Let me get this straight…

I heard this as interpreted by a hottie on Fox News…  the Government says “Help me, help you to protect you, from me.”   I chuckled at that for a bit.  A couple days later I was listening to an Obamacracy Official, and damned if that just isn’t exactly what he was saying.

So we need more legislation to keep these guys from overstepping boundaries, when we already have laws stating that they can’t over step boundaries.

And you know it’s bad when even The Huffington Post is holding up their hands and saying “Whoa, wait a sec here.”

Things were fine when they were just targeting Fox reporters, but they crossed the line when they went after the AP reporter.  That was the trigger that made it all blow up in their faces.   What’s asinine is that all of this was known well before the election and it’s only coming out after Bama’s got his second term.

I don’t envy the Dems come Mid Terms… the results are going to be scathing.


I hope.

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  1. I don’t know. Despite scandal after scandal, polls are showing no change in the approval rating for those in power. Either the polls are wrong, or else people just no longer care one way or another.

  2. I sure wish you were right. But the American people just don’t get it
    Gun rights are being taken away at every turn and the american people are all for it
    1.1million infants are aborted every year here and the American people are for it
    In new jersey you need your parents permission to get a face piercing or a tattoo
    But if you are 14 you can get an abortion and NOT have your parents notified
    Sad to say George, but we are done as a country.

  3. My fingers are crossed that you are right Brother.
    We just have to convince those that we know to got off their forth point of contact and get the vote out… and for them to get others moving.


  4. I’m not so sure that the Democrats’ core voters will turn on them for their recent activities. Not unless the IRS finds a way to audit dead people that is…

    1. Oh, the IRS can already do that. Estate and Gift taxes.

      But their core? Agreed. The IRS scandal doesn’t affect them because most of them don’t pay taxes.

      Unless the media turns on them, nothing will change.

  5. Lets just hope that this pattern of scandal after scandal hounds and plagues the Regime until the next presidential election and prevents the thief-in-chief from going after gun right, more taxes, and the multitudes of other pet projects he so dearly loves. Keep him off balance and on the defensive.

    Of course, that would mean that the Republicans would have to maintain their resolve to keep dogging the Preezy’s heels every day and every way for the next three and a half years, and if recent history has taught us one thing, it’s that the modern Republican congresscritter can only be counted on to fold under pressure.

    Gawd, it’s all too depressing.

  6. I don’t think a lot of the Main Stream Media will turn on Obama but when you look at the money flow, the populace is slowly turning on the Main Stream Media. The small political donors aren’t coughing it up for Democrat PAC’s either. It could be argued that the Drudge Report now has more influence than the New York Times.

  7. The Democrats will not be punished in the midterms, because the Republicans have not presented a solid alternative. Just saying ‘No’ to everything does not sway voters…

  8. The democrats always make the same mistake. They give the government too much power. They truly believe that as long as a guy/girl with a D after their name is in office, the government will be totally good and will stick up for their rights. What they don’t keep in mind is that at some point a Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney type or other person that they don’t agree with will be in office and will have the same powers. Obamacare gives the DHHS secretary all sorts of powers. I doubt they would be super excited to have given them the power if DHHS was run by Rick Santorum.

    That is why conservatives are so scared of any government entity getting power. Eventually it will suck if the IRS is working for your enemies to audit you.

    1. You kidding? The “D” morons aren’t the only ones who will vote for that crap. Look what happened with the Patriot Act that O Man is currently using against us. Too many people from both sides of the aisle will vote for whatever gives the .Gov more power as long as their side happens to be leading at the moment.

  9. look on the bright side, the gop will run fat bastard, er, chris christe knob polisher of obama. we’ll be told we have to suck it up and vote for him because the other “choice” will be hitlery. and the suckers, er, voters will fall for it. let the games begin!

  10. I tend to think the polls are quite selective., picking the demographic to get the results they want.

    I hope there’s change, and NOT the kind that was advertised so heavily during the elections.

  11. I hope for a big housecleaning in the next election, but I can’t say I’m that optimistic. The democrat strategy for getting out the vote is the zombie apocalypse. The republicans on the other hand, well, their main project right now seems to be making more democrat voters.

    I don’t think people care about scandal after scandal, or the mounting evidence that this administration has overstepped its bounds more than any other in history. Watergate was minor in comparison to any one of these scandals.

    The dead will rise again in 2014. And they will all vote democrat. Could be fodder for a new installment in the uprising series….

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