Let me get this straight…

I heard this as interpreted by a hottie on Fox News…  the Government says “Help me, help you to protect you, from me.”   I chuckled at that for a bit.  A couple days later I was listening to an Obamacracy Official, and damned if that just isn’t exactly what he was saying.

So we need more legislation to keep these guys from overstepping boundaries, when we already have laws stating that they can’t over step boundaries.

And you know it’s bad when even The Huffington Post is holding up their hands and saying “Whoa, wait a sec here.”

Things were fine when they were just targeting Fox reporters, but they crossed the line when they went after the AP reporter.  That was the trigger that made it all blow up in their faces.   What’s asinine is that all of this was known well before the election and it’s only coming out after Bama’s got his second term.

I don’t envy the Dems come Mid Terms… the results are going to be scathing.


I hope.

Limited Internet Access

Sorry for the light postings… I have no internet access at home.  Or phone line.  Yet.  Working on it.

In the grand scheme of things, phone and internet is a luxury and I’ve had higher priorities.  Such as food, water, electricity and setting up a new home.  Which is a process and not a destination I have found.

My wife made all this look so easy.

For those that don’t know, she’s still in Utah, with 4 of my boys and I’m here on the East Coast with 2 of them.  This does not make me a happy Ogre.  I miss my wife.  So I’m grumpy for lack of sleep and pissed off for a lack of sex.


G-Code’s Blood Stripe Series

G-Code has rolled out a very limited run of what is called the “Blood Stripe” series.  This series supports the MARSOC Foundation. A portion of every holster sold will be donated to the foundation in support of their efforts to support those who have sacrificed so much for the rest of us.


These holsters look fantastic in the pictures, and in person they even better.  We are only going to offer these for a short time.  A very short time.  So if you are thinking about getting one, just jump.  Because when it’s shut down, it’s done.  All orders are processed online.  As are the guns they are available for and pricing.  Check G-Code’s site.  If you have any questions, contact support@tacticalholsters.com.

Dear Motorcycle Builders,

Auto makers have been putting back up cameras on cars for some years now.  Its proven to be solid tech.
Every bike I’ve ever owned, the mirrors show me what my elbows look like.  And I don’t have a neck like an owl.
Put rear view cameras on the bike and a small display where the mirrors are, so we can know what’s behind us and if we can change lanes safely.  A head check might not catch that guy coming up on you at high speed.
This shouldn’t add more than 500 bucks to a brand new bike.


With all the scandals that the White House has going on right now, it seems the Benghazi issue is being minimalized.  Even Fox News people are pretty much saying that it’s not that important and are more worried about the IRS SNAFU.

While a Tax Audit is a problem, 4 Americans did not get killed in one botched Audit.

And the excuses do not hold water.

A.  “What does it matter?”
B.  “It happened a long time ago.”

Both responses show a lack of care and concern and are pretty much admitting guilt.  The response about budget is bogus and we all know it.  Every US Marine knows it.  The CIA knows it.  Having US Marines sweep in and protect and extract an Ambassador is something the Marines just do.  You don’t even have to call them… they’ll just go.  What you do have to do though is to call them and tell them to stand down.  The choice was made that these men were to die.  What I want to hear is why they chose to let the Ambassador, and those with him, die in Benghazi.

I want FOX and the rest of the Media to HAMMER the Administration on this.

But what does it matter?  It was a long time ago.

Life in Jax

It’s interesting living outside of a Marine base.  One can occasionally hear the rapid fire reports of small arms, and the overhead flights of V-22 Osprey and heavy Chinook helicopters.
At any eating establishment one can overhear the conversations of Grunts… The topic of shooting is common.  I feel at home here.  Even if I’m addressed as Sir by these young Grunts… America’s warriors.  So young, they still have spots.  Can’t yet grow facial hair… Yet they are our front lines.  The tip of the spear that is our national will. 
Observing them, I am impressed.  Well behaved, clean cut, razor sharp physically and mentally.
I’m proud of them all.  They are our Nation’s Sons… Our best and brightest… So much potential if they were in any other industry… Yet they are willing to lay down their lives at the command of a Government that spends them so cheaply.  This saddens me, and fills me with pride at the same time… Because they are our warriors. 

The humidity in Jax is comfortable to me. Weather is warm now, soon to be hot.  But I’m enjoying it.
My laptop died during the move. I’ve no internet at home.  So vids, posts, and writing is going to be infrequent at best for awhile.  I’ll need to get a new phone too.  I’ll need a local number.  T-Moble sucks here as much as it did in Vernal.  Didn’t think that was possible… So I will be looking at Verizon. 
Overall, everything is as expected and I’m happy to be here.  Things will be better once I get some furniture, utilities, and such… But we are doing fine.

3D Printing

My sons and I were discussing current events today and the subject of Printable Guns came up.  Along with other topics such as how most new tech is driven by the porn industry….
So, were talking about the 3D printers will one day combine printing circuits which will allow you to print a drone, and the controller for it.  And print your own robot…. And once the porn industry gets a hold of it, you can take creeper pics of some hot chick you saw, then go home and print her as a Lovebot to molest… Or download a celebrity. 
Back to the gun issue.  ITAR shutting down the plan for a 3D printable gun is the government building sandcastles in front of the coming tide.  It’s futile.  The cat is out of the bag.  And since schematics and detailed plans are already out there for most any type gun… The only issue is one of material science.  And instead of printing a gun, print molds to make guns out of better materials.
Colt started out with a wood carved revolver… Now look at it all.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

There Can Be Only One?

I see it happen all the time.  And it’s sad.  At the gun counter, there lay two beautiful guns.  One perhaps a little flashier, one a little more duty oriented… and the guy looking at them is terribly conflicted.  You see, he’s been fed a lie all his life and now it’s become a moral dilemma for him.


It’s a trick question.  The correct answer is BOTH.   You don’t have to pick just one.  And honestly, if there is an moral question here, it’s that you believe you can’t have and love both.  You have more than one kid, you can love them all, right?  You own more than one Motorcycle, you can love each one for their respective qualities and that doesn’t diminish one or the other.

So when you are looking at those guns and having a hard time deciding… Get Both.


They can both be your huckleberry.    You don’t have to pick just one.  THERE CAN BE MORE THAN ONE!

Okay, now say you do have a heart large enough to love both.  And a Visa Card that winked and nodded that “It’s alright”… and you go for it.  Know this… You may still fill out the same ATF Form 4473, but the dealer then has to fill out another form.  All the same information… what guns and their serial numbers, and all your information… and that form is either scanned and emailed, or faxed directly to the ATF.  They have to do this if you buy more than one handgun within 7 days.  You can bet the ATF is keeping that information.  Putting it all in a database.  I’m not saying this is “Registration”.  But it’s registered.  You might want to space those guns out a little.  Take one home.  Then 10 days later, take the other one home.  The ATF can already go to the shop and look at and copy the 4473’s… but at least they are not getting them sent directly.