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Let me get this straight…

I heard this as interpreted by a hottie on Fox News…  the Government says “Help me, help you to protect you, from me.”   I chuckled at that for a bit.  A couple days later I was listening to an Obamacracy Official, and damned if that just isn’t exactly what he was saying.

So we need more legislation to keep these guys from overstepping boundaries, when we already have laws stating that they can’t over step boundaries.

And you know it’s bad when even The Huffington Post is holding up their hands and saying “Whoa, wait a sec here.”

Things were fine when they were just targeting Fox reporters, but they crossed the line when they went after the AP reporter.  That was the trigger that made it all blow up in their faces.   What’s asinine is that all of this was known well before the election and it’s only coming out after Bama’s got his second term.

I don’t envy the Dems come Mid Terms… the results are going to be scathing.


I hope.


With all the scandals that the White House has going on right now, it seems the Benghazi issue is being minimalized.  Even Fox News people are pretty much saying that it’s not that important and are more worried about the IRS SNAFU.

While a Tax Audit is a problem, 4 Americans did not get killed in one botched Audit.

And the excuses do not hold water.

A.  “What does it matter?”
B.  “It happened a long time ago.”

Both responses show a lack of care and concern and are pretty much admitting guilt.  The response about budget is bogus and we all know it.  Every US Marine knows it.  The CIA knows it.  Having US Marines sweep in and protect and extract an Ambassador is something the Marines just do.  You don’t even have to call them… they’ll just go.  What you do have to do though is to call them and tell them to stand down.  The choice was made that these men were to die.  What I want to hear is why they chose to let the Ambassador, and those with him, die in Benghazi.

I want FOX and the rest of the Media to HAMMER the Administration on this.

But what does it matter?  It was a long time ago.