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Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

I got one tonight.  I’m geeking out about this thing. 
Quad core processor, 16 gigs, 7” screen, Wi-Fi, thin and light.
The Android OS is cool too.  See, I’m running Droid on my phone… I got all my apps and stuff… its all set up.
Now, when I started up the Nexus 7, I signed into Google and within seconds I had all my apps, pictures, everything.  Just like my phone.  And thanks to G-Drive and Cloud… I have all my Docs and Music.  Bam.  Just like that.
250 bucks.

I’m going to kill my Facebook account

I’ve decided that I am going to kill my Facebook account.  I’m going to switch to Google+.  I don’t really know why I did Facebook in the first place… but I kind of liked it.  And then all the sudden I started getting Friend Requests from not just people who I don’t know… but also from Companies I never heard of.  If you are company that wants to be my friend – give me something.  A gesture.  Not access to my Friends List.   It’s just all too unwieldy now.  With Google+ I’m only going to accept people who I actually know.  If I don’t know you… that’s too bad.  My friends on WTA and such are welcome, Family of course, but if you are from Romania and I don’t know you and can’t pronounce your name… I’m sorry.

Probably by the end of the month I’ll kill my Facebook account.