7 thoughts on “Noble Putin”

  1. Just watch, clowns around the world will nominate Rootin’-Tootin’ Putin for the Noble Peace Prize……and he may well get it, being as the NPP has long since lost it’s meaning and is now just a popularity award for the socialist international elite….

    1. Well, at least he’ll have done something to deserve it. He will have prevented the US president from initiating a war with Syria.

  2. In 1939, Hitler had won the nomination for the NPP, but they withdrew it when he and Stalin invaded Poland….Yeah, go ahead and give it to Putin now, but later on he will usher in the next big war, Russia and China are the Axis of the next World War.

  3. The Syria war talk will not go away anytime soon, 1. It’s the only thing keeping O afloat with lowfo voters and keeping the rest of his soviet style gov from going down the toilet. 2. He has to distract from O care and the economy or he will be held responsible. Can’t have that, its Bush’s fault damn it! 3. He has way too much to cover up in the Middle East like CIA gun running to anti US groups, hence Bengauize cover up and the stand down order. If/When this entire chicken coop of scandals lands on the WH front lawn O and a LOT of then Federal gov are toast and so are we. Well one good thing it will take the Hildabeast with it….As to Putin you don’t come out on top in Russian politics and climb the KGB ladder without some smarts. Saw a picture of him on a huge motorcycle, all black leather, no helmet, at night. Contrasted with O on a girls bike with helmet and goggles. We are so screwed!

  4. Well it would help if Obama didn’t go around singing “I feel pretty”.
    Biden in 2014, worse than Carter but better than Obama!

  5. In less than a year, Putin has stood up to/out maneuvered Obama, embarrassing him with the Snowden affair and the Syria bungling. Obama likes a good speech and likes it best when he’s delivering it to a crowd. Putin skillfully plans and waits for the right opening. Obama traveled to Russia, but failed to set up a meeting with Putin; missing an opportunity to discuss issues and improve relations. Whatever the reasoning, it looks rude for a head of state to not at least do a courtesy meeting and it was reported that Putin was willing to meet.

  6. What’s the complaint about Obama having a Nobel Peace Prize?

    I mean, Putin has long been looked down upon by most of the world, which causes tension. Obama is working to fix that.

    He keeps making himself look like a total jackass, to make others feel better about themselves and their countries. He’s really quite noble, that way…

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