Ogre Edition 1911?

I’ve been thinking about what a Crusader Ogre Edition 1911 would be.  I don’t have any photoshop skills, so I can’t do up a picture to show you.  But let me paint the picture for you in the mind. A stainless Dan Wesson V-Bob, a Commander length… with a blued carbon steel slide, and a muzzle treatment like a Nighthawk T3, and Straight 8 night sights.  Done.  Simple.  Oh, and it would be a 10mm.


2 thoughts on “Ogre Edition 1911?”

  1. After some extensive google image searching…..I’ve gotta say that the pistol described would indeed rock!

  2. 10mm = win IMO one of the most underrated calibers…something to not only defend your life but also take it out in the field and put some food on the table.

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