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I posted this on Facebook this morning:

How come we are not bombing the shit out of Libya for murdering our Ambassador? How come we are not doing anything about this? Why is our President setting America up as the kid that anyone on the playground can pick on?
Fuck that. America should be FEARED. Americans around the world should cause a wake of fear and caution as they walk around because everyone knows that if you fuck with an American, we will saturate your world with pain and despair. You will show America respect or we will take it from you.
Our President is such a pussy he is putting every American at risk instead of protecting us like the Commander And Chief is supposed to do.

My anger has not subsided.  In fact, it’s only gotten worse.  Because instead of our President actually doing anything about this, he has Apologized To The Murderers and Terrorists!  WHAT THE FUCK, OVER?  WHAT THE FUCK?
One of my young sons learned of this attack, the murder of our Ambassador, the removing of our the US Flag… He observed that “the Libyans have in effect declared War on America.”  My KID sees this… Why can’t our damned President?  Apologizing to Murderers?  When did we start apologizing to evil?


So much of the main stream media are orgasmicaly celebrating the overthrow of the government in Egypt.  Even the President of the United States is caught up in it.

I’m not so gleeful.

I look sideways at mobs of Communists and Muslim Brotherhood when they are happy about something.

The Egyptian Military has said that it will honor the peace treaty with Israel.  I think it offered that up a bit too quick, don’t you?  Maybe it’s genuine.  And maybe they are saying “Nice Doggy” while looking for a rock.    I suspect it’s the latter.  If I was Israel, I would very carefully, very subtly, move some assets around in preperation for a sudden hostile act.    Look for small insurgency actions to make Israel respond so Egypt can say “SEE, SEE!” and jump on Israel with both feet.

This would give Egypt a great deal of support and credibility with Liberal Media and the Middle East.  Both are two things I don’t trust.


I’m already tired of the constant barrage of news coming out of Egypt. Most of which right now are not about what’s going on, but about how mistreated the American Reporters are. These poor unfortunate “journalists” getting attacked and threatened. I wonder if it’s just a matter of time when the topic is rampant shark attacks, that these reporters are going to be out on surf boards and then will be shocked that a shark takes a nibble. This is the same thing that they are doing right now. Attention Whoring in their desperation for ratings. A guy goes into an Anti-American Mob and is surprised that he gets attacked? This is a stupid thing to do. How about you go into a Cafe in down town Green Bay Wisconsin this Sunday with a Steelers shirt? That would be a stupid thing to do. How about going to a Biker Bar and proclaiming that “Harley’s Suck!” and “Hey, Village People! Sing YMCA for me!”. Let me tell you… the beating you would get… you earned that. These reporters, they are earning their welts as well. The Democratic Way was mishandled from way back so this eruption is no surprise. The leader was a dictator that was crushing his people and his government was evil and corrupt. The problem though is that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking full advantage of this in a move to gain power. They offer a better way of life, they are making promises that sound good to the masses of impoverished people to gain their support.
They will win. Egypt is lost. And this situation could have been prevented years ago.