You guys may not know Mike Kupari… But you should know Nightcrawler from many of the best Gun Forums such as… And I know that you know Larry “Freaking” Corriea.  Mike and Larry have written one of the very best books I’ve ever read.  They have made Tom Clancy’s stuff look like an old lady’s knitting circle.  It’s called Dead Six.  It’s now available on Go… Now… Order this book.

Mike is serving in The Stan over there running around defusing IED’s and shit… Keeping US Forces safe… So while he’s doing the Hurt Locker thing, being a “Big Damn Hero”, the least you can do is order a copy of his book!   While you are on Amazon, order a copy of Uprising USA, and the latest Monster Hunter International book and Grimnoir Chronicles… on that order you are going to get free shipping, so its like you are getting Uprising USA for free!   Can’t beat that. Do it…That’s the Utah Brotherhood Trinity right there!  Mike, George, Larry… Kinda the Utah version of Larry, Moe and Curly.  Still… order the book.  It really is an awesome read.  Full of gratuitous violence with much grit and harshness.  Kicks profound ass.

No matter what you do… Get Dead Six, because every time you do, a Taliban Terrorist cries.

Notes on the day…

Nothing important to say tonight.  Just some thoughts I had.  First, I am disappointed that I missed my goat of finishing my second book.  I got carried away in Uprising: UK.  My goal on this five day weekend I just had, was to write/edit until it was finished.  This didn’t happen. However, today I expanded U:UK by 10 thousand more words.  Sections of text, details, and lose ends that I felt needed tying up.  I still don’t have an ending.
Returning characters are Rebecca Hallbrook, Arizona Police Officer and Stacy Roth, daughter of the fighter pilot that killed a Chinese aircraft carrier, and Cadet Jackson, who was a casualty of some wackos from Wyoming.  Not all of these characters live to book three.  Speaking of Character Mortality, I rewrote the death of Paul, aka FMJ from WTA.  Paul’s role as a sniper comes to a sudden end due to a case of acute of thermal ingestion.  He goes out in a great ball of fire.  Mark Walters, our friend from Armed American Radio is seen taking part in the Invasion of France as he storms the beach with a sword and a Krinkov SMG.  He might make it to book three… hmmm….

Also today, I realize that I do indeed like the Glock 23 a great deal, so much so, that it just may have taken the place of the venerable 1911.  Examining the Defensive Power Factor of a magazine of .45 in a typical 8 round mag +1 and + a Reload, and comparing that to the typical magazine of .40 caliber… +1 and +reload… the 23 does indeed dish out twice the firepower.  (I reload with a Glock 22 magazine) Now, why would I be all over the Glock 23 over the 1911?  Well… Man, I have to say that I really like the trigger that Joe gave this Glock.  I had some trick parts in the Glock to start with, then Joe checked it out and freaking made it better.  Seriously.  He made it better.  I liked it before, but I love it now.  The break is super crisp with zero over travel… no safetly lever to get in the way or forget to swipe off.  I used to prefer a manual safety.  But I’m now moving away from them.  Glock type and SIG types, I think, are better for the modern gunslinger.

Two words to remember:  VULTURE DOWN.

How I wrote Uprising.

I’ve had a lot of emails asking about how I wrote Uprising USA.  It was written mostly on a Netbook, an HP Mini, running Ubuntu Linux and I used Google Docs.  Then what I wrote was posted online at  The encouragement of the members there drove it, and continues to drive it.
In Uprising UK, its written much in the same way… However all the new content from what was initially posted on WTA is written on my HTC Sensation smartphone, using an app called Epistle. Then it is sent to Google Docs… Final editing on my end is being done with OpenOffice. Reason being is that I can write whenever, wherever I want.  Good ideas escape less frequently. 

Polymer cased ammunition.

The Firearms Blog has posted a bit about polymer cased ammunition.  Check it out here.

