bit as tough, if not tougher.   The optic I used to run on my personal AR has been an EOTECH, and has been for years.  This Lucid HD7 has replaced that Eotech.  Because of a couple advantages.  A, more precise aiming reticle and B, much longer battery life.  The Battery life really pushed it over the top for me.  Long lasting, common battery type is a WIN for me.  I only have a couple flashlights that run those Surefire 3 Volt Batteries, so I don’t buy them very often.  And when I do I usually order them or pick them up when I am in certain stores.  AA Batteries can be had anywhere, cheap, and I have them around the house.  This commonality is an advantage.  With the Lucid, I’ve never had to wait until the sporting goods store opens to get my Red Dot to power on again.  I’ve had that problem with the EoTech.

The Gen 3 version has some worthy improvements.
1. Turret Caps.
2. Better Reticle Patterns.
3. Better Clarity and Brightness.
While the price may have come up a bit on the Retail side – it didn’t come up much and it remains the best optic for an AR under $400. I’ve seen these got for as low as 219.99 and as high as 249.99.
Overall – These sights are a Win. Buy one!

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The Greatest Gun In The History Of The World

What is the Greatest Gun in the entire History of The World?

Before we can ask that question, let’s quantify “The Greatest”.  Most of the time people will refer to the Greatest as the Most Influential.  Or the Originator of some function that is thought to be important.  Or longest service. Or the most cloned and copied.  Or whatever metric puts their favorite at the top.  So what makes a gun “Great” here for this discussion?   Let’s make the criteria based on some points… Not in any order of importance:
Ergonomics:  How it fits the User and other Users.  The ease of use of the controls.
Accuracy:  Consider both Actual Accuracy, which is accuracy from a machine rest or bench rest, and Practical Accuracy which is what one can get from the gun in field conditions.  These are two separate things.
Utility:  How many uses it can be applied to, or be adapted to other uses.
Power:  Consider both the power of the individual round and capacity of the rounds in the magazine.
Range:  Not Max Range – but it’s actual practical effective range, and combine that with the Accuracy factor and you see just what you can do with the gun and how far away.

Now lets look at the guns, taking in these metrics, apply them to the INDIVIDUAL GUN and not Genealogy or History of the gun.  So for example don’t look at the MG42 and then say the Maxim is the Greatest because the MG42 was built off design evolution from the Maxim… or whatever you want to objectify as great.  If you want to quantify the Maxim on it’s own, the MG42 takes those traits and improves on them.  Lighter, less maintenance, less support required, greater reliability, etc. So based on individual merit, the MG42 is certainly the greater gun.

My knee jerk reaction would be to go with something like the Colt 1911 Government Model Pistol.  But that’s Nostalgia talking and not looking at the actual metrics set forth for the individual gun.  The Utility and Power factors point the needle to the Remington 870.  While it’s certainly adaptable for length of pull and using different shells gives you great utility, it’s limitations in Ergonomics and Range and other factors really hamstring the old girl.  Shame… Because it’s probably my favorite single firearm.  But we are not talking about Favorites.  Remember that.  We’re talking Objectively.  Which brings me to my conclusion that I can’t even being to believe that I’m about to reach here…

The Greatest Gun In The History Of The World:

The AR-15.

Just look at the results of a Google Image Search of “AR-15 Rifle“.  So many variations it boggles the mind, all built off that wonderful AR Lower Receiver.  The AR-15 can be configured and reconfigured to be The Right Tool For The Job for just about any situation that calls for a Firearm.  By pulling two pins you can change it from one caliber to the next, with rounds from .22 LR, to .50BMG, to freaking Arrows… yes, there is a Crossbow Upper for it.  You can use it as an SMG or Pistol Caliber Carbine, Main Battle Rifle, or Hunting Rifle.  There is a Muzzle Loader upper for it.  I’ve even seen a Single Shot Shotgun option for it.  You can change the parts to change the Ergos to make the gun feel great for just about any shooter.  Right handed, left handed, Ambi, it doesn’t matter.  You can put a Silencer on it and make it quieter.  You can put a Loudener on it and make it louder.  (No, seriously, someone made that.)  You can use it for Home Defense, Plinking, Competition, Hunting, Law Enforcement, and Military Actions.

