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Some thoughts from someone at War.

One of our friends over in one of our active War Zones sent us some of this thoughts:

-Massive reduction in the number of general officer positions.
-Closing of most European bases.  Eventual goal of no US land forces permanently stationed in any European Union country.  All bases in the UK, Italy, and Turkey would be closed immediately.  Bases in Germany would remain for the time being.
-The United States would unilaterally withdraw from NATO.  That organization is a useless Cold War dinosaur.  All it does now is have the United States protect decadent Western European countries from a threat that isn’t there anymore.

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Milspec = Quality? Guest Post by Daniel Shaw

Mil-Spec = Quality?

By Daniel Shaw

Anyone who has perused popular firearms related forums has likely encountered the dreaded gun snob who seemed to know it all. A list of his or her personally approved Mil-Spec AR 15 manufacturers was likely produced at some point during the encounter. If your AR doesnt happen to be from one of those listed companies – you are ill prepared and will likely die as a result of your “jammomatic” not operating properly. In most cases, the list provided includes very reputable companies that do in fact produce high quality ARs. Does that mean they are the only companies that make quality guns of that genre? I think not. Continue reading Milspec = Quality? Guest Post by Daniel Shaw