At the last SHOT SHOW’s Media Range Day, I observed some of this.

Plastic Fifty

I don’t remember the name of the company, but I believe they were either Utah or Idaho based.  Cost savings is a big benefit, but the biggest boon is the weight savings.  30% reduction in the weight of a loaded cartridge.  Now imagine the benefit of that when you are a soldier or sheepdog using Surefire’s quad stacked 60 or 100 round cases.  Think that might be helpful? You bet it is.  At the Media Range Day, I was also told that the cases are easily reloadable.


Gunfighter Cast

This most recent post of Gunfighter Cast talks about MAG-40, Slipstream, and the crushing defeat I handed to Shaw of Japan.

Okay, I have to give some clarification here.  The Gun Dudes and Shaw of Japan were mostly way over on the far left side of the Range, with Gundoc… Positions 1-15 over there.  I was in position 32 or something… the very last shooting position. This wasn’t planned.  What happened was that we were told we would not be shooting on Day One.  So I didn’t go get my ammo before getting in there that first morning.  I planned on buying the ammo and shooting on Day Two.  Well, it turns out you do shoot on Day One.  I was offered guns and holsters and ammo… an the generosity was humbling. But I feel bad for shooting another man’s ammo, especially when ammo is so expensive these days.  So I humbly stood back.  I also had a raging migraine, and part of me just didn’t feel like blasting.  Okay, so the next day I had my ammo, my gun, my holster, my magazines… and my headache was very diminished thanks to Gator-Bull with breakfast.  Now when we lined back up, everyone was told to take your same positions as the day before.  Ah… I didn’t have one, so that meant I was in the back of the bus… out there at the far right where I was stuck with Stan of the Gun Dudes.  What it was, was Shaw of Japan was relieved that he didn’t have to stand side by side with the Ogre.  Yeah, I shot a higher score, but I have to hand it to Daniel, the man can seriously shoot.  His groups were much better than mine and I thought he was stomping me.  See, I was shooting during the first rotation, and Shaw of Japan was in the Second.  Since I was at the very end, I had no shooter I had to back up, so I got to go keep tabs on our young Marine.  I honestly thought he was kicking my trash… so I walked away, getting ready to eat crow pie.  I was surprised that I had won.  Shaw dropped his shots firing from the required Weaver position, which he hates. If he didn’t have to fire from Weaver – Shaw would have won.  But he did… so I did.  But now the challenge is on.  Next time he’s out this way, we’ll go for again… with M-4’s.  His weapon of Choice.

Back to the pod cast.  This is a good one to listen to.  When you get these guys together, that’s some dang good Pod Casting.  If you are not listening to these Pod Casts – you really are missing out.  I know there are a ton of them out there… but Gunfighter and Gun Dudes are the ones to listen to first.


Men spend money primarily on two things.  If you want to sell your product you have to tap into those two things:

Sex and Violence.

If something looks sexy and dangerous… it’s going to sell.  If it’s not selling, it’s not sexy or dangerous enough.

Lever Action Reaction

There are few firearms that just give me such gratification as a lever action rifle. The elegant lines that fuse form and function with a mechanical simplicity that makes the Lever Action one of the most beautiful of all firearms.  Doesn’t matter which lever you have… they are truly lovely.  I find myself simply taking out my Rossi made Winchester 92 clone, just to look at it, just to feel it, just to hold it in my hands.  I’ve got a lot of other guns that I like… but they don’t stick in my mind like that little 92.  I’ve got my guns I use for certain purposes… and to be honest, this 92 doesn’t fall in to any of those purposes. But that’s all besides the point.  I could probably very easily adopt the 92 for more serious purposes.  Maybe I will. But I do prefer the right tool for the right job, shotguns, magazine fed semi-auto rifles, long range precision bolt actions.  And they are all fine and good within their spheres.  But if I had to have just one gun… well… that would still be an 870, but the 92 is encroaching on that in a big way.