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I finally got my hands on a FNH SCAR 17, or SCAR Heavy as it’s also called.  Retailing for 2899.99, it’s not a cheap rifle… it’s not the most expensive one out there, but is it worth the asking price?

It’s a “Nice” rifle. But it’s not almost 3 Grand worth of nice. It’s freaking Injection Molded Plastic with some Stamped parts and a Mediocre Barrel… with Proprietary Expensive Magazines. If it has anything about it that is an actual tangible advantage to other 7.62mm Weapons – is that the SCAR is a very lightweight gun for it’s size…. because it’s plastic.  Since when did plastic become worth as much as Titanium?  Is it the notoriety of SOCOM affiliation?  No, really, is it?  Because there is another FNH .308 semi auto rifles that are also used by SOCOM in even more limited secret squirrel numbers… The FNH FNAR.  More accurate.  Less money.  And in my opinion a better rifle… but that’s another topic.

I like the SCAR 17 though.  It’s cool and different, and would make for a great mountain assault rifle.  If I was asked to patrol the mountains on foot with a small team, the SCAR 17 might be a great option for that.  But this gun isn’t worth almost 3 Large… Not even close. This is an 800 Dollar gun with 2000 Dollars worth of Gee Wizz. The trigger sucks, the sights suck, the action is about as smooth as an out of the box WASR-10, and the reported accuracy is average for a DPMS Carbine.  Not something I’d personally spend my money on…. not that much money.  I’d rather have Joe at Crusader Weaponry build me a custom SR-25 rifle, light weight, 16″ barrel, with accuracy like a laser pointer.  But that’s just me.  Now, if FNH was more reasonable on the price… say 1499.99, that would be a much better price level and I could get behind the SCAR.

There is one more thing about the SCAR 17 though.  It’s rare and exclusive, giving it an air of superiority based on that fact alone.  Like early iPod or iPhone adopters, they could be snobbish about it… but now everyone has iPods and iPhones and it’s cooler now to own a Droid phone.  (argue that in another thread I’ll start in a moment)   That isn’t going to happen anytime soon with the SCAR 17.  It’s going to always remain a rare find and highly sought after.

You know what… screw it… if I had a spare wad of cash and already had a Crusader Broadsword – I’d freaking have a SCAR 17 in a heartbeat.  Wouldn’t even have to think about it.  I’d have Joe trick it out, sure, but I’d still get one in an instant.  Who am I kidding?  Why?  Because it really is freaking cool.  It’s sexy looking and it’s full of potential violence… and that is just what I want to send my money on – Sex and Violence.  Ultimately, all true red-blooded American Males do to.

Remington 700 LTR

We transfered through a Remington 700 LTR rifle today.  If I was to have taken my XCR Compact Tactical Rifle, and sprayed it down with flat black Krylon, that’s just what it would have looked like… but without everything that makes the XCR so much better.
Granted the LTR is a bit less money… However you do not get the Trinite Coating that makes the XCR completely weather resistant. The LTR is just a cheap matte finish that didn’t look or feel very good. The polishing on the bolt and action makes the XCR so much smoother… and the LTR doesn’t have the X40 trigger system that is so much better than LTR’s trigger.  I’m not sure what trigger the LTR has in it… but it didn’t feel nearly as good as the XCR’s.  It couldn’t have been an X40.  For a couple hundred bucks more than the LTR, you could get the rifle that I think is so much better.  Somethings are worth splurging some extra cash for… seriously, get the XCR if that’s what you are in the market for.

.270 Redding Broadsword

Looking for “That Edge” for my own custom build on a Crusader Broadsword.  One caliber came up that had me thinking “Hmmm”.  See, I’m looking for a configuration for a Hunting Broadsword… that can be legitimately used for hunting North American Big Game that will give good performance across the board with good bullet selections for the widest array of game animals… and it not be .308 Winchester.

The .270 Redding.  An improvement over the standard .270-08 Wildcat.  In an AR this would be solid.  See, you can get 3000 FPS out of a Short Action, in this case, out of an AR… which is only 60 FPS slower than the same bullet out of a .270 Winchester rifle.

Powder    Start    Velocity    Maximum   Velocity
N-150   45.0 grs.  2,923 fps  47.0 grs.  3,053 fps

Mild recoil, good trajectory, good terminal ballistics…  This gives us a much better trajectory thanks to it being faster than the 7mm-08 that would normally be the go-to choice for me.

Heavy Metal: LWRC REPR

Watch this:

Okay, now the guy says that he feels that the recoil is harsher than other .308 weapons. Then he also says that gun was designed for recoil management in mind. “Recoiled more than any of them…” That’s a fail. The gun was also very poor in accuracy. The parts are banging against each other… that can’t be consistent. The cocking handle causes jams… “it’s a training issue”? Really? That’s a crap design and don’t make an excuse for it. That gun is just a POS. Seriously, if that was my gun, I’d be pissed and I’d want my money back.
Guys, for twice the price of the Crusader Broadsword, it’s less than half the gun. The Broadsword feels like you are shooting a 5.56mm gun. Because it really is designed with recoil management in mind. And it’s a tack driver, because we wanted it to be accurate. The Broadsword shoots groups that make you look like a Ninja Warlock Sniper. At 100 yards, we were shooting 1 hole groups. If you want a good .308 Battle Rifle… there can be only one: The Crusader Broadsword.

Heavy Metal: M-14 Sage EBR

Can you say “Dream Gun”?  This is why it’s prominent in Uprising.  That’s a badass rifle, on every level.

Sage EBR

It’s not meant to look cool… it’s meant to work.  All about function.  It gives the rifle the means to be adjusted like a tailor fit to the operator and it increases accuracy.    They are however, a little spendy.  Worth it.  Very worth it.

Crusader LEO .308 CETME Battle Rifle

The next Crusader LEO Project Rifle we are currently thinking about is a the CETME.  There are a lot of options out there for the CETME and they have a good reputation and a following.  And the CETME would gain huge benefits from the Slipstream ST-1 Process.   Options would be custom color, railed handguards and a collapsing stock.  This will be a very smooth, very reliable .308 battle rifle starting out for under a grand.  Even with the collapsing stock and railed guards, still very reasonable.   So for you guys that can’t afford a Broadsword or have an aversion to an AR Type weapon – This is the gun.  HK liked the so much, they took it and it became the G3.

What do you guys think?

.308 Range Ups in MOA

I had posted this on my Facebook page… thought I would hit it here too for those guys asking about .308 stuff and for those guys getting into .308’s.  This is generally what the US Marines teach their Snipers, and what I learned at LRI.  You and your .308 set up might be different.  But these will get you in the ball park.  You will still have to get out there with your rifle, your Data Book, and a Spotter to help you, so you can find your scope’s dope at each interval… but this little road map will help you get there. Continue reading .308 Range Ups in MOA

A nice day at the Range

When friends come out from Hill AFB and say they want to do some shooting – we go shooting.   So Mike and Tony came out yesterday, and Tony picked up a nice Savage 10 FCP topped it with a 6.5-20×44 Vortex Viper.  Mike brought out the finished Crusader Broadsword.  Both guns needed to be zeroed, so today, we went to the range, including WTA’s Khorne.

Mike, going prone... Nailing the 400 yard plate - every shot.

Continue reading A nice day at the Range