I’m seeing a pattern here.

Check this news out.  The Ft. Hood shooter was a “Work Place Violence” issue, not Domestic Terrorism.

China is ramping up for War.  Getting ready to throw down.   Our side’s response?  “No one is looking for a scrap here.”  No, not here… but over there, they sure as hell are!

The ATF’s project Fast and Furious, which is giving the Drug Cartels lots of high powered weapons they are using against us now… is to make American Gun Owners look bad.

Do you see the pattern here?  The US Government doesn’t know what the hell they are doing and they have no common sense.  It’s a wonder that the streets of DC, inside the Beltway, isn’t littered with the bodies of drowned Government Workers every time it rains.

6 thoughts on “I’m seeing a pattern here.”

  1. I’ve thought I had been seeing a pattern for years.
    So long, in fact, I’m convinced that they DO know what they’re doing.
    It’s just not in the best interest of the values, the people, or the constitution of this great nation.
    They do it for themselves and the gilded pig that is our government.

  2. Even though I disagree with Bill Maher a lot, he had a very correct quote:
    “Political Correctness is the elevation of sensitivity over truth and common sense”

    Ultimately, the leadership has some odd agenda and will do anything to get to their ends, no matter how insane, or how many people are killed. Their social engineering is all that matters.

    We don’t want to piss off islamists, so Nidal Hassan is just a workplace violence. Once the islamist radicals see how non-judgemental we are and see how understanding we are, they will get together and we will all sing Kumbaya

    Guns are evil, so if we kill a few hundred people while arming criminals, it is ok because many more would be killed if we don’t ban guns.

    We want to be able to control your food and exercise habits as well as doctors so we want to write regulations which destroy the private health insurance market.

    We want to control what you drive, how you power and even light your house, so light bulb bans and new regulations from the EPA.

    As long as you always look at their proposed end game, everything that they do is utterly predictable. They are interested in control. They are 100% sure that if only they were put in control of your life, that you would be so much better off. The really crazy thing is that once Obama is out of office, he will get with all his buddies in some coffee shop and commisserate about how much they helped everyone and saved the earth and how awesome their intentions were, when in reality, they accellerated the destruction of a country and more importantly the country’s morale. They are that disconnected from reality.

  3. Incompetent at what? Politicians manage to leave their positions, often far wealthier than they came in, and usually avoid going to prison. That shows a great deal of competence.

  4. As soon as the Government starts determining winners and looser, it becomes necessary for them to control more and more of the activities of the people, until eventually they have so many balls in the air that it all collapses on there heads. Unfortunately the fallout will be wide spread, and painful.

  5. “Allahu Akbar. Sorry Infidel, I’m having a bad day, I have to shoot you. K-thx-bye.”

    The shooter down south of me at Fort Hood is an Islamonutball. Only the Obamalamadingdong Admin would see him the same as a disgruntled USPS worker.

  6. Not stupidity. Just evil.

    Their mindset:

    The Fort Hood shooter attacked people at a base because America is wrong to ever stand up to foreigners.

    Same goes with China.

    Gun owners are all cousin humping red neck retards, so shut up, they explained.

    These people are the enemy. Pure and simple. We need to start treating them as such.

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