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Cold Steel has a catalog called “Special Projects”, so we can’t use that name.  Never mind that most of those Special Projects products have been there for years and what’s so special about them is questionable… I need a name for Crusader’s Limited Production Side Projects… LPSP… no, that doesn’t work.   Anyways, the Sterling 9mm Carbine project nailed the goal exactly as I had hoped.  I wanted to do a special side project, and sell 8 to 12 Sterlings.  Well, we have 12 sold, including mine.  We are waiting on checks to come in and we’re getting parts ordered and the project is now officially rolling.  Thank you to everyone who is getting in on this.

Much talk came about on about future Exclusive Offers.  Some of the ideas floating out there… An Uzi, M3 Grease Gun, more Sterlings, a Tactical Lever Action, and of course a 1911.  Before you guys all clamor over the M3… I looked around for parts sources for that, and I’m not happy with what I’m seeing.  Or not seeing for that matter.   So an M3 is going to be difficult.  Same thing with the Beretta Model 12 SMG.  I can’t find any of the parts kits that you used to be able to find everywhere.   So what other ideas do you have for a future Crusader Exclusive Offer?  (Hey… CEO… I like that…)

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  1. Why not something like the old “Liberator” pistols from WWII?

    Dead simple, dirt cheap, one-shot handguns that anyone could afford and that anyone could use effectively.

    These guns could be used as a last ditch backup weapon, for self defence or – if necessary – to preserve the liberty of the citizen against an opressive government.

    Being cheap, they could be owned by anyone and, being simple, they could be made in a local machine shop in order to preserve jobs in your community.

    St Albans, UK

    1. As historical as those were… No one would really want to buy one. They would be about 150 bucks a pop at Cost. While a good suggestion… there is no demand for them. There is a company making them already – but they are selling very few. (for 600 bucks)

    1. I’d love to see someone bring out an updated IMI Timberwolf. Keep the shooting hand from having to move. 16 inch barrel, 357-sized side saddle.

      ‘course I might be biased with a wife with arms too short to pump an 870.

      1. I agree that at 357 or 44 Timberwolf style pump gun would be nice for hunting deer in
        Indiana where you can only use shotgun slugs or pistol caliber rifles.

  2. Hmm, just throwing this out there, but how about a Tokarev or Yugo M57? I’ve always been intrigued by that fast little 7.62 Tokarev round. Would better sights be too much to ask?


  3. Hope you wait a few months so I can save up again! I would prefer the 9mm version, but maybe you can do a .45 as well.

    Also, it would be nice if the shipping was a little less. Thought it was a bit steep for the sterlings.

  4. Uzi would be quality – bonus w flock mags

    PPSh would be a barn burner – but how easy are mags to find?

    Walter MPL?

    Swedish K or its A

    1. Also…I’ve seen some companies coming out with “Mare’s leg pistols”, one of those in .357 would be pretty sweet.

  5. If that ATI 1911 pans out as a quality firearm, why not give them the full Crusader treatment? Hell, just giving it the permanent SlipStream treatment and nothing else would probably sell the pistol.

  6. I’ve seen STG57 parts kits in the past. I’ve always thought one of them would make a nice companion to my K31.

    1. Hell yes! I’ve been wanting one of those for years. DSA has had the kits available for a long time. However, the hard part is the receivers. When its all said and done, you are looking at several thousand dollars a gun.

  7. I suggest Crusader Special Production Equipment — Crusader SPE for short. Alternately you could go for Special Project Equipment… just enough to differentiate from Cold Steel.

    Going with the word “equipment” also doesn’t limit you to firearms and/or weapons. You could do limited run holsters, weapon lights, tac gear, whatever.

  8. As far as a name goes why not “L.E.O. line”
    Call it the “Crusader Armory L.E.O. line”
    L = limited
    E = edition
    O = offering

    Use the same Crusader shield logo but add a “Lions head” or Rampart(SP?) lion to the standard logo. IE: LEO Sterling, LEO G3 etc….

      1. Thought you guys would like it. The other ideas were great but just didn’t fit with the image and originality you guys strive for. Plus what else would work as well with the logo? lol

  9. I’ve been wanting a “tactical” lever action for a long time now, if the price was right I’d buy one in a heartbeat.. no budget right now though, just bought a shotgun :/

  10. Ok guys. You have a ton of great ideas. Thanks for putting them out there. George and I have our work cut out for us. Our next gun to decide on, logo design…

  11. How about a Thompson SMG offering? You know, one that won’t have the jam-o-matic reputation that usually comes with them.

  12. How about a .45 ACP carbine- something along the lines of a M1 Carbine- short, handy and compatible with everyone’s favourite handgun. I imagine an integrally suppressed version (think a semi-auto DeLisle Carbine) would be a desirable item to own.

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