The Election

Words can not describe my utter dismay and disappointment with the Election.  I am glad has been down for a few days since the election – because my ranting would have been as incoherent as Liberal Logic.

We have (as a Nation) re-elected the guy that basically ordered the death of a US Ambassador and a couple US Navy SEALS.    We’ve elected the guy that bows before leaders of other nations, not as a lack of tact – but as a symbol to the world that America is lower than the others.  Come on, he even bowed to a Florida Mayor.   We’ve elected the guy that has been to all 57 States.  The guy that claimed to be a Foreign Student at Colombia.  The guy that grew up hating America.  We’ve elected to keep sending Chewbacca on expensive and extravagant vacations.  We’ve elected to keep going down the path of Socialism and destruction.

As a Nation… We have really and truly fucked up.   How did this happen?

I’ll tell you how this happened.  Apathy.  We basically only mustered 40% of our voter turn out.  Had the other 60% been bothered enough to Vote – This would not have happened.  My anger was White Hot at the Third Party guys and others… but I was wrong.  My anger is at those who stayed home.  Those who said that it didn’t matter.  In most places where Obama won – he did not win by huge margins.  Most of the Nation is Red.  Unfortunately most of the Nation stayed home or they were too busy to go Vote.  Never mind that you had several weeks worth of Early Voting you could have gone to and got it done without lines or drama.  You Non-Voters are the problem.    We had less of a Turn Out than in 2008.   Our Nation is falling off the cliff because of Mentally Retarded Democrats like Harry Reid who’s brilliant financial plan is to Raise the Debt Ceiling again… and instead of Voting in a guy like Mitt Romney who knows what Bank Statement looks like – You Non-Voters basically cast your Vote for Stupidity because you state home.  You decided that it’s best to keep going down this path… because why not?  It looks like they are having such great times over there in Greece, why not have that here?

Well, I think our nation is pretty much fucked.  We let people who are not even Americans vote by the Bus loads and we make sure that our Military can’t vote.  We let Black Panther and NAACP thugs run Polling locations to make sure they kick out anyone that looks like they might vote for JOBS over WELFARE.
Oh, there are a few things that could give us hope… and then maybe our Nation could be saved.  We set California to divide it’s electorial votes by percentage instead of winner takes all 55.  We could have the Sea Levels raise 100 feet.  We could have a Zombie Virus outbreak in all the Blue Cities.  And we could mandate Valid Voter ID in every state – because a lot of these swing states don’t require it.  I think the Zombie Plague in the cities would be the most entertaining.  We can hope for that.  It’s also the most likely.  Then again, with all the votes coming from the Grave Yards – I think the Zombies must already be up and about, and evidently they are all Democrats.  So vetting out valid voters must be too much to ask.

While Republicans are no saints as a Party, as a whole… Democrats are uniquely slimy and loathsome.  I really don’t like them.   They cheat the elections on an industrial scale… every trick in the book.  They are ignorant of facts and vote based on Comedy Central and Sandra Fluke’s flaccid vagina.  They have the mental state of a College Freshman at a Kegger.  Stupid and irresponsible – that is the Democrat Way.   In a nutshell.. just look at New York.  Too busy telling people how to live their lives rather than taking responsibility for the preparation of the storm they saw coming a week in advance.  They were more concerned about their marathon than storing some drinking water.  Was it their fault?  No… it was Red Cross’s.  And of course, those people voted for Obama.

Yeah, I’m praying for 100 foot raise of the sea levels.  That ought to do it.  If not, give us the Zombie Plague.

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  1. George,
    I too share your frustration! My question for you is: We know that the Socialist in Chief has publicly stated his intention to reinstate the “assault weapons” ban and go after “cheap” handguns as well. Do you expect he will succeed, and if so, will it include confiscation? If yes on both comments, do you expect it to bring about the 2nd American Revolution?

    1. I honestly don’t know what to expect. So I am going to fall back to my Training. The Army taught us to Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. So make your plans based on the worst possible contingencies. When Dealers are forced to turn over all their 4473’s, you can expect things to get very ugly right after. A Second Civil War Scenario is possible and quite frankly at this point I am not against the idea. Maybe it’s time to hit the reset button and start over.

      1. “…A Second Civil War Scenario is possible and quite frankly at this point I am not against the idea. Maybe it’s time to hit the reset button and start over.”

        I agree. I also am sickened to think what this means for my kids. They will suffer because of the mess forced upon us and they are too young to blame.