The AR-15 Rifle is the Greatest Gun in The History Of The World.


Disney Whore Factory

lindsay_lohan_parent_trapI don’t know why this popped up on my Feed from YouTube… maybe because social media friends I don’t actually know liked these videos and that’s why it became a suggested video or whatever.  But a video of Miley Montana or whoever she is… “Twerking”.  Evidently she has a couple of these videos.
This was the Disney Child Star of the Country Star with the heart condition.  I think her dad’s song was about just this thing.
Good hell I am so glad I don’t have enough Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice in my system to have gene-seeded a Girl Baby.
Because she would end up at some point probably watching something from Disney.   Other than your average American High School, Disney seems to be in the Lead for inventing Whore Idols.

Lindsey Lohan – Epic Train Wreck.   At least Miley Cyrus cirus citrus circus surplus (sp?) has someone to look up to.  Is that a career path?  Go from Adorable Girl to something attractive (Lohan was hot as an older teen – yeah admit it – you thought so too) and then straight to graduating with a Master’s Degree in Crack Whore thanks to a full ride (too soon?) scholarship from Disney.  lohan26n-1-web

Let’s look at the path.  Disney teaches through these young children that Parents are stupid and clueless clowns and kids always have it figured out and are right in the end.   They give these kids Money and Fame.  And instill in them a sense of entitlement and that they can do whatever they want and their Fans will support and adore them.   And then at some point they end up dancing on a stripper pole.

If I had a daughter I’d have nothing Disney is my house.  Is this how our Culture wants us to raise our daughters?  I have friends and family with daughters and just don’t know how they can do this… The cultural influences to utterly destroy girls is in full force.  Sexualize them, objectify them, and let them self abuse themselves into state sponsored baby factories.  Democratic Voter Vending Machines.

Thank you Disney for turning out people girls can look up to as role models for success and standing up for the Good and Right things in life.  I don’t know… Maybe this is a Preacher’s Daughter sort of situation.   But when my Boys are looking at Girls, who are they seeing these days?  Tramp Steamers on a collision course with a train or are they seeing young women with strength and dignity and value as human beings and daughters of God who should be treated with respect and put on a pedestal?   How can I raise my boys right, when the cultural influence is to ask a girl if she spits or swallows?  We can’t turn to Social Media – good hell…  We can’t turn to the mass media and entertainment.   So where can my boys find lessons outside of Dad’s Lecturing?  Reading Books.   Good Books.   Literature.  Classic Literature.

But those books are no longer found or encouraged in Schools.  Thanks to “Common Core” Education.

When children are raised in such a culture, what is the future going to look like?


Edit Update:
This was posted before MTV’s VMA Show. Before Cyrus’s “Performance”. All I can say about that is that I found it to be utterly revolting. Twerking as it’s called is not dancing. Its vulgar. I’m no prude, but its disgusting. Cyrus has proven she has no talent, so pulling this sort of stunt was all she had. Because thats what it was. A stunt.
She needs to get over the novelty that she has girl parts. Flat and sad girl parts.

The Jerry Doyle Show.

Holy Crap. The Jerry Doyle Show! On the Radio. WINNING!
Do you guys listen to Jerry? He freaking rocks. And he’s on a local radio station. Awesome.

For uninitiated, Jerry Doyle is the cat that played Garibaldi on Babylon 5.  He’s a Conservative, ran for office, stands behind his beliefs, and is a solid American.  He makes so much sense he makes you want to throat-punch a Political Science Professor.

Made my night hearing Jerry on the radio again.  Jerry, You The Man.


Yesterday morning my wife and I went to look at some motorcycles.  Huge dealership not too far away.
Honda, Zukes, Yamaha, Kawasaki.  All bike types.  They had everything.
Many bikes to drool upon.
But one bike specifically caught my attention and held it and I’ve not been able to think of anything else.  It’s like it was designed for Me.  It fit.
The Star Bolt R Spec with the Ogre Green tank.
Its not a fancy bike. Or fast. Or anything special.  Its just a simple motorcycle.
I love it.  I’ll have to get one some day.