6 thoughts on “Giant X Class Solar Flare coming our way…”

  1. “Al Gore says it’s our fault because we use too much oil.”

    Takes a lot of oil to lube up that 7th shakra.

    He should know…

  2. …if you live on the Sun, yeah, then maybe.

    Like the one we had last week that was supposed to knock out all satellite communications and did precisely…nothing.
    This too shall pass without incident.
    More global warming mythsteria.

  3. I’m blamin’ it ALL on anthropogenic global warming. It’s the SUVs, people!

    (either that, or Sarah Palin)

  4. It’s all the folks who aren’t supporting the unions in Wisconsin…


    I mean, look at him… he was “almost willing” to get a job, so he could go on strike with them. He wouldn’t actually give up his welfare check to do it, but he was /almost/ willing to do so…

    The sun hates the earth, because so few of us can show that level of conviction…

  5. Hey, Lay off Al Gore! He knows what he’s talking about. After all, he got the Nobel Peace Prize for this $hit. And, he invented the internet.

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