The US can get back on track

1.  The US need to be an Oil Exporter, not an Importer.  That means we drill the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Utah, and everywhere we have oil and natural gas.

2.  The US needs to stop using Food to turn into gasoline.  Corn is a poor energy source as it takes more energy than we gain from it.  It also drives up food prices across the board.

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Crusader Special Projects

Cold Steel has a catalog called “Special Projects”, so we can’t use that name.  Never mind that most of those Special Projects products have been there for years and what’s so special about them is questionable… I need a name for Crusader’s Limited Production Side Projects… LPSP… no, that doesn’t work.   Anyways, the Sterling 9mm Carbine project nailed the goal exactly as I had hoped.  I wanted to do a special side project, and sell 8 to 12 Sterlings.  Well, we have 12 sold, including mine.  We are waiting on checks to come in and we’re getting parts ordered and the project is now officially rolling.  Thank you to everyone who is getting in on this.

Much talk came about on about future Exclusive Offers.  Some of the ideas floating out there… An Uzi, M3 Grease Gun, more Sterlings, a Tactical Lever Action, and of course a 1911.  Before you guys all clamor over the M3… I looked around for parts sources for that, and I’m not happy with what I’m seeing.  Or not seeing for that matter.   So an M3 is going to be difficult.  Same thing with the Beretta Model 12 SMG.  I can’t find any of the parts kits that you used to be able to find everywhere.   So what other ideas do you have for a future Crusader Exclusive Offer?  (Hey… CEO… I like that…)

Train with Sealed Mindset & Larry Yatch

You’ve heard him on Armed American Radio.  You’ve seen him on National Geographic Television.  Retired Navy SEAL and founder of Sealed Mindset, Larry Yatch, in conjunction with Armed American Radio will be conducting TWO classes in the greater Atlanta, GA area on Saturday April 2nd and Sunday April 3rd.  Sealed Mindset’s DEFENSIVE HANDGUN course will be held on Saturday April 2nd.  Sealed Mindset DEFENSIVE CARBINE course will be held on Sunday April 3rd.  Larry Yatch will also conduct PRIVATE LESSONS for SEVEN lucky people on Friday, April 1st!  Both classes will be held at the brand new state of the art, Patriot Range designed facility at BIG WOODS GOODS Extreme Hunting and Shooting facility in Holly Springs, GA just 30 minutes north of downtown Atlanta, GA.  There will be a dinner engagement on Saturday April 2nd to meet Larry and Mark and to listen to Larry discuss some of his incredible SEAL activities on behalf of our country.   The cost of the dinner is included with the Handgun and Carbine Class fee when the Warrior Training package is purchased.  Participation is limited to 20 attendees per class.

Courses include classroom and range work each day with only 150 rounds of ammo required per student.  This is the opportunity to learn real gunfighting skills directly from one of America’s true heroes.


“Gun Talk” needs to edit their page

If you look at Gun Talk’s web page, you can see they are a little outdated.

Welcome to Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk®, the only nationally syndicated radio talk show about firearms, shooting and gun rights.

Yeah, we all know that’s not true anymore.  Armed American Radio isn’t just another Firearms Related Radio show – It’s the fastest growing radio show of this type.  AAR is set to surpass Gun Talk, if it continues with it’s current growth rate, before your kids go trick or treating again.  However AAR isn’t continuing the same trend.  AAR is accelerating… With all the new sponsors and major new markets opening up… AAR is getting huge.  So Gun Talk needs to stop promoting that line.   They used to pump that out on TheShootingWire newsletters and they finally stopped that.   But they need to edit that blurb on their site.

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Slip2000 Lube, Meh.

At SHOT Show I grabbed some samples of Slip2000.  Another new weapons lube.  I have to be honest… while it is better than RemOil, it’s highly disappointing stuff.

I’m not sure what I’d use this stuff on… Crusader’s Slipstream blows it away so hard, it’s not even funny.   Maybe door hinges.  Because if I use Slipstream, every time you’d shut the door, it would slam.

I mean, hell, I Slipstreamed my door lock on my truck and the damn thing locks every time I shut the door now.   I discovered this… the hard way.  D’OH!

Don’t think I don’t like it because it isn’t Slipstream.  Yeah, I know I sell Slipstream… but that’s not it.  There are several gun oils that I like and will use if Slipstream is not available.   For example, Tetra Gun Oil.  MPRO7, Hoppe’s Elite…