Sopranos Health Care

tony-sopranoIt started out as Free Health Care.  That whipped the unwashed, low information masses into a frenzy.  Got a lot of people in on this idea. Garnered a lot of support.  Then they changed it bit by bit.  “You can keep your old plan.”  And “You can keep your same Doctor.”  While never telling anyone that in fact, no, it’s not free.

Then it turned into something else… Like something out of the Sopranos.  It’s more like, “So, you’re gunna buy this health care policy.  You have until the end of the year.  Or else.”

Unless your part of The Family.  Then you get exemptions. It’s universal for everyone else.

This is like a Mafia style Protection Racket.  It’s not lowering the cost of anything.  In fact, for most everyone, it’s more expensive.  A lot more expensive.

I fully expect to hear Joe Biden come out and say “That’s a nice Health Care Plan you have there… I’d hate to see anything happen to it.”


12 thoughts on “Sopranos Health Care”

  1. Quick question…what about the people who don’t seek medical care because of religious beliefs? Are they exempt from the “tax” for not insuring?

  2. “…unwashed, low information masses…”

    In times past, these were referred to as ‘peasants.’ Good only for paying taxes and working the fields – Not for making the decisions.

      1. And you know from hippies (Not a proper noun) and peasants (likewise)?
        This is thin stuff, George.
        You need to work at this more.

        1. cliff, why are you objecting to the capitalization of “Peasants,” exactly? Sure, it’s not a proper noun, as you so astutely point out, but last time I checked, the first letter of a sentence is capitalized, even if it’s not a proper noun. Or if it’s not any sort of noun, at all, for that matter.

          If you’re going to correct someone else’s grammar, at least do it right…

  3. Back to the subject…want to stop the socialist takeover of the country called Obammiecare? NO BODY sign up for the first year and pay the Marxist tyrant in the WH his 95 pieces of silver which will be a pittance of what he demands in tribute to fund American Communism and it dies a death of starvation in the first year…problems solved. Course when he announces his decision, “for the good of the world” to stay in office for his life time…..then we have a real problem. Consider also that hippies now run the country….and its going so well!!

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