“Gun Talk” needs to edit their page

If you look at Gun Talk’s web page, you can see they are a little outdated.

Welcome to Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk®, the only nationally syndicated radio talk show about firearms, shooting and gun rights.

Yeah, we all know that’s not true anymore.  Armed American Radio isn’t just another Firearms Related Radio show – It’s the fastest growing radio show of this type.  AAR is set to surpass Gun Talk, if it continues with it’s current growth rate, before your kids go trick or treating again.  However AAR isn’t continuing the same trend.  AAR is accelerating… With all the new sponsors and major new markets opening up… AAR is getting huge.  So Gun Talk needs to stop promoting that line.   They used to pump that out on TheShootingWire newsletters and they finally stopped that.   But they need to edit that blurb on their site.

No, I mean no disrespect to Tom Gresham or to Gun Talk or their fans.   Tom has pioneered Pro-Gun Radio.  And he’s a great guy.  Last two SHOT Shows, I’ve personally talked to Tom and he was awesome to talk to.    Here’s the deal though… We are NOT competitors.  We are not at odds with each other.   Look at it this way.  Do you only look at one Gun Magazine?  Or do you gobble up as much as you can?  Do you only look at ONE gun related website?  Of course not.  We’re GUN ENTHUSIASTS… so we hunt all the information we can about our topic of interest.    They have a radio show – we have a radio show.  You guys, if you can, are going to listen to both… maybe listen to one live – AAR – and then stream or download the other.   There is room for both at the Reloading Bench… There is room for others as well.

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