No Fly No Guns No Brains


Obama’s latest speech was a laughable hot mess.
He started out by basically saying that the mass shooting in California was Work Place Violence, before he said that it was Terrorism… but being careful to say that it wasn’t directed by ISIL.
Pretty much the only person calling IS “ISIL” anymore is Obama.  ISIS called themselves ISIS… and now they and pretty much everyone in the middle east just calls them “IS” now.  As in “Islamic State”.  Obama is tone deaf when he keeps saying ISIL.   I think he says that just to reinforce he hates Israel.

He espoused one idea that on the surface sounds good.  If you are a Terrorist on the No Fly list, then you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun.  On the surface – I agree with that sentiment.  Who wouldn’t?  The problem though is that lots of people on that No Fly list are not Terrorists.  There have been Small Children on the No Fly list.  Even a sitting Senator was put on the No Fly list…. Let’s call it the NFL for the time being.   The NFL is a shady government roster that no one knows who controls, how it’s vetted, and no one has oversight on it.  Names get added but it takes an act of The Great Pumpkin to get a name off it.   And that’s the problem I have with it.  Secret Covens muttering over secret documents…


How do you know if you are on the list?  Pretty much the only way to know is if you try to board a plane.  Heaven help you if you bought a No Refund type ticket through Priceline.
Without any Due Process you could have your Rights revoked… and it would take your Congressmen to try to help you get your name off that list.
Another problem…
If you are  a proscribed person and you try to buy a gun… sign that 4473… Boom.  You just committed a felony.   You walked into that store a regular joe, and walked out a Felon.

The Progs don’t have to Ban any gun.  They just ban you.  And it’s as easy as just adding your name to the list.

Another problem.  Some folks I know have Job Applicants run through NICS.  No Approval means no job.  This can have a dire effect on your whole life… not just getting a new gun from a dealer.

Again, all of this with no due process.  No way to know if your name is on there.  No notification, “Hey, you need to talk to your local FBI agent to get this cleared off.”  All you get is “Denied”.  No reason.  No warning.  And there’s really no help for you, because quiet seriously, your Congressmen do not care.  Especially if you live in a Democrat Held State.  Welcome to Shit Creek, your paddle has been revoked.

Obama breezed though this little tidbit rather quickly.  Of course he doesn’t want you to think about it.   If you think – you question.  And that’s the last thing They want you to do.

9 thoughts on “No Fly No Guns No Brains”

  1. Reporter on Fox was on the no fly list, took about a year to get off and required Fed Court action. Obamies government said no one had a right see the list, no could know why they were on the list and there was no way to remove anything. The list is just list of names, not people, you can’t pick a name and look up that person because its just a random name. Ted Kennedy (yes the swimmer) was on the list. Wife of a US Senator was on the list because her name was Kathleen and she went by Kat. That name was tagged to Cat Stevens and she couldn’t fly. The list was two years ago 32,000 names, its now over 700,000, you think you’re not on it already? Think again. This is more Nazi policy attempts by the dictator in the WH.

    1. I transfered a couple guns today. I was actually nervous that I’d be denied because of this mess.

  2. Here’s a kicker for you. Bill Ayers is not on the No Fly List. An unrepentant convicted murder and domestic terrorist whose MO is using bombs and who has said his only regret is not killing more people. If that guy isn’t on the NFL, there is no point in having one.

  3. FWIW, the Office of the Director for National Intelligence [ODNI] has oversight of the naming conventions, and ‘ISIL’ is the current standard for the Intelligence Community. The use of Da’ish [not John Kerry’s ‘Dash’] has taken hold in some circles, but not across the board. As tone deaf as Obama is on all things, here he’s using the ontology presented to him in his Presidential Daily Brief’s.

  4. This proposal is going no where. YES Salon magazine just opined that it is bad idea and bad policy. Salon!!! Obaimie has lost the hinterlands.

  5. People who found out that they were on the no fly list due to mistaken identity have fought in court at huge expense for years to try to get “delisted” with only rare success.

    There is no constitutional right to sit in an airplane seat. There is a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The latter should never be conditioned on the former. That is unconstitutional.

    If we are now at 700,000, think how many millions will be added before Obama leaves office.

    Such indirect means to disarm the public smack of the measures used in Germany prior to the rise of Hitler, when the Germans were under the Weimar Republic. They then thought they were all just being “good Germans” by going along for greater public safety. Then Hitler came into power and we know how that went.

    1. Looking at the bill Feinstien and Schumer introduced it is VERY vauge as which lists it is talking about. Could be depending on how you read it that ALL lists could be combined!!!! Yikes And NO protections for recourse of any kind is in the bill. Sieg Heil Obama

  6. We all need to support our friends at Connecticut Carry, Any one can join. Their Governor, I hesitated to capitalize his “title”, has implemented this by executive order. Join and donate if you can. We, American’s, need to stop the decay of our Constitutional rights while we still have them.

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