A couple things

First off, even though I’m going to work for G-Code, I am still in love with my holsters from Adams Holsters.  Luke’s custom leather work does spoil a guy.  My Sharkhide rigs are a step above and beyond.  For anyone looking for good leather, I will continue to recommend Adams Holsters. Even if you don’t want Shark.
When it comes to Kydex, I’ve always recommended G-Code.  Nothing has changed there.  I have a G-Code holster for my 1911 and from my Beretta.  I also have a REAC Rig, which is one of the original Drop Leg rigs from G-Code.  Always been a fan.  My mag holders I use in training and IDPA has been G-Code.

Secondly, I am not a cross between Dr. Cox and Dr. House. I’m just an Ogre.  I’ve always been an ogre.  Severe of opinion and judgmental.  In fact, the first nickname I had as a child was “The Judge”.  I’m not making that up.   They called me that.  Grandparents did.  I can’t help it.  I’m a natural born critic.  I’m not mean… that’s just who I am.  Just know this, more than anything… I’m most judgmental and critical about myself.  I beat myself up to the point of near death… That’s just me.  So cut me some slack on that.  K?


In one week I’ll be driving across our great country… Going home… Leaving Vernal, Ut and heading to Jax, NC.
Most likely, I’ll be heading East on the I-70 route.
What are the points that “I Must Stop At”?  The best Eats, the best sights… If I’m crossing Kansas, there has to be something worth stopping for other than another tank of juice.
Normally I blast through as fast as possible.  But there has to be something worth pulling off the interstate for.
Or should I take another route?
Talk to me, Road Warriors.
I’m bringing one, maybe two of my Sons with me… So no titty bars.  I want them to see the best of our beautiful Nation along the way.
Speak to me, Road Warriors.
This is an important time for me and my Oldest son.  A time to bond.  A time to build memories we’ll cherish.  Maybe have some fun along the way.
React to me, Road Warriors.
Build me a map worthy of Remembering!

UPDATE:  If I take a route other than I-70, it would be a more southern route, not north.  I will travel no where through Illinois.

The last page in this chapter

When you end one chapter, you turn the page and start the next one.   Today was my last day at Basin Sports.  I worked there for a long time.  My wife snapped this photo as she picked me up:


I’ve learned a great deal during my time here.  Worked with some great people… on both sides of the gun counter.  I’ve sold countless firearms and biblical amounts of ammunition, reloading supplies, and accessories.  I’ve armed thousands of good, patriotic Americans.  I’m proud of my work here.  As I move on, I hope I can do as much and more so in my new position at another company.



Flying over the Rockies, I look down and see majestic snow covered mountains.  They are beautiful, but mostly inaccessible… If you try to access them unprepared, they will kill you. The Appalachians however, are beautiful in a different way… Lush and inviting, and accessible.  Only real threat are the Huron who might try to cut your head off, but they are easily avoided.

Leaving Utah.

I am not saddened about leaving Utah, but about leaving the wonderful people here that have enriched my life.  There are some great people here… good friends.  Friends that have become Family to me.

But Leaving “Utah” it’s self… I can’t want to go.  I have to be honest about that.  The weather.  The cold winters.  The politics.  Utah has it’s own very unique internal politics.  The State fails to Lead in just about everything and doesn’t get anything good done.  It miss manages its resources, demands more from you, and then acts all holier than thou about it.  It’s turned over every square inch of land that wasn’t pinned down by someone over to the FED’s in exchange for PILT Money… Payment in Lew of Taxes… and then it bitches about not having enough money for education.  They gave up dollars to get a few quick pennies.
My frustration with Utah only became unbearable when I became politically active and really looked at what’s going on.  When I tried to do something about it, I received some support, yes, but I also received threats because they didn’t want me to rock the boat.
Utah is satisfied with complacency and mediocrity, and I am not.

I will miss my friends here, a great deal.  I wish I could take them all with me… I really do.



See that guy with the cowboy hat?  He’s an Immigrant.  Latin American. Latino. Came to the USA and embraced freedom.  When shit happened, he threw himself into the chaos and helped out.
A lot of Liberals like to say that Right Winger’s are against Immigration.  They are wrong.  We support Immigration when it’s done Legally.  This is the kind of guy we want coming into the US.  One that comes into the USA Legally, embraces Freedom, and in his heart becomes American.
This guy needs to become the face of Immigration.


Who Done It.

The last several incidents, before there has even been an accurate body count, or wounded people getting to the Hospital… The Major Media has instantly jumped to announce that the Bad Guy was a Right Wing Extremist.  And a lot of other people I know said the same thing in this Boston Bombing…
This tells me that these guys, and The Media, do not know who Right Wing Extremists are.  During these times, the Right Wingers tend to be stuck at work, so look at the time… if it’s in business hours… it’s probably not anyone that’s Right Wing.   Let’s look at who does what for a moment… From the historic perspective of the incidents in recent years.

If it’s a Random Bombing or a a Bombing at a public event… It’s probably Muslim Extremists.

If it’s a Random Shooting in a Gun Free Zone… It’s probably a Liberal Democrat.

If it’s blowing up a Government Building… THEN it’s probably a Right Wing Extremist.

