4 thoughts on “The Pot calling the Kettle black…”

  1. From reading the article, it seems MS is pissed because people like Google more.

    I like Google more.

    Certainly if Google is engaging in anti-competitive practices, such as manipulating search result to directly minimize or exclude competitors or implementing exclusivity deals that harm the market, then that should be stopped. The same is true of MS, or any company big or small.

    But the assertion that “we can’t compete with X because X hits home runs to often” is crap. That’d be like banning the sky hook because Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was unstoppable with it.

    1. Let’s see… Pay huge bucks for MS Office… or use Google Docs for free. (Along with Open Office for Offline Work) How about buying a PC that doesn’t have Windows on it? That argument about making deals with other companies,coming from MS is amazing.

  2. You’re going to LOVE Google in 20 years when they’re helping the government monitor your every activity, from the day you’re born to the day you die. They don’t believe in privacy and their CEO is on President Obama’s tech advisory counsel. They had no qualms helping the Chinese censor the internet until they were called out on it and it made them look bad.

    Microsoft is just a big clumsy corporation that wants to make money off you. Google wants to be the third half of your brain. Microsoft doesn’t send cars with cameras to your house.

    None of which is relevant in the European case, of course. ^^

    1. All of the information is already out there. Search engines just make it easier to find. For a few bucks I can get all of the same information from a non-internet source, and nearly as fast.

      And as for a picture of your house (ie. Google Street View), ask them to remove it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUssUSnQsdc

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