Standing with Israel.

The story of the 3 young lads, kidnapped and murdered in Israel truly breaks my heart.
Hamas is to blame, but Palestine as a  whole is accountable.  Their whole culture is about hate.  They teach hate from a young age and feed off it for the rest of their lives.   Truly disgusting.  What’s worse is the Palestinians the news agencies find to comment on it.  Even more disgusting that the killings were not seen as a bad thing by these people.   All they can do is point bloody fingers at Israel and get completely hysterical and froth at the mouth.
I found the response by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be absolutely on point.   Netanyahu had composure and dignity and righteous anger…  Man – how would it be to have a Leader like that in the USA?
With everything going on in the USA – we look to Leadership and we find none.  Instead, we have a limp noodle that is destroying America as much as he possibly can. 

9 thoughts on “Standing with Israel.”

  1. The arabs of the Gaza strip openly celebrated the kidnappings. Not just the leaders, the people themselves.

    If Israel was the evil genocidal nation that the left likes to make out they are, then surely they’d have wiped out the arab populations of the land they captured after defending themselves in 1967 by now.

    1. Yeah. The total “Palestinian” population increases every year. It makes you wonder if the left actually knows what the word genocide means.

  2. Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. It is the only country in the region in which the Christian population is actually growing. It guarantees freedom of religion in its Constitution. Yes, it is politically structured to assure a Jewish majority, of necessity, so that it cannot be destroyed from within via a “one state solution” majority of Muslim Arabs who would immediately impose Sharia law.

    When the Palestinians eventually are able to get their act together enough (Hamas and PLO infighting), any state that emerges will instantly adopt Sharia law and render the few Christians still in either Gaza or the West Bank subjugated, expelled or killed. Really nice folks for the Left to cozy up to.

  3. Agreed. I cannot help but think that the period of the Obama administration will be looked upon as the low point of U.S. relations with our traditional allies. We have become harmless to our enemies and treacherous to our friends. God help us.

  4. The Obama Administration will be looked back upon as the low point in American History, period, full stop.

  5. Well, there is a history in that part of the world. You can blame it all on WWI and the end of colonialism if you want. The Israelis never really embraced the Christians in the area. This has led to complications for all concerned. Largely the US Media ignored the 3 Israelis being kidnapped, BUT are smearing the death of a Palestinian over the TV news, and his poor poor Daddy crying. I’m getting too old gray and cynical to keep reading the internet. Sigh. Geoff Who is disgusted with the whole lot.

  6. Clearly Israel can take care of itself as demonstrated for the last 60 years. Honor a treaty with them as a final resort but we should have no business in the Middle East. Finish the Keystone Pipeline, start drilling and using our resources in the most environmentally friendly was possible, but use it and put America to work. We have enough oil for generations to come and more with improving technology. Stop importing oil and let the Middle East do what it does best.
    Nation Building is Colonialism 2.0 and a sure path to bankruptcy, fast or slow.

    1. The problem is that we are Nation Building without the Colonialism. We should be looking at Empire Building if we are going to reach out – and we should be reaching out. Because this is a small world and the USA is built up from the rest of it. We have Interests in these other countries.

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