Massive Layoffs

In the past 48 hours, these companies reported layoffs:
Westinghouse – 200
Research in Motion Ltd – 3,000
Lightyear Network Solutions – 15
Providence Journal – 23
Hawker Beechcraft – 410
Boeing 61,000
CVPH Medical Center – 17
US Cellular – 980
Commerzbank – 6,000
Iberia – 7,000
Momentive Performance Materials – 150
Brake Parts – 75
Vestas Wind Systems 1,700
Husqvarna – 390
Ericsson – 14,000
SRA International – 222
PerkinElmer – 75
Majestic Star Casino and Hotel – 80
Center for Hospice NY – 80
Bristol-Myers – 500
Lower Bucks Hospital – 500
Oce North America – 9
Corning United Blood Services Gulf – 150
Atlantic Lottery Corporation – 16
Welch Allyn – 10% of manufacturing work force
Dana Holding – 12% of work force
Stryker – approx 5%
Boston Scientific – Unspecific amount
Medtronic – 1,000
Smith & Nephew – 80
Abbott Labs – 550
Covidien – 600
Kinetic Concepts – 300
St. Jude – 300
Hill Rom – 200
Darden Restaurants – 3%
JANCOA – 350
Kroger – 30
ING – 2,350
Caterpillar – 4,000 (Decatur plant)
Alcatel-Lucent – 5,000
Umatilla Chemical 34
Pepsi – 8,700
Bank of America 30,000
And the unnamed Las Vegas Employer who let go of 22.

No, I’m not making this up.  Some of these layoffs were planned in advance of the Election regardless, but were asked to not announce until after the election – such as Boeing, who had been hinting at it though for some time.  Many of the others were holding on and were not going to lay people off if Romney won.   Many of these companies just couldn’t afford to keep them on thanks to the Healthcare laws passed which would have been repealed under Romney.
Guys, this has just started.  There are going to be more layoffs coming.  Buckle up.  It’s going to get bumpy.

For you business owners out there… something to think about….
You didn’t fire those workers.  The Democrats did.

10 thoughts on “Massive Layoffs”

  1. One thing to note is that the numbers are not the number of people getting laid off, it’s the number of employees currently working. Still though I think boing is saying 10% so 6100 people out of work.

    So where are we going, and what are we doing in this hand-basket?

  2. Yeah, and the jobs are moving overseas. In Garland, Texas, International Harvester is shutting down the plant and moving it to Mexico.
    It’s not just nationalized healthcare. It is a nationalized healthcare that is about the worst most ridiculous version you can come up with.

  3. Boeing isn’t laying off 61,000 employees. They also didn’t say “10%” of the work force. They said 10% of the executives for a total of 30% since 2010. They are also closing facilities in california and some offices. They haven’t confirmed exactly just how many jobs would be cut. It’s certainly not the 61,000 mentioned by some folks. I certainly think Boeing held off this announcement until after the elections on purpose, but not at the amounts being thrown around.

  4. It is not just how many are being laid off but how many are not going to get hired. A lot of businesses, especially manufacturing were sitting on cash and other assets to see how the tax and regulatory thing worked out before they hired anybody. Well a lot of people are not going to get hire and and a lot of tax revenue is going to be lost. Obama says he’s going to tax the rich…except for his “buddies” who are in the upper .01% who get tax breaks, Obama care waivers, and no-bid government work.
    Also all those local government pension funds going broke are going to bring real pain.

  5. Since the election I have had a few drivers for major nationwide carriers tell me some disturbing news as well- Seems they were all pulled into meetings and told to get ready to find their own insurance shortly. Seems the HR and accounting depts. of these companies got together and it’s looking like it will be cheaper to pay the fine Obamacare imposes than subsidizing their employees insurance premiums. These companies are preparing to dump the insurance plans and pay the fine.

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