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Live Radio


So this weekend I drove to Atlanta Georgia to do Armed American Radio live in the studio.  Normally I call in, but there were people to meet and we’ve been wanting to do this for some time.  We’ve been doing AAR for 5 years now and damnit, it was time to be in the studio.

I got there Saturday afternoon… and Mark, being a Pro-Level “Pit Master” had his smoker up to temp with Meaty Goodness ready to go.    A whole smoked, beer can chicken.  Smoked to a deep red color… just beautiful.  Perfection.  Then he treated me to two unusual items.  One, was a Smoked Meatloaf, dubbed the “AAR Gunsmoked Meatloaf”.  Guys, this is freaking legit.  I’d order this in a restaurant and not ask the price.  It’s that good.  I watched Mark’s preparations for this carefully.  I will be making this myself.  Then the other thing was a surprise.  Bologna.  Smoked Bologna.  Forget everything you know about Bologna.  Amazing food.  Mark truly is a Pit Master.  He could open a restaurant.

Being in the Studio is a whole new dynamic to doing the radio show.  It was a fantastic experience and I learned a lot.  I learned some from the radio station in Vernal, Utah… but this was a whole new ballgame.  I really enjoyed the face to face interaction which makes the conversation flow naturally and improves the whole vibe.  This was the best episode of AAR that I’ve done.  The feedback was very positive and I would love to do this again, and look forward to the next chance I can get.

Listen to it here:  AAR SHOW ARCHIVES. Look for each of the three hours of the 1-26-14 Show.


Mark drove me around in this Camaro SS.  A real SS.  The car is BADASS.  Borla pipes, big bore V-8, torque enough to skin Godzilla.  It’s a monster.   Rolling around Hotlanta in a murdered out SS… Fun as hell.

We popped some rounds through a few guns, had a great time at that.  Mark wanted to break in his SIG 938 pistol and now he is convinced that I am right when I say that the SIG 938 is the best pistol that SIG makes.

.22 Shotgun: The Targo & the MoSkeet Trap

On Armed American Radio last Sunday, Mark Walters and I joked about an Anti-Gun report that mentioned .22 Rimfire Shotguns. I was unaware of any such beast, as was Mark.
Well, Mossberg actually made one. I was looking up a source for a .22 Magazine and found reference to the 1930’s Mossberg Targo .22 Shotgun. So, I was wrong. There is a .22LR Smoothbore out there.  These were produced until, believe it or not, as late as 1968 according to that link.  Remington made one too.  Based on their little pump action .22, it was called the MoSkeet Trap.  These were primarily used in Shooting Galleries, but saw slow sales everywhere else.

So, there you go.  I was wrong.   I am however surprised that Listeners didn’t call this to our attention.


Facebook? Like Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio is closing in on 5,000 Likes.    Let’s push it across that line… tell your friends to LIKE Armed American Radio.

I’m not sure what a LIKE does, but it’s cool to have 5 thousand of them.  Isn’t it?  AAR is breaking records in the radio industry.  Talker Magazine has put out some stuff about it because the bullet like speed of the show’s growth has raised eyebrows across the country.  We’re adding new cities, new stations, new markets every week.   We’re picking up big sponsors, such as the NRA themselves.  So pull the Trigger on AAR – Tune in, Turn it up…  If you can’t get it on the radio in your area, you can stream it.  If you can’t catch us live, you can get it off iTunes or right off the AAR’s website.   Link is over there on the right side.

“Gun Talk” needs to edit their page

If you look at Gun Talk’s web page, you can see they are a little outdated.

Welcome to Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk®, the only nationally syndicated radio talk show about firearms, shooting and gun rights.

Yeah, we all know that’s not true anymore.  Armed American Radio isn’t just another Firearms Related Radio show – It’s the fastest growing radio show of this type.  AAR is set to surpass Gun Talk, if it continues with it’s current growth rate, before your kids go trick or treating again.  However AAR isn’t continuing the same trend.  AAR is accelerating… With all the new sponsors and major new markets opening up… AAR is getting huge.  So Gun Talk needs to stop promoting that line.   They used to pump that out on TheShootingWire newsletters and they finally stopped that.   But they need to edit that blurb on their site.

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Armed American Radio

So I was talking to Mark Walters about the Show today.  He said that he wanted to start interacting more with the listening audience.  I think that’s a great idea.

So in order to do that, we need you to call in.  877-956-9566 call in and ask questions and make your opinions known about the topics we are covering.

We’ve got Mark Wills, Country Music Recording Artist and the hose of 3 Gun Nation…. he’s on the show tonight.  He’s a very cool person.

Bonehead of the Week

As those that listen to Armed American Radio know, ever week we pick a Bonehead.

We go through emails and stacks of newspaper articles and TV Reports and… well, let’s just say that its a hard choice.  Every week, it’s like an Oscars of Idiots.  But we have to pick one main Bonehead… the Prince of Pathetic.  The selection process is tough… but we do it because it has to be done.  The headache these jackwagons give us… we go through a lot of Advil… But these guys need to be called out.

Now just because your favorite Bonehead didn’t make this week, doesn’t mean he or she isn’t a bonehead.   Be comforted in knowing that they are… because we can only pick one.  (Even if we just post the one)

So bookmark this page.   BONEHEAD OF THE WEEK.  It’s on the A List now there on the right side.   You can also sign up for the News Letter, so you can have that Bonehead come straight to your email.