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To Do List, to Save America

Fixing America is probably an impossible thing to do, even if it’s actually very simple.  Six simple steps would fix probably 90% of what’s ailing America.

1.  ID Required to Vote.  Voting is a Constitutional Right, yes, I know.  But so is owning a Gun but you need ID to buy one of those, don’t you?

2.  If you are on the Public Dole, you forgo your Vote.  You can’t vote for your public assistance benefits, and politicians can not buy your votes with public assistance.

3.  Congress should have not just Term Limits, but also No Retirement Benefits.  Salary should be set at the mean average for the district they represent to remind them of who they are representing.  This will also kill the Empire Building and Elitism of America’s Royal Class.  Without these issues in America, Government Regulation will not be based on who pays off who like it is now.  Every industry, Banking and Finance, Auto, Energy, is all about paying off or “Contributing” to certain politicians.  This isn’t right, and it’s certainly a whole mess of corruption that needs to be cleaned out.

4.  Balanced Budget is a Requirement unless it’s a specific time of war.  This means Congress stays in session until it’s done and they keep it in balance.

5.  Each State owns and manages every square inch of their States.  The Federal Government owns no land save for Washington DC.   This also goes so far as Mineral and Water Rights to those States and of course, Energy Development in those States.

6.  BATFE, EPA, Department of Education, IRS, Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, and the TSA need to be abolished.


I’m seeing a pattern here.

Check this news out.  The Ft. Hood shooter was a “Work Place Violence” issue, not Domestic Terrorism.

China is ramping up for War.  Getting ready to throw down.   Our side’s response?  “No one is looking for a scrap here.”  No, not here… but over there, they sure as hell are!

The ATF’s project Fast and Furious, which is giving the Drug Cartels lots of high powered weapons they are using against us now… is to make American Gun Owners look bad.

Do you see the pattern here?  The US Government doesn’t know what the hell they are doing and they have no common sense.  It’s a wonder that the streets of DC, inside the Beltway, isn’t littered with the bodies of drowned Government Workers every time it rains.

The Church of Government

Take a look at this news report.  It’s about 700 thousand dollars to build a wheel chair ramp in a government office.

This office.

I pulled up the report and thought I was looking at some sort of temple or cathedral or something.  What the hell?  Then it struck me… they way people pray to the Government, and seek aid from the Government, and worship the Government… and the way the Government spends, acts, holds its self above question, and pats its self on the back.  The Government is the new Priesthood, much like Pre-Martin Luther Catholicism.  Doesn’t really matter what Branch or Level of the Government anymore.
Feds.  State.  Hell, even a lot of Local Governments.   Vernal City has just built their new temple cathedral office building.  Spending huge amounts of money that could have been spent better/wiser on other things.

Just an observation… The Sheriff’s department is going to be buying new vehicles shortly.  The current ones still don’t have cages or other safety equipment in them.  The new ones wont either.  They don’t want to drill holes in them.

The wave of destruction continues

Not content to destroy only the Auto-Industry, Oil Industry, Housing, Construction, Banking… The Feds are now after Fishermen.  (Again)

A new Federal Regulation called “Catch-Share” is ruining lives, families, and causing suicides.

If the goal of the Government is to ruin everything they touch – they are batting a thousand.  I swear, it’s like the Feds are the King Midas of Crap.  Everything they touch turns to…

A Nation of Clowns

America has become a nation of clowns.  Since the Republicans have taken over, spending has not slowed down.  Spending Cuts was a puppet show.  They are raising the Debt Ceiling again – making the US Dollar even more worthless.  The GOP’s brightest star at the moment is Donald “You’re Fired” Trump?  Oh come on.  The only upshot to a President Donald would be that he seriously couldn’t be any worse than Obama…  The only President worse than Warren G. Harding (in my opinion).  The Democrats are acting the fool at every turn while being drunk on Tax Dollars.  The rest of the world is asking “What the hell is going on in America?” while at the same time pointing at us and saying “See!”   Every bad thing they’ve been saying about America – is being proven true.

And as a Nation, we care more about American Idol than actual issues and political platforms and who we are electing.

Great Britian just went Full Retard.

Evidently the British have gone so Full Retard that Fire Extinguishers are a Fire Hazard.   I can’t make this up, and I can’t even begin to understand this.


Seriously, UK… What the heck? Do you want your Subjects to be so completely and utterly helpless that they can’t do anything for themselves? You want them to be like rabbits in a hutch, nibbling in their feed bins and staying completely safe under the gracious care of The Government.

Shut it down

I find it sad that an entire political party has got to the efforts that they have to prove that they are against any and all fiscal responsibility.  They have shown that they just don’t want anything to do with it.  And yet they point fingers and sling insults.   There are few people on this planet more loathsome than Harry Reid.  Then there is Obama’s masterful demonstration of his leadership.

The US Government is such a joke, the question shouldn’t be weather or not it gets shut down… But if it should Re-Open.

The people caught in the middle of this mess directly – our Armed Forces – are going to, as usual, suffer the most, bearing the brunt of this SNAFU.  If our Government can’t fund our troops, everyone over there should immediately return home.  Everyone.  That’s it, board the planes and RTB.   It’s wrong to expect them to be over there, unfunded.  Its flat out immoral.

Let me get this straight.

In Iraq, we are fighting Al-Qaeda.  In Afganistan, we are fighting Al-Qaeda and Taliban.  But in Libya, we are Al-Qaeda’s Air Force and our Administration wants to arm them?

While the whole time the Administration wants to disarm us and keep an eye on us because we are the ones that are the potential threat.   I’m under the impression that our current administration is goofier than Keystone Cops.

The US can get back on track

1.  The US need to be an Oil Exporter, not an Importer.  That means we drill the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Utah, and everywhere we have oil and natural gas.

2.  The US needs to stop using Food to turn into gasoline.  Corn is a poor energy source as it takes more energy than we gain from it.  It also drives up food prices across the board.

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