The US needs to stay out of Libya

The violence in Libya is horrid and unfortunate… and it saddens anyone with even a small strain of humanity that a government would attack its own people.  Because of this, there has been talk of a US intervention.   This is a bad idea.

There is no legitimate of valid reason for the USA to step in.  In fact, there are even more reasons to stay away.   Next to Libya is Egypt who is returning to the state of chaos it had just settled down from.  The region is violently unstable.   Our presence there would only serve to agitate and aggravate the entire region.

We are already in two war zones over there.  We do not need a third.  If Libya is to be stabilized, someone else is going to have to do it.   Saudi Arabia could step up, negotiate that Crackpot’s departure and take command of Libyan military forces until elections are held, and then oversee those elections.  Same thing with Egypt.  If not the Saudis, then someone else, I don’t care who.  Just not the USA.

13 thoughts on “The US needs to stay out of Libya”

  1. We had our chance to punch Ghadaffi’s (or however-you-spell-it’s) ticket back in the 80s and we blew it. Too late now. Much as I want to see Screwball get iced by Delta or the CIA, we’ve got enough on our plate right now to even consider that option.

  2. Yep. We do not need to provide the Libyan rebels with an air force. This is their business, we need to stay the hell out of it.

  3. Even if the US did manage to stabilize the Libya, the people there will just turn their backs on the US and go back to business as usual. That whole regions wants something for nothing.

  4. Agreed. This nation building BS has got to stop. Saudi’s have their own problems and may yet fall as well.

  5. UK Prime Minister David Cameron is one of those currently pushing for involvement in Libya- unfortunately he’s cut the military so badly (17,000 military jobs recently cut) that experts are warning that the RAF can’t even handle a no-fly zone without hampering operations in Afghanistan.

    And the UK’s 5 month old strategic defence review, used to back arguments for cuts, didn’t mention north Africa once.

    NATO, the UK and the US need to stay out of all of these north African nations and let them sort it out themselves. Just yesterday in Egypt, for example, women went to Tahrir Square for International Women’s Day- they were assaulted and driven from the square by Muslim men. Why should the West get involved when the replacements for these tyrants are most likely to be extremist Muslims who hate the West? It makes no sense.

  6. Last time I checked we were still having man power problems between Iraq and Afghanistan, A president even suggesting the military option for Libya shows a military IQ that is room temperature at best.

  7. Africa has always been unstable, especially in the northern regions. After the Great War of Africa most nations in central Africa were destroyed or broke, then all the bloody militia groups like the RDF, the FDLR, and the FUALL came out fighting for ever government setup and cause imaginable , still are. It’s horrible, and everyone is suffering for it. Libya is just one of 20 other countries that could use serious help, it’s just damn awful for most Africans, because they’ll never get the chance at becoming stable like Botswana and South Africa.

    1. sure south africa has the highest crime rate in the world…and 33% of all south african women will be raped….they did a lot with their new found freedom

    1. “U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said this week that Saudis had the right to protest peacefully. Asked about this, Faisal said: “The kingdom absolutely rejects any foreign interference in its internal affairs in any shape or form.”

  8. these arabs love to rant and rave about America but when they need our help…..fuch em i have learned my lesson..get out of iraq afghanistan south korea germany.. fuch em all let them pay for and fight for freedom themselves

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