3D Printing and guns.

You cats with the 3D Printers are making it wrong.  Guns made this way, using conventional designs, are resulting in fragile, failure prone temporary guns.
Rather do that, do a more robust design, or better yet, print Molds and Cast stronger parts.
Designs like the Sten or Ingram would be simple to do.
Just saying.

Ford Expedition

Every time I get ready to get a new car, something happens and I don’t… and I’m stuck on my bike. Like this… Her Explorer died on us. Transmission decided it didn’t like having teeth on the gears. So, here is her new (to us) Ford Expedition. I actually really like it. Big, Solid. Stable. Powerful. Comfortable. And with room for Wife and I and our six sons.
Also, this is a test of my new Drift HD camera and Microphone and Remote. It all works.


Oh, for those wondering, this is not at Ogre Ranch. The light blue Explorer there, that’s her old rig with the dead tranny. I’m thinking 50 pounds of Tannerite.

Here’s how I filter my email

For MadOgre.com Email… I open my client, look at all the pages of email. Usually between 8 and 12 a day.
I hit “Show All” so it’s all on one page.
Then I hit “Select All”.
Here’s where I take a moment. I scan down the emails, looking for anything that looks interesting. I’ll uncheck those.
Then I hit “Delete Selected”. Poof all gone save for those that looked interesting or important. This parses it down to about one page.
Then I spend a couple hours answering and responding.

I’ve come to hate email. If you are one of my close friends, just send me a txt or use my gmail account. I may miss your email if it looked boring.

Video Gurus…. Request Assistance.

All my cameras record in .MOV format. That’s hardwired and I can’t change that.
Sony Vegas 9 Platinum has been importing and splicing them up nicely. No problems.

These new POV cameras I have… BOTH the EPIC 1080HD Carbon and the DRIFT HD, also record in .MOV format. However both cameras record files that lose the Audio Tract as soon as I put them into Vegas. I can play them and hear them via Windows Media Player just fine, but once brought into Vegas, the sound is gone forever.
What’s stranger is that if I Drag and Drop, I can sometimes get SOUND but no Picture, and then it wont import any images after and it’s just sound until I restart Sony Vegas… Which as been updated, and no I don’t want to buy 11 Pro or whatever the hell the latest is.
Going back to older files, captured on my Cannon or Sony cameras, none of this happens and it just works. Again, also .MOV files.

Just in case you didn’t know

Cosmetic Enhancements are not actual “Upgrades” to your firearm. Milling in grooves that form neat designs does not make the gun function more reliably or more accurately. It just makes the gun look different.
This is like putting stripes on your Car.
Your car is not generating any more Grip, Power, or Braking… It’s still your same old car, but now with stripes.
With your firearms, Cosmetic Enhancements do about as much good. Don’t waste your money.

That being said, some Upgrades can help enhance your firearm’s performance over all. SLIPSTREAM, as applied by Crusader Weaponry, can make a gun that was less reliable, into a gun that is perfectly reliable.
Some finishes, such as Cerakote, will encase the firearm in a tough finish that makes is very difficult for corrosion to set in, and this enhances a firearm’s longevity.
Other’s out there such as NP3 make the gun attractive while more importantly providing a new finish that is slick and tough… again… enhancing reliability.

Don’t blow your money on Stripes.

Which one are you going to believe?

A Sheriff that’s trained, experienced, and knows his job inside and out. He says you should buy a gun. Buy a gun and get some good training on how to use it. Sounds like common sense to me.

We are living in dangerous times.  There are dangerous people out there that want what you have.  Listen to the Sheriff.  Buy a Gun.  Get Training.  Protect Yourself and your Family.

The Democrats would have you believe otherwise for some reason.  They want to take your guns.  All of them.  They have pretty much admitted to that several times, which is interesting.   Threaten to take all, then there is less resistance when they only take some.  Bite by bite, that’s how you eat an Elephant.  And that’s how you wear away our Constitution.

What’s interesting is who’s coming out that is on our side.  Phillip DeFranco shocked me.


I love how he turned “Sheriff Joe Biden” into a babbling idiot.
Of course, that’s like asking a fat kid if he wants cake and icecream.

Ban Liberalism

I just read that Stephen King says that the NRA should “clean up the blood and brains after the next the next massacre.” 

These people are shockingly ignorant of reality.  Even more so, they are dangerous to the health and safety of our nation.  All of these mass shootings have been happening in “Gun Free Zones”.  An idea set forth by Liberals.  Most all of these maniacs that caused these grievous incidents have all been Democrats, or have been known to support Liberal ideology.   Now, let’s take a look at an interesting map.


The most “Gun Violence” is happening in areas of high gun control, in areas where the Democrats have been running everything.  Not only have Democrat Policy have been failing America, but they are failing themselves.  Now they point at the NRA as the ones to blame?

The solution is very clear.  We don’t need to Ban Guns.  We need to Ban Democrats from Owning Guns and from Public Office and Administration.

Update:  It was brought to my attention that the crime map is fake.  Okay.  So let’s put up a real one.


This one shows us that pretty much – Pack a Gun to keep you safe no matter where you are.  And Democrat States remain the most dangerous.

Here’s a new one by one of our Readers…


Winter Riding

Yes, I ride in a Utah Winter. I am not crazy. I’m just cold. The trick is to watch out for patches of ice.

Notice in the first video I am in Vernal, heading home. I pulled out of Cafe Rio’s parking lot where I had a cup of soup… Tortilla Soup. And a Vanilla Coke.  In the second video, that’s actually me heading into Vernal, to go get a cup of hot soup. Hey, I like their soup. 

The Soup warmed me up so I could handle the ride back home.  As I rode west, homeward, there was some bad weather rolling in. It was getting foggy and started snowing again.  After I got home, it dropped 6 inches on Ogre Ranch. 

Man… I hate Winter.