2024 VW Jetta SE

Last Thursday I acquired a new Car. A 2024 Jetta SE. My 2007 Audi A4 Avant Quattro has become rather long in the tooth and needs a great deal of replacement parts and repairs… So much so that it’s going to have to be sidelined for awhile. And that saddens me, but I do look forward to the car’s final and ultimate form. In the mean time… this Jetta now my Daily Driver. I’ve always respected the Jetta, but never really personally liked them very much. But the new body style is just too good looking. I love the new grill and headlights. I had other options of course, and I test rode all of them. But none of them felt nearly as good as the Jetta. Just getting in and shutting the door told me that unlike the other cars, this was a real German Sedan. It’s almost as big as the discontinued Passat, and you’re not paying big Audi dollars… but it looks like you did.

It’s powered by a 1.5 Liter Turbo that I was anticipating to be woefully lacking in everything. But paired with the 8 speed Tiptronic transmission… With Gear ratios properly sorted out… the car is both smooth and fast. And since the engine is displacing less than a Harley V-Twin, the fuel consumption is Very Conservative. And by that I mean, I’ve never had a car before that sipped gasoline so delicately. 40 miles per gallon if I drive within the bounds of the law. Cruising at 70, with the Adaptive Cruise Control activated, I was still getting 38.5 MPG’s. And that’s a lot of MPG’s compared to what I’m used to. My A4’s consumption can not match at only about 22 MPG’s for the same trip, and while burning Premium.

Android Auto, Apple Car Play, Dual Zone Climate, Defrosting Mirrors with Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane holding assist… it has all the technology I could ever want. I’m not even used to all this. I love the blacked out wheels, dark platinum paint… It just looks fantastic.
Inside the car, there’s actually more space than the A4. And the trunk is pretty much just as big as the Avant’s Wagon rear cargo area, though not as tall. It’s very usable. You could camp in the trunk.
I do think I need to get this car’s Windows tinted, just to complete the look. If you are in the market for an affordable and economical car that’s not just an Eco-Shit Box… The new Jetta is well worth a test ride.