  2. From what I’ve been reading the root cause seems to be to many “conservatives” and big L “Libertarians” stayed home for some reason, and didn’t vote because they where petulant that Romney wasn’t “pure” enough or didn’t “reach out” to them. So now everybody faces the prospect of a possible financial and foreign policy hell for the next two years at minimum. The bright side is that there are 30 Republican governors out there and a good number of them have state legislatures on their side when it comes to opposing Obama’s domestic policies. It is interesting to watch the number of businesses going Galt and laying people off. There is already evidence that the “blue” states aren’t prepared for hard times.
    Americans foreign enemies may end up saving us from our domestic ones but I fear the collateral damage. If I lived in a blue state I’d get the heck out right now.

    1. Yeah, one of the forums I hang out on went through a huge meltdown right after Romney became our candidate with a bunch of ’em swearing to either stay home or vote for Obungler. I got my butt tore up because I said repeatedly that I would rather see President Dead Skunk Laying In The Road For Ten Days than another 4 years of the turd. I’d rather have President Pile Of Dog Poop, anything but more of the Kenyan.

      I like Mitt, he isn’t as hard core as I’d prefer, he got my vote. Now we will probably have Supreme Court Justice Holder, how’s that gonna work for us?

      If as many had voted for Romney as did for McLame, we would have won. And if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his butt every time he tries to fly. How could all those people have taken a powder on this? And they claim to be rock solid Conservatives. IMHO, true Conservatives don’t lay down when trouble comes calling, they fight like devils. I’m not giving up but Limbaugh may be right, I think we have lost the country to the 47%ers.

  3. Obama did not get the vote he had last time. Don’t know whether people who voted “black” to be rightous stayed home disallusioned or the laziest of the takers couldn’t be bothered to vote. My hope is that the virulent left turns into the characters of Idiocracy leaving us to run the show.

  4. To me, the two biggest (hardly the only) atrocities committed by this administration have been largely ignored in the discussion.

    The use of unmanned drones against civilians, including American citizens. I know we are “targeting people with suspected ties to terrorism,” but we have become willing to kill any non-combatant civilians around these “suspects.” We’ve even gone so far as targeting rescuers with double tap strikes, and targeting weddings and funeral where we know civilians will be killed.

    Fortunately Obama explained clearly why this was OK when he was asked about it during Presidential debate…

    The second thing is the NDAA, which aside from being evil and unconstitutional, is proof that the Left was full of sh*& when they claimed outrage over the USA Patriot Act.

    Essentially we have a leader who claims the right to arrest without charge, imprison without trial, and even kill anyone he decides to, based on secret lists.

    And he was reelected.

  5. “They are ignorant of facts and vote based on Comedy Central and Sandra Fluke’s flaccid vagina. They have the mental state of a College Freshman at a Kegger.”

    Thanks, Hill. That pretty-well explains me, but how about all the rest of those folks that made sure your joke of a candidate lost, them too huh?
    Oh wait. They were all “furriners” and dead folks. You guys need to figure out how to appeal to that pair of demographics. Given your fresh ideas, the dead people should be a lock.
    GOTDGV (Get out the dead-guy vote)!
    You guys crack me up.
    The sky is falling!
    Repeat as needed.
    Civil war, NOW!
    Buy guns… just ’cause you should.
    David Frum just laid your phenomenal (Even poor Allen West!) loss(es) at the feet of the “Fair and Balanced” crowd.
    Just one question:
    Have you ever actually been a college freshman at a kegger?
    I seem to recall reading this brief bit of advice several years ago and it seems germane at this point:
    Your guy lost. Get over it.
    Or secede. Can’t wait to hear how the Republic of Landlocked Utah turns out.

  6. Time to pull some peaceful protest. Entrepreneurs close their doors on the same week for one week,to start. I agree we are going into times where it appears EVIL is triumphant, but stay strong, stay conected with like minded people, move if needed to be near them. Continue to improve your preparations,and maintain com sec,do not be rash,and understand many of our electronis will be FUBAR if the solid waste hits the rotary oscilating device. As the great W S Churchil said about Great Britain in 1940 “We shall never surrender” or as JohnPaul Jones “I have not yet begun to fight”

  7. To paraphrase another blogger I follow: The order is simple and McCain didnt follow it nor Romney. “A big helping of fiscal responsibility with a side order of small government, hold the religion.”

    A lot of people took their ball and voted third party because of the failure to follow that format.

    I held my nose and voted for Romney this time around, just like I did McCain. Why? What did it get me? I somehow think I should have voted my conscious and voted for Gary Johnson.

