7 thoughts on “Steve Wynn hammers Obama”

    1. Baby steps… he’s seeing the light… I think he’ll come around to realize that Harry Reid is cock and needs to be replaced. He’ll see it.

  1. Well I don’t mean to shock anybody, and maybe I’m too paranoid and cynical, but I’ve always suspected that the Casino companies spent quite of bit of money on lobbying, campaign contributions, and uhm how you say bribes, liquor, hot and cold running women, to keep politicians and regulators “sweet.” So it is possible, and I say this with all do respect to Mr. