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Leave our Military Alone

First it was Michelle Obama, with a captive audience of US Soldiers basically telling them that they are all fat and need to eat salads.
Don’t worry, you’ll be a veggie guy soon.” She quipped.
What?  They are our Warriors.  They need MEAT… They need PROTEIN.  Forget the Salads unless they ask for it and give them steaks with sides of bacon.   We need our military strong and scary ferocious.  Salads… WTF?  Does she think for a minute that anyone of those Soldiers would have been there if they had not been ordered to?

And now there is this “SS” Controversy.   To these Marines, the SS badge means Scout Sniper… and unless you are a Scout Sniper – Shut the hell up about it.  This is their right to be proud of the achievement of becoming one.  Unless you work at a Gun Shop and meet 543 Scout Snipers every day that is.  The Marine Scout Sniper Program is one of the US Military’s Elite groups.   I trained with some Marine Scout Snipers at “Long Range International” and let me tell you, they were really and truly the best shooters I have ever had the honor to spend time with.
Unless you are a part of it, you have no right to force your ignorant opinion about the matter.   Why do I say Ignorant?  Because the “SS” Badge has been used for decades and no one says crap about it.  Hot Rodders call it “Super Sport”.

Aging Eyes.

As those close to me know, I’ve had issues with my eyes since about September 2010.  Specifically my right eye… and specifically going blind in it.  It’s been getting better and it’s now doing just fine.  Today I spent some time at the Optometrist.  I am pleased to report that my eye is back to full health with good blood flow and it’s only just like any other guy my age. Which means the lenses in my eyes are slightly cloudy, which is usual, and I have a hard time focusing far and near, again usual… and my eye’s astigmatisms are about the same.  The downside though is that while I don’t need bi-focals now, I will probably need them next time I come in.  So later next week I’ll be able to pick up my new glasses, with new frames, and I’ll bet much of my headaches will be remedied.

Growing old sucks.