    1. See as a diehard Libertarian I was attacked by my fellow gun guys for my “you’re the problem” and “why don’t you find another shooting range” for not voting “anyone but Obama-Osama”. What a joke, we talk about the constitution and standing up to what you believe in, well except if it hurts the Replublican Party. Smh you guys, you can kick me off the range and refuse to train me but I can sleep better at night knowing that even though I lost, I lost with my morals and dignity.

  8. I’m disappointed. No response to my earlier diatribe whatsoever.
    No matter.
    But since I’m here, George, just glancing at the list of those job-creators that are going to “un-create” them out of spite, I noticed two odd ones right off the bat.
    You seriously need to quit getting info from Glenn Beck who recently stated that this election proves that God really sucks sometimes. That would be the Mormon god I assume.
    Vast spiritual depth that.
    Anyway Hill, Husquevarna is a Swedish company. I have one of their saws – “Made in Sweden” it says.
    “Umatilla Chemical” isn’t the name of a corporation.
    The Umatilla Chemical Depot, Hermiston, Oregon is a US government entity that has spent the past twenty years incinerating chemical weapons. They’re running out now.
    Who knew that disposing of seventy year-old mustard gas wasn’t a growth industry.
    People who link to “The Blaze”; stupid by definition.
    When I have time, I’ll check up on the rest.
    I’m sure some are legit. So what?
    A company is its workers. They may clue up to that.

    1. You’re that crusty little knife maker aren’t you?
      You just can’t stop thinking about him? Interesting.

  9. “Crusty, little”?
    If you say so.
    Who is it that I can’t stop thinking about? This is something I ought to know.
    If it’s Hill… well, let’s just say that some of us can recognize bullshit and some can’t.
    “Little” I love that.
    What, are you in middle school, Stomper17?
    That means sixteen other guys got that handle before you did, Stomper. Very original.
    And if you find my disgust with the Og interesting, well it don’t take much to interest you.

    1. You’ll be okay, Cliff. I think you’ll pull through. Stay focused on your art and don’t obsess on people you don’t like. If you stay on this path, you’re going to get border-line stalker-creepy. You don’t need that.

        1. No big, man. It’s interesting times we live in. We all get angry from different angles for different reasons. Have a good one.

  10. Romney lost. There are reasons he lost, that have nothing to do with voter fraud, or stupidity, or being too dumb to understand a bank statement. I have cancer. I need the ACA, or I will die. I’m clear on the idea that Republicans don’t care if I die, it’s a survival of the fittest world to them. So I vote for Obama. Tough guys, with guns and lots of opinions about everything aren’t in charge of most of us, and the more they fuss the less we listen. I wish you guys would pretend you cared about people who aren’t on the top half of the pile. Some of us would like to work with you to make the Republican party an asset to America. I know some of your ideas and values are solid, but you look and sound like angry drunks, so I stay away.

    1. Sorry you have Cancer. Its taken many of my friends and my Grandfather. But your reasons for Voting for Obama are disgustingly shallow and selfish. Republicans do not want you to die. That’s such horseshit it’s not even funny anymore. In fact, it’s outrageous and insulting.
      Thanks to the healthcare bill that is now unavoidable… Companies across the country are laying people off. Thousands and thousands of lives are ruined, families put at risk, homes lost, people going hungry. So you can get your Meds on everyone else’s dime. That is not right. Not the American way.
      I’m very pleased you stay away. Because you suck.

      1. You had a good, reasoned point there. Then you chose to end it with an asshole statement that had nothing to do with the debate. Not exactly a winning strategy. Pretty sure mcarson is now even further from voting for a GOP candidate than he was before.

        1. Like anyone is going to convince him otherwise. Feh… And it’s too late to change his mind now. Voting is already done. Screw Democrats. They’ve screwed us – hard.

        2. bmq215,

          Thank you. I wish there was a conservative, fact-based, hate free party for me. I’d join in a minute.

      2. Ogre, you misunderstand me. I’m not on your dime. The OCA allows me to PAY FOR MY INSURANCE. Before the OCA I would be dropped at my next renewal. Other than telling me R’s don’t want me to die, what have they done for me lately? Health care is consuming more and more of all of our money and taxes, yet R’s keep chirping on about the free market. You need to do something to allow people who get sick to pay their way to health. Tax me more, take 10% of my income for life, but let me go to a doctor and live to raise my young children. Charity works for many things, but not serious accidents or major illness. We don’t buy our own roads, they are there for everyone. Medicine can be like that. England and Canada both have healthier populations at lower cost than us. I know socialism is a bitter pill, but there are times that the refusal to reign in the drug companies and the medical equipment makers leave you no other choice. It didn’t have to come to this, years of preferential treatment for drug companies has come close to bankrupting America.

        I’ll leave. You seem to only want the well off, healthy and angry. I don’t think you’re on the right path, you’ve lost 5 of the last 6 popular votes for president, and you still don’t know why.

  11. Panem et circenses. It is a Latin phrase that means “bread and games” or “bread and circuses.” It was the dominate political strategy in the later portion of the Roman Republic and contributed to the rise of the Roman Empire. The basis of the strategy is that you cultivate political ignorance, shallowness, welfare dependence, sloth, and a obsession with entertainment. Any student of history knows how well that turned out.

  12. I think that Chem had it exactly right.

    ….but the GOP hasn’t just failed us twice in a row, with McCain and Romney…..

    It’s failed us in every single election from 1988 on.

    The Democrats gain so much traction over the SOCIAL differences between the two parties, and the Republicans play right into their hands. Deprive them of that!

    “Those damn Republicans would force women to be punished by children and would force gays back into the closet! They’re gonna put y’all back in CHAINS!!!!!”

    “Uh……no. We don’t care about any of that. Most of us never really did. That was just a small but vocal group who succeeded in holding some of our more gullible folks hostage. The fact is, none of that stuff is any of government’s business, anyway. When it comes down to it, most of the stuff the government is DOING, across the board, isn’t any of government’s business. And that’s what we want to fix. We want to reduce the size, scope, and expense of government across the board, and by so doing, ease both the tax and the regulatory burden that weighs so heavily on all Americans and strangles our economy and our freedom.”

    The best response to questions regarding social issues is, “Eh. Whatever. Sounds like a personal issue to me.”

    FORCE them to debate on fiscal issues. If you feel the need to debate moral issues, make it the moral issues of fiscal policy.

    Romney lost because he failed to attract even as many voters as his predecessor (remember “Fuck it! McCain!”, anyone?), because he was NOT a fiscal conservative. $16 trillion in debt, 23 million unemployed, at the tail end of a decade of war against a bunch of 7th Century savages that’s drawing to a close, and he wants to spend an additional $2 trillion on high-tech military toys? Really?

    If they had run someone who simply said, cut the budget of every single federal agency by 15% across the board, and stuck to that, that candidate would have won by a landslide.

    But……no. They spoon-fed, and the primary electorate readily ate up, Mr. Voted-Most-Likely-To-Succeed, Mitt Romney. You might remember the lack of initial enthusiasm. Hell, you might even remember some VERY vocal CRITICISM of him as a liberal and a RINO. But, hey, if he’s the Republican nominee, then Republicans HAVE to vote for him, right? I mean, what else can they do? Stay home?

    Well…….YEAH, actually…..

  13. Which is why we have Obama again. You are absolutely right about your assesment of the party but reality happened, we didnt get the perfect candidate and people like you would rather see Obama win than vote for a less than perfect Republican. Yeah, that’ll teach them.

  14. As I see it, we have several problems..

    First: The “Free Shit Army”. Those people are a lock for the enemy. Like the poster with cancer said above, “I need free health care, so I voted for Obama”. Remember, Romney said he would find a better answer than Obamacare, not simply return to the previous standard, but that didn’t matter. One guy promises free (at least for some) and the other doesn’t. Also, the D’s took advantage of the basic human instinct of envy. Am I envious of those with lots of guns and ammo, a sweet motorcycle, and gasp.. actual savings, sure. I’m paycheck to paycheck, and it sucks, especially after 18 years in the Navy, but the difference is that I want to be like those other people, I DON’T want some of what they have and I don’t resent their success. The FSA resents the success of the rich and literally wants some of what they have, in the interest of fairness, so that when Obama says “I will give you some of what the (evil) rich have..” it resonates.

    Second: The religious vs. the rabidly anti-religious. Sure, abortion and gay marriage are important issues, but they pale in comparison to the economy, so how do they play at all? They play because they address pure emotions, which cause stir strong feelings. And it makes it 10 times worse when the perception is that the R’s are against something because of “what their particular invisible friend says”. Personally, I’m a Roman Catholic, but I’m probably the worst Catholic since Henry the 8th, and nothing is frankly more offensive than the know-it-all atheist that chortles at the thought of religion.. “Ho, ho.. you actually think that if you pray to God or the Tooth Fairy, he will grant your wishes.., ha, ha, hmmm…” I respect virtually all religions (sorry Scientologists…) but when debating gay rights and abortion with the rest of the nation there had better be a reason other than your particular book to back it up, or else people will immediately turn off. For example.. Abortion, faith aside, is simply not the right thing to do. Yeah, women can control their own bodies, but there is another body that gets no say, and it is the Gov’s place to speak for that body, an innocent that cannot defend itself.

