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The Baby Browning is a classic pistol of sorts.  And PSA’s reintroduction of the pistol the market has raised a lot of eyebrows.  One would think that me, having published a number of articles in Concealed Carry Magazine would be interested in the new little auto.  The truth is, I’m not.  And let me tell you why.

Many years ago I needed a pocket pistol for deep concealment.  This was back in Virginia… I found one for a very reasonable price.  It was a Baby Browning clone in .25 Auto.

It fit the bill and in test firing, punched holes in the target with very good reliability.  So I carried it.  For about a month.

Then one morning I was out on some private property where we were shooting some targets.  I took a Frisbee and put it up against a stump.  20 steps back and I nailed it.  Then it nailed me.  The bullet hit the Frisbee and then bounced off and hit me right in the chest.  I looked down into the grass, and there was a gleaming copper slug sitting there.  It looked like you could reload it and shoot it again.  The Frisbee was marred with a slight dent. I sold it the next day.

So when I see this brand new example of something I purchased for 20 bucks and sold for 50 a month later… I have to tell you… I’m just not all that thrilled.  The gun is a gem, I’m sure.  But the problem is in the cartridge.  .25 Auto makes .22LR look like a Hot Rod.    I’m passing on this one.

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  1. Nothing like 62 FT. LBS. coming out of a 2″ barrel to scare off zombies. What is a good .357 sig compact?

  2. I have a Browning(FN manufactured) .25 vest pocket. They are sweet little pistols. The machining and fit on the originals, as well as the simplicity of the design is something to appreciate.

    That being said, when I’m in a free state where I’m allowed to carry I’ll stick to a snubby or my 2075 RAMI if I need something small. It was a perfect first pistol for my oldest niece to shoot however as it fit perfectly in her tiny hands.

  3. What ammo were you using? I’ve found that American-made pocket-pistol ammo (.25ACP, .32ACP, etc.) is pretty wimpy. The European stuff (S&B, Fiocci, etc.) is pretty hot stuff, and it’ll function well in almost all autos. I’ve used the .25ACP S&B ammo, and it’ll punch right through a 2×4 and keep going deep into the berm behind.

    A good .25ACP might not be a fight-stopper, but it makes a great alternative to an icepick…. 😉

      1. Maybe….but, until you can stab me with that icepick from across the room at 700+fps, I’ll stick with the .25ACP….. 🙂

    1. That is great! I’ve actually said that to a friend of mine who considered picking up a Raven .25 Auto for his primary carry.

      He had just gotten his CHL and replied with, “Well, what do you carry? Can’t be anything too big, or it wouldn’t be concealed”.

      A few days later at the range when he watched me unconceal on the line his jaw almost hit the floor. Commander frame 1911 at 3 oclock with a spare mag carrier at 9 oclock. Every day, lol.

      /end ramble

  4. I am trying to make sense of the claims about 25acp being so weak. What exactly causes this, and why would a 22LR be any better?

    I do notice that there are few options for a 25. You could get a pocket Beretta in a 25, but hardly any stores have the 25 version in stock (it’s always the 22), so I doubt that any/many of the bar fight stories involve one of those. Other than that, you can get a cheapo Jennings/Raven/Phoenix. Is it more likely that 25acp is actually inferior to 22LR, or is it more likely that most of these 25acp stories involve a Jennings with a barrel/chamber which is poorly made and does not fit the ammo properly?

    1. It’s just a seriously weak cartridge. It’s Center Fire, which makes the cartridge more reliable in firing – but then they chamber them in primarily unreliable guns. The round has less penetration than a .22LR, which limits the effectiveness. .25 ACP is a complete waste of time. Avoid them.

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