Milspec = Quality? Guest Post by Daniel Shaw

Mil-Spec = Quality?

By Daniel Shaw

Anyone who has perused popular firearms related forums has likely encountered the dreaded gun snob who seemed to know it all. A list of his or her personally approved Mil-Spec AR 15 manufacturers was likely produced at some point during the encounter. If your AR doesnt happen to be from one of those listed companies – you are ill prepared and will likely die as a result of your “jammomatic” not operating properly. In most cases, the list provided includes very reputable companies that do in fact produce high quality ARs. Does that mean they are the only companies that make quality guns of that genre? I think not. Continue reading Milspec = Quality? Guest Post by Daniel Shaw

.308 Range Ups in MOA

I had posted this on my Facebook page… thought I would hit it here too for those guys asking about .308 stuff and for those guys getting into .308’s.  This is generally what the US Marines teach their Snipers, and what I learned at LRI.  You and your .308 set up might be different.  But these will get you in the ball park.  You will still have to get out there with your rifle, your Data Book, and a Spotter to help you, so you can find your scope’s dope at each interval… but this little road map will help you get there. Continue reading .308 Range Ups in MOA

Required Reading: The Book of Two Guns.

The Book of Two Guns, by Tiger McKee.  “The Martial Art of the 1911 pistol and AR Carbine”

Tiger sent me an autographed copy of his book.

It’s a very interesting book.  I’ve not seen a book like this in years.  It’s not just written by Tiger, but its actually written by Tiger.  As in Hand Written.  Pen and Ink.  The man has very good handwriting I have to say.   This makes the book very personal, and you can hear his voice as you read it… that slow, calm, southern drawl.

More importantly, this is a very good look at the use of these weapons… and many principles carry over to other weapons as well.  So Don’t think if you roll with Glocks and AK’s you wouldn’t get anything out of this book.  I’m considering this book to be Required Reading.


Ogre Edition 1911?

I’ve been thinking about what a Crusader Ogre Edition 1911 would be.  I don’t have any photoshop skills, so I can’t do up a picture to show you.  But let me paint the picture for you in the mind. A stainless Dan Wesson V-Bob, a Commander length… with a blued carbon steel slide, and a muzzle treatment like a Nighthawk T3, and Straight 8 night sights.  Done.  Simple.  Oh, and it would be a 10mm.