    Third: An old guy club that insists on putting up mediocre candidates. Mitt was no doubt better than Obama, hence my vote, but he left a lot to be desired. There need to be some strategic political changes, and the Republican party is not interested in making them. That being said, one of our biggest problems is..

    Fourth: Ourselves. The guys that didn’t realize that this vote was not for the cure but for the stabilization on the way to the cure. Yeah, third party during the primaries, and even for everything but the President and key Senate/House seats on Nov 6th, but to vote for the third guy on Nov 6th or worse, stay home is just stupid. I know, I know.. “vote your principles” and all, yeah. The stay home/third party guys are analogous to a Soldier/Marine in a firefight standing there and not assisting a serious gunshot wound saying “I told him to not stick his head out, this will teach him”. Look, in this example, the problem exists and the immediate solution sucks but doing nothing takes us dangerously close to death, out of spite/apathy/laziness/whatever.. The perfect candidate DOES NOT EXIST, at least not at that level. To get that high in the system, you have to make some shady deals and become… a politician. Change will come slowly, not in a Nov 6th Tea Party victory dance, but for change to happen, we HAVE TO BE INVOLVED and not stay home. The third party votes were significant, but not fatal, but the stay at homers… deadly. Thanks guys. You can now smugly sit there saying “they should have listened”, all the while our nation crumbles and our gun rights become gun memories.

    1. Change will come slowly, not in a Nov 6th Tea Party victory dance, but for change to happen, we HAVE TO BE INVOLVED and not stay home. The third party votes were significant, but not fatal, but the stay at homers… deadly. Thanks guys.

      Very true. What if all those republican/conservative/libertarian minded folks who stayed home had voted for the libertarian? Well Obummer would still be president, true…but a very clear message would be sent to the Republican party leadership.

      Give me a real economic conservative and I will vote for him. Give me a wishy washy psuedo economic conservative who has some other conservative traits (religiously devout, hawkish on defense or even pro-gun) and I am going to vote third party. Sorry if that means the dem gets the nod but this voting against sh*t the last two elections has gotten me f*ck all and I am going to start voting FOR people.

      The Dems think they can tax their way out of this…and they are wrong. The spending is growing exponentially and its going to outpace any tax increases (which would lead to minimal revenue increases anyway as economic activity slows down).
      But just as wrong is the Republican position…that they have the political clout to cut ENOUGH spending to prevent economic collapse and reduce the deficit and debt without the need for any tax increases. That is absolutely wrong as well. Please, they cant even control congress do you really think they can cut THAT much? The degree of cuts needed to balance the budget would HURT a lot. Even if they controlled both houses and the executive branches the kind of cuts you would need would have them tossed out on their ears in two years. The republicans have to let go of “No tax increases, ever, for any reason.” and get back to “fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets.”

  15. History has shown us that people would vote for the Devil himself if he can keep the heat on, bread on the table, and the trains running on time. We’re now at the point of voting for the Devil simply because he smiles nice and whispers I love you.

  16. The FIRST reason I vote is because thousands of Americans died so that I could. They gave their lives so we could be free. To not vote,IMO,is to dishonor their sacrifice. When you look at the ballot through this lens, the choice becomes quite clear.

  17. I too was really floored about the low turnout. There were reports of votig machines twisting votes, but the overall was low, not just Romney voters. If fixed, they were geniuses and everyone cooperated, so I can’t go for conspiracy theories on this one. If you didn’t vote, you are part of the problem, no matter what you think about the system. 400 votes made the difference in FLorida in ’00. Think about that next time, non-voters.

  18. We may have just seen the last Presidential election where the Republican candidate had any chance of winning. If “undocumented worker” amnesty is pushed through it could permanently swing the balance of voter numbers to the Democrats. Federal and state governments are growing exponentially (mostly Democrat?), while more and more former factory workers depend on government support (and are still convinced the Democrats are “the party of the working man”). These are not people open to smaller government or helping out businesses. If suddenly a few million “immigrants” get turned into citizens they will swell the Dem’s ranks which could make the Republicans look a third party. I hope I’m wrong on this.

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