Train with Sealed Mindset & Larry Yatch

You’ve heard him on Armed American Radio.  You’ve seen him on National Geographic Television.  Retired Navy SEAL and founder of Sealed Mindset, Larry Yatch, in conjunction with Armed American Radio will be conducting TWO classes in the greater Atlanta, GA area on Saturday April 2nd and Sunday April 3rd.  Sealed Mindset’s DEFENSIVE HANDGUN course will be held on Saturday April 2nd.  Sealed Mindset DEFENSIVE CARBINE course will be held on Sunday April 3rd.  Larry Yatch will also conduct PRIVATE LESSONS for SEVEN lucky people on Friday, April 1st!  Both classes will be held at the brand new state of the art, Patriot Range designed facility at BIG WOODS GOODS Extreme Hunting and Shooting facility in Holly Springs, GA just 30 minutes north of downtown Atlanta, GA.  There will be a dinner engagement on Saturday April 2nd to meet Larry and Mark and to listen to Larry discuss some of his incredible SEAL activities on behalf of our country.   The cost of the dinner is included with the Handgun and Carbine Class fee when the Warrior Training package is purchased.  Participation is limited to 20 attendees per class.

Courses include classroom and range work each day with only 150 rounds of ammo required per student.  This is the opportunity to learn real gunfighting skills directly from one of America’s true heroes.


4 thoughts on “Train with Sealed Mindset & Larry Yatch”

  1. George (or anyone for that matter), do you recommend any of the courses? ATL is close enough for me to give it a serious look and the price doesn’t seem too bad. I would like to get some good training accomplished. You would think that being in the Ft. Bragg area there would be nothing but the best training groups…think again. Larry Vickers is here, but his classes fill up waaaaay in advance and he is also $$$ but other than him the other trainers are a bit sketchy.

    1. Larry Yatch really knows his stuff. We had some good conversations at SHOT. I would try to take both the Pistol and the Carbine class from him. Normally, Larry is up in Minnesota. Which makes this a great opportunity for anyone in The South.
      Barring This… If you can’t make this…
      I would go over to what used to be called Blackwater. The training school is still there, and I would imagine a lot of the same people. It was a good school and I went there. I learned a lot that they just didn’t teach at Benning or Brag.

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