Top Shot Season 2

It’s the hip thing for all the super serious “Real Shooters” out there to dis on Top Shot. You can look in pretty much any Gun Forum and find the same general vibe. They hate Top Shot because of the Drama, yet they admit that the shooting stages look like a lot of fun.

The first season had one elimination trial that stood out… the Zip Line. In fact, that looked like it was so much fun, I’ve seen it recreated by some shooting Trainers… hanging students from a harness and letting them fly. I’m not sure what training purpose that accomplishes, but it’s probably a blast.
This season, so far, it’s the Tommy Gun Challenge that looked awesome. But there will probably be cooler challenges coming. I really liked the Archery episode.

This is the season that I could have been on.  Part of me is sorry that I missed it.  The Show wanted me on and was ready to get me going… but due to my failed campaign run, I was forced to make the choice.  Drop the Campaign, or drop Top Shot.  I chose to drop Top Shot as I felt I had an obligation to those who had shown me support in my political effort.  It was the honorable choice.

For those Super Serious Shooters that are Too Cool and Serious for Top Shot… consider this.  Those that have made it onto the Show… they all got a good bump in their careers.  The Brit that won season 1 is now working for Crimson Trace and Caleb Giddings got a huge bump in his work with his Podcast and sites.  Serious shooters getting serious benefits from being on Top Shot.   How many Shooters out there say to themselves that they would love to work in the Industry?  There’s the doorway.

Sure, the drama is there… and we would personally like to see more shooting and less emo crap.  But guys – you’re missing the big picture.  It’s a Shooting Show… on TV… and it’s not Anti-Gun.  It’s showing Shooting as FUN.  It’s showing Shooting in a Positive Light.   And yet there is disdain?  Here’s a thought to all you Nay-Sayers… Please, just shut up.  Okay?

At least it’s not a Musical.

10 thoughts on “Top Shot Season 2”

  1. I don’t mind the drama. My girlfriend wouldn’t like the show if it was a tactical shooting seminar.

    Yes, she thinks it is like her other favorite show, Americas Next Top Model, but that keeps her interested. You have to make the show appeal to people like her that are not hard core shooters.

  2. Oooooh . . . a musical! I’m picturing two clubs in the same fair city . . . . perhaps one is a club for hunters, and the other for “tactical” shooters. Or one USPSA and one IDPA? One club for tony trap-shooters with $25,000 shotguns, and one for 3-gunners from the wrong side of the tracks?

    So . . .Julia Perazzi and Roman Mossberg, two star-crossed lovers whose families’ ancient feud stands between them like a hot firing line neither can cross, meet by chance when Roman and his 3-gun cronies crash a $1,000-per-table Ducks charity gun auction and dinner hosted by the Perazzis. They fall instantly in love and share a tender kiss behind a prize table before he is nearly discovered. Later, he visits her family’s McMansion and declares his love beneath her window, which is problematic because it’s only 10 feet from the neighbor’s house and 30 feet from the 7th fairway on the country club golf course.

    From then on, they communicate by leaving messages with her pilates coach and his cousin Leroy, and there are both tender moments (their tryst in a pile of forgotten “I’d fly a thousand miles . . . to smoke a camel!” t-shirts in a back room at a local gun show is one) and a series of farcical misunderstandings.
    I still haven’t figured out exactly how Roman will kill Julia’s cousin Tony Perazzi, but wouldn’t it be great if he did it with a smallsword for some reason? Let the writers worry about that one.

  3. I believe a lot of the people who bag on Top Shot are more jealous than anything that they aren’t the ones on TV doing the challanges. I think it’s a fun show, and it being a prime-time show about shooting is a real bonus to our sport & lifestyle. I would LOVE to be on the show and I do honestly believe that I would do very well in the actual challanges but…because of my physical disabilities actually doing the show would be impossible. I enjoy it for what it is. The producers could’ve done a lot worse and made it a train wreck, but it appears to be very popular and I’m hoping that it will at the very least promote the shooting sports to a new generation of people.

  4. The drama, I think, was a needed factor to draw more non shooters or the shoot very little folks. It fits the “reality show” mold. Does it get old once in a while. Sure. The competitions are off the charts cool so it makes up for any drama B.S. in my book.

    George…Crusader’s Top Shot….just say’n.

    1. Well, maybe eventually… but if I’m working at Basin Sports, there’s no way I’ll get that much time off. Maybe after I get published and live the big life like our buddy Larry!

  5. I toyed with the idea of applying.

    Unfortunately, I can’t swing a month off from a Real Job that Pays The Bills.

    Not only that, their restrictions on the contestants for the filming time would have me climbing the walls: no TV. No books. No magazines/newspapers. No internet. No cell phones.

    No way!

  6. I’ve never seen so much whining & complaining,… geez! I mean seriously c’mon. If I wanted to watch that crap I’d have on Housewives, etc. It’s like listening to a bunch of gawkin’ hens. I’m all for a little banter here & there,…some good rivalry that should be expected with a competition. George, for the love of God, shut your pie hole!!!

  7. I really like the show, but I’d like to know why the other vets don’t like Jaime, is it because he was in the Navy or are there other reasons?
    Joe Morales USN (ret.)

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