We did have one Right Wing Extremist that did something horrible.  But look at his target.  A Federal Building.  He was attacking the Government.  And that was only 1 incident, and that was back in 1995. The movie WATER WORLD came out in 1995, come on.  Of course the Media types like to bring up our one and only jackass out all the time.  They also like to bring up the Crusades as evidence that Christians are horribly violent people… but that was in the middle ages when everyone was horribly violent.  We’ve moved on.  These days when Right Wingers attack, it’s with Facebook images and Quotes.  It’s with Lobbyists and Grassroots political action to get people to contact their Representatives in Washington DC or at their State Level.

So really quick:

If it was a bomb – it was the Muslim Extremists.
If it was a Shooting – it was a Liberal Democrat.

Quick Update:  If it was something nasty sent through the mail, like some Toxin… it was also a Liberal Democrat.

Okay, let’s look at these two groups.  Muslim Extremists and Liberal Democrats.  What do these groups have in common?
1.  They both have Self Control issues.
2.  They both insist that if they don’t like what you are doing, they have the right or obligation to do something about it to stop you.

What does a Right Wing Extremist have to do with these guys?  Not a damn thing.  They have other traits.
1.  Right Wingers just want to be Free and left alone.
2.  If a Right Winger doesn’t like what your doing… We don’t do it with you.

Yet the Major Media outlets all seem to want to make Right Wingers the bad guys.  We are somehow a threat to them.  Well, this is no mystery… because the Major Media are all Liberal Democrats and they have an agenda.


My Rifle.

This is my person AR-15.  I’m not done tweaking it yet.  I’m going to shoot some Olive Drab Green on it, a little brown on it, and some MagPull Flat Dark Earth… But I’m in no hurry to do so.  I’ll select color and pattern after I move to NC.  Get the local colors there.  Going all FDE isn’t going to do me a bit of good out there.  And I’m not going to do it in anything fancy like Ceramic empregnated polymer or epoxy based resins or teflon infused bone.  None of that.  Krylon.  Spray on, rattle can, Krylon.  Why?  To remind me… that this rifle is a Tool and not a Precious Keepsake.  The wear on the Krylon will be viewed as Training Badges.  Scars gained in activities that develop and teach skills.
Also, I’m going to order a drop in trigger for it – because, to be honest, the trigger is Meh.  I was going to order a popular now trigger that starts with a G and no one can pronounce the name the same way twice.  But instead, I’m going to order one from “Black Rain”.  They have a solid adjustable unit that lets you tune it.  I like that.

Instead of taking the time to order put parts together, I just started out with an off the shelf rifle.  I selected a Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Light Weight.  Then Joe at Crusader Weaponry installed the BattleComp muzzle brake and hit the Bolt Carrier Group with a Permanent treatment of Crusader Weaponry’s SLIPSTREAM lubricant.  Makes the gun run slick and snot, and it feels like a .22LR when shooting.


Here you can see the BCG better.  The Slipstream gives it a satin grey finish… nothing flashy or “pimped out” about it.  It’s just slick.  If you hand cycle it slowly, you can actually feel the bolt lock and unlock within the action.    On top of the rifle is the Lucid HD7 Gen 3 FDE optic.  Backing it up is a set of MagPul flip up sights… which is kinda pointless as the Lucid is bullet proof and the batteries last forever.

I’ve thought about putting an upgraded optic on it… something “Better”.  But looking at the so called better options… I’m really not seeing any Red Dots that qualify as tangibly better. I’d have to go all the way up to the Trijicon SRS… and those suckers retail for over 900 bucks, for only some sort of perceived “Betterness”.  Yeah, I’d rather spend all that extra coin on ammo.

If I do switch off this optic… it would only be for something that was magnified  Perhaps in a 1-4 variable.  But to be honest, nothing as really sold me to justify the swap.  Vortex has a PST 1-4 something or other that looks cool, but has huge unprotected turrets that can easily get spun unintentionally.    Forget that.   Yeah, I’m happy with the Lucid HD7’s.   They define “Bang for the buck” value.

The Shield Ending

A couple observations on The Shield as I have just finished the series. The show is quite a ride. Convoluted and twisting like a wounded snake. I am impressed with the depth of the series, the details and the way every episode builds the story to the conclusion.
I’m relieved that it’s over. Because when you get into a good story that is well told, you put yourself into the story, immerse yourself in it… and with this one, I felt dirty. When it ended, I actually breathed a sigh of relief that it’s done.
Over all, this show told a story and told it well. It’s not a happy story. It’s a story of Failure. It’s one that is hard to look at. On one hand, you have Bad People doing Bad Things for Bad Reasons. Then you have Good People doing bad things for Bad Reasons. Then you have Bad People doing Bad Things, for Good Reasons. It’s hard to keep track of who the good guys are and who that bad guys are.
Vic Mackey just might be the most interesting character in TV’s history. His loyalty to his Team is amazing, and trying to overcome Bad Choices with more Bad Choices is an interesting lesson. Vic has admiral attributes in some of these things… the fighting for his Team. His loyalty to his wife was a bit weak, but this show has few people of real integrity and strength. In the end… SPOILER ALERT – Don’t Read Further.

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