5 thoughts on “Of course The President Knew.”

  1. Absolutely sickening and criminal. By all that’s holy, this should be grounds for impeachment.

  2. Awful. Difficult to understand what the reasoning was. This is a paper tiger moment that will encourage our enemies.

  3. Frank Gaffney wrote a piece last week in the Washington Times, that Amb. Stevens was in Bengazi w/no real security detail because he was working a massive arms transfer from Libyia to Syrian insurgeants, including Al Quida affiliates when he was attacked. two lg. warehouses near the “annex” were raided/looted during the assult, it’s believed weapons of Quaddifi’s regime destined for Syrian Jihadis were taken. And we ain’t talkin’ sling shots, folks. SA-7s, other.heavy ordinance. George, you know better than most an accurate morter crew does’nt just “happen” to appear during a ‘spontanious’ protest. the whole deal was a planned, coordinated assult to asasssinate an ambasador, a 4-star equivelent, perhaps due to an arms deal that would make Iran-Contra look like a BoyScout Jamboree.

    1. Also, I know that whatever the Ambassador was doing, he was doing it under the President’s command because he is the President’s proxy in other countries.
      All evidence shows it was planned. And all evidence shows that the POTUS made the decision to let our fellow Americans die and to Stand Down assets ready willing and able to extract them… begging to go in and help.

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