It’s been some time now…

Since I’ve drank a soda of any sort, full octane, diet or otherwise. Instead I’ve been drinking water and green tea. Same thing, really. I’m avoiding Sugars, HFCS, and the chemicals used in diet sodas.  So how do I feel?
By the way, I’m also avoiding big doses of meats, especially red meats.  Burgers, Steaks, and… God help me… Bacon.

Generally speaking, I feel – sort of – better.  But I’m not riding a wave of granola eating, sandal wearing great awakening or enlightenment of greater health. It’s not really helped my legs or feet, and it’s made me feel biter, angry, and somewhat depressed.   Last Sunday, for the first time in years I had no pain.  Nothing hurt.  It felt strange and wonderful.  Monday morning, I woke up with all the pain I missed the day before.  Still hurts.

You know what I could really go for right now?  A Mountain Dew and a Meat Lover’s Pizza.

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  1. I have been hoarding all of the Mt. Dew Throwback in the Ft. Bragg area and have numerous cases of it in the garage. The Throwback is the absolute end all of carbonated goodness.

  2. I got the book “4 hour body” by Timothy Ferris. It has changed the way I live. I didn’t realize it, but I had a gluten intolerance. I have been eating meat like a true carnivore, vegetables, and diet pop in moderation. I have lost about 30 pounds and eat like I can’t get enough. One cheat day a week that is more than enough. I highly recommend it. The best thing is, you take whatever works for you out of it and implement it. I haven’t followed it strictly and went down 2 pants sizes and feel a LOT better in my day to day. Hate to sound like I am advertising, but it definitely worked for me.

    1. I’ve lost about 25 lbs so far (goal is 35 to give me a little space to fluctuate) on a low-carbohydrate diet of this type – lots of vegetables in olive olive oil (I’ve used about 2 gallons in 3 months) plus other fats including red meat. Had a full physical after just a couple of weeks and my purine levels went down considerably (don’t know if this would be the case for everybody), bad cholesterol down, good cholesterol up, and blood pressure down. Easy to do, although a little troublesome since processed foods are pretty much out of the picture. I feel a lot better – more energy – although the usual chronic pain from old injuries remains. Only so much diet can do. I have to keep stretching every day, too.

  3. “Generally speaking, I feel – sort of – better.”

    You have quite a few years worth of meat and sugar to overcome. It will take a while but think of what a life of no pain would be like.

  4. Of course, think of the change in personality that might accompany that. You’d be the Amiable Ogre.

  5. Don’t fuss the sandals man. Had some birkenstocks back in the day – some of the most comfortable footwear I’ve ever owned. Hmm they just started making bigger sizes for us bigfeet. Maybe its time.

  6. Changing the diet habit is a real pain, innit? All I know is eat ‘clean’, eat enough. I have pages of links I could throw at you if’n you want.

  7. Have you looked into the (God help us) vegetarian alternatives? I know in basic it seemed like the vegetarian MRE’s were actually the best ones. The faux sausage in the spicy penne was pretty tasty.

  8. The problem with a “pure” vegetarian diet is getting enough Cobalamin and other B complex vitamins. If you avoid processed meats you can get by with a reduced meat intake.
    I don’t have a gluten problem but I’ve been feeling better since I’ve eliminated my wheat products intake. It may be something in the processing of modern breads. It has been rice, tortillas, and beans for my carb intake. Spicy fat free re-fried beans spread on a heated yellow corn tortilla have been nice. It is kind of strange since I’ve been avoiding foods with high fructose corn syrup used as a sweetener.
    Price of red meat has been climbing, I may have to find a recipe for beef liver to get my B complex in enough quantity to suit my needs about once a week should do it. Looked for a good old style German liver sausage but couldn’t find it. The one I did find had corn syrup sweetener in it and cost the world.

  9. I have been taking huge doses (3-5000mg) of vitamin C daily and have been fine for the last 5 months or so even after a 3 day beer and meat feast for my bachelor party. I haven’t changed anything else. I had the worst flare up over christmas in years which got me reading some more and read a science article on using vitamin c to reduce uric acid levels. I was a little surprised that I didn’t hurt after my bachelor party but I just took lots of Vit C and was fine.
    Worth a shot and better than taking some meds.

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