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The US can get back on track

1.  The US need to be an Oil Exporter, not an Importer.  That means we drill the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Utah, and everywhere we have oil and natural gas.

2.  The US needs to stop using Food to turn into gasoline.  Corn is a poor energy source as it takes more energy than we gain from it.  It also drives up food prices across the board.

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Energy Policy Problems

There has been a lot of talk by Obama and his henchmen about crushing Coal.  In his own words, what has Obama said about Coal?  He said he wants to bankrupt them.

Yet the Department of Energy, on their own website, seems to support Coal.

Coal is one of the true measures of the energy strength of the United States.  One quarter of the world’s coal reserves are found within the United States, and the energy content of the nation’s coal resources exceeds that of all the world’s known recoverable oil.  Coal is also the workhorse of the nation’s electric power industry, supplying more than half the electricity consumed by Americans.

Interesting.   Obama’s Energy Czar was on a crusade to kill coal, but luckily he resigned.  Regardless of what happened… The intention was there.

From the DOE’s page, over half of the Nation’s Energy is from Coal.  And Obama wanted to bankrupt that?  In Texas they have had rolling blackouts because of a lack of energy from coal

Here’s the deal, America is rich with natural energy.  We have oil and natural gas under our feet.  Energy should be CHEAP for us.  But it isn’t.  Why isn’t it?

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