Slip2000 Lube, Meh.

At SHOT Show I grabbed some samples of Slip2000.  Another new weapons lube.  I have to be honest… while it is better than RemOil, it’s highly disappointing stuff.

I’m not sure what I’d use this stuff on… Crusader’s Slipstream blows it away so hard, it’s not even funny.   Maybe door hinges.  Because if I use Slipstream, every time you’d shut the door, it would slam.

I mean, hell, I Slipstreamed my door lock on my truck and the damn thing locks every time I shut the door now.   I discovered this… the hard way.  D’OH!

Don’t think I don’t like it because it isn’t Slipstream.  Yeah, I know I sell Slipstream… but that’s not it.  There are several gun oils that I like and will use if Slipstream is not available.   For example, Tetra Gun Oil.  MPRO7, Hoppe’s Elite…

7 thoughts on “Slip2000 Lube, Meh.”

  1. Foe a really good gun oil and protection, Try Inhibitor V80. Been using this stuff for years and you have to see it to believe it!

    1. Yeah, we make something better. Slipstream. We made Slipstream because we found no lubricant that we were satisfied with. The Nano Lubricant that we put in the Carrier Oil and Grease is something No One else is using in the Firearms Industry. It is much slicker than anything else out there.

  2. I have heard of slip2000, but I have Slipstream. Maybe you could do a demo of the prper use of Slipstream..

    I’d hate to think I am using to much or too little…

    Thanks, Jim

  3. Osed Slip2000 on the recommendation of my RO. It’s good stuff. Ordered some Slipstream from you.
    It’s better.
    Still have the refrigerator magnet…

  4. I have used Slipstream and the lubricity is exactly as Ogre states. Just superb. Yet I dearly love the SLIP2000 products USED AS A SYSTEM. Why? Toxicity issues combined with the amazing ability of their cleaners to knock carbon loose and keep it loose. That and the way the lube stays wet. As a pure lube? Adequate, but not earth shaking. So you make your choices.

    For me what would be ideal would be a Slipstream based on SLIP2000. Best of both worlds.

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