At first the Administration didn’t know anything.  Then they tried to point fingers at an Internet Movie.  Then they didn’t know anything again.  Then they only found out too late.  Well, now it seems that not only did they know, but they watched it happen live.  Not only that but it is rumored that they actually told US Asssets to Stand Down.  So not only did they watch it – but they wanted it to happen.  Much as surfaced about the Benghazi attack.  All the truth will eventually come out.

If Obama really did order CIA and Marine Assets to Stand Down, as has been reported, then it is clear that Obama actually did want those men to die.  Specifically the Ambassador.
So my question is this.

Why did Obama want U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens to die? The other men were just collateral damage in this. But Obama chose to let Stevens die… he wanted him to die.
That’s what I want answered.

Because the POTUS doing what he did… Ordering the Marines to NOT follow their standing orders, to thrice deny CIA requests to go in. These were active decisions to let Stevens die. What did Stevens do? What did Stevens know? It had to be something very horrible… because otherwise Obama has basically sentenced the man to die and then watched it happen. He might not of pulled the trigger himself, but he ordered it. This is most un-presidential and he needs to be held accountable for it.

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  1. Stevens wasn’t supposed to die. He was supposed to be kidnapped and exchanged for “the Blind Sheik”. This negotiation was supposed to be Obastard’s October surprise, to make him look like a statesman. Only the actions of the two SEALs spoiled his plan.

    He couldn’t send in a rescue team, because they might have discovered the warehouses full of weapons in that area that Obastard had supplied to the jihadis, that Stevens was secretly negotiating for their return.

  2. The teleprompter-in-chief is simply a reflection of what this country is becoming. It once would have shocked me that the President could do this (deny help to our people under attack and then go to bed so as to be ready for a Las Vegas fundraiser) and not face certain impeachment. Close to half the country, including all of the voter fraud democrat felons and illegal aliens, think this is just dandy so long as it’s their guy.
    I don’t see how the country can survive with this much poison already absorbed and so much more still active, trying to bring down the rest.

  3. IMO, this is more proof that Obama is an all actuality Carter II. Both have overseen higher gas prices, a crappy economy, and did exactly the wrong thing when a US embassy was attacked. Hopefully, Romney exceeds the example that Reagan has set.

  4. Why have I not seen any of this on the news and how long can this truth be suppressed? Is this going to be a post-election scandal, just in time to possibly remain in office? This is truly insane and heartbreaking to know that our own president would allow our own dignitary to be brutally murdered. What a shame.

  5. I expect we will soon see a lot of weapons popping up that will lead back to Libya that were supplied by direct orders from Obama. Stevens was probably in Benghazi to make a deal to buy them back. I fully expect to see a Stinger take out a airliner soon….then the excuses will really fly.

  6. TWO Seals armed with rifles that did not have to respond and were told not to fought the mob armed with AK’s, RPG’s and MG’s for nearly seven hours. Heavy response units in Africacom could have been there in two hours. Four star general commander of Africacom who ordered heavy response to the fight was relieved of Command and orders reissued to stand down all units. Puff gun ship orbited over site during fighting was told not to fire. two Preidtor drones orbited fight and provided POTUS with real time video. Air assets not allowed to respond from outside country because Libya had not granted air access. FBI waited seven weeks to “investigate the crime scene” because Libya did not supply visas.

    1. And they were taken out by a mortar. I would think that a couple of burst from the Bofors 40 mm cannon would have given the terrorists a thing or two to think about.

  7. Nah, I don’t buy that conspiracy theory. Inaction and Incompetence, more likely. And fully deserving of the same ultimate punishment, if true. But the reaching and speculation, doesn’t help the cause. See Donald Trump. Real investigative pressure on why the inaction will get you to the truth, in my humble opinion.

  8. Clare Lopez, a 20 career CIA officer, has written extensively on the situation in Libya, as well as on Ambassador Stevens’s connections to jihadist groups in Libya and Syria.
    “What went on in Benghazi had it’s roots much further back,” Lopez believed, that Ambassador Stevens was in Lybia for reasons still not known publicly to the American people.
    “It was to act as official U.S. government liaison to Al Queda linked jihadist militias. And they would include some of the same people now trying to overthrow Assad in Syria,” Lopez said.
    She wrote of the events: “During the 2011 Libyan revolt against Muammar Qaddafi, reckless U.S. policy flung American forces and money into the conflict on the side of the rebels, who were known at the time to include Al Qaeda elements. Previously the number two official at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Christopher Stevens was named as the official U.S. liaison to the Libyan opposition in March, 2011.”

    She as well as the Russian’s (for what thats worth) are saying Stevens job was arming Al Qaeda members and that was the reason he could not be brought out alive once the fecal matter hit the rotating blade. In any case there is a a WHOLE lot we don’t know about this and treason would seem to be a smaller part of the equation…
    Vote him and his out, or impeach after the election if he wins.

    1. So Obamalamadingdong was funneling weapons to the AQ, just like to the Mexican Cartels?

      Treasonous murdering cowardly puke of a Commander in Chief we have, he’s gotta go.

      One week, one more week. Then it will be Katy bar the door, the Ozombies will flip smooth out when that community organizing weasel is defeated and has to move on. There’s gonna be trouble, not around here, but LA and other libturd bastions will burn.

  9. I think these two Seals should be nominated for the first annual Uprising Hero’s award medal.
    Posthumously of course in this case….

    I know that at least one of them leaves behind a wife and two young daughters.
    Epitaph for O’s tombstone when the time comes: “Stand Down”.

  10. Ogre, I’m glad to hear you say what I’ve been thinking all along but haven’t heard anybody else say.
    When I saw the picture of the ambassador being carried through the streets and heard that only two “marines” were dead, I immediately suspected this was an act of false flag terrorism. The only way there could be so little security in post civil war Libya is if someone wanted Stevens dead. This was an inside hit job. Secret combinations.

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