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The Jerry Doyle Show.

Holy Crap. The Jerry Doyle Show! On the Radio. WINNING!
Do you guys listen to Jerry? He freaking rocks. And he’s on a local radio station. Awesome.

For uninitiated, Jerry Doyle is the cat that played Garibaldi on Babylon 5.  He’s a Conservative, ran for office, stands behind his beliefs, and is a solid American.  He makes so much sense he makes you want to throat-punch a Political Science Professor.

Made my night hearing Jerry on the radio again.  Jerry, You The Man.

Radio Listeners

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Armed American Radio problem

I don’t know if you guys caught this last Sunday night.  But about 5 minutes into Hour 2, we had a Technical Glitch.  The feed to the studio where Mark Walters and Rob Pincus dropped.  They could hear the Producer, Shawnto, in Dallas, but no one could hear them.
Take a listen.

I heard the worry in Shawnto’s voice and knew he was having a bugger of a time, so called in.  Listen to the relief in Shawn’s voice when he hears me.  Well, we covered the rest of the segment together and then Shawn rolls some archived stuff until they got the Feed back online.

This is Live Radio.  This stuff can happen when you run a live show.  Other Gun Rights type talk shows are pre-recorded.  Not Armed American Radio.  This makes AAR a lot more fun.

Talk Radio

It’s become the Cool Guy thing to rip on Talk Radio. Even when quoting – it’s important for Cool Guy to distance himself any association with Talk Radio. That’s fine. That can be your thing. Eat your Peanut M&Ms by the bagful and then complain that it has nuts in it. Go ahead.
Me, I love talk radio and most of the time my radios are tuned to an AM Talk station… When it’s not, it’s on a Classic Rock station but usually that’s just when the Talk Radio is doing Sports. Not that I have anything against Sports – it’s just that I find that Radio is a poor venue for Sports. Unless it’s Jim Rome, and then he’s about Talk Radio again.  And you guys know all about my involvement with Armed American Radio, with Mark Walters, a 3 hour live radio talk show about firearms related news, politics, and hardware.  Most of the time I come in during the 3rd Hour Round Table.  I’ve also been quoted on other radio talk shows and have called in (had been asked to) to several others as well.  I basically grew up around Talk Radio… so much so that it’s almost a Parental Figure in my life.
I don’t get to listen to Talk Radio as much as I’d like. You heard that right. I like to listen to Talk Radio and would do so more if it was possible.
Here are my favorites for Weekday Talk Radio:

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“Gun Talk” needs to edit their page

If you look at Gun Talk’s web page, you can see they are a little outdated.

Welcome to Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk®, the only nationally syndicated radio talk show about firearms, shooting and gun rights.

Yeah, we all know that’s not true anymore.  Armed American Radio isn’t just another Firearms Related Radio show – It’s the fastest growing radio show of this type.  AAR is set to surpass Gun Talk, if it continues with it’s current growth rate, before your kids go trick or treating again.  However AAR isn’t continuing the same trend.  AAR is accelerating… With all the new sponsors and major new markets opening up… AAR is getting huge.  So Gun Talk needs to stop promoting that line.   They used to pump that out on TheShootingWire newsletters and they finally stopped that.   But they need to edit that blurb on their site.

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Armed American Radio

So I was talking to Mark Walters about the Show today.  He said that he wanted to start interacting more with the listening audience.  I think that’s a great idea.

So in order to do that, we need you to call in.  877-956-9566 call in and ask questions and make your opinions known about the topics we are covering.

We’ve got Mark Wills, Country Music Recording Artist and the hose of 3 Gun Nation…. he’s on the show tonight.  He’s a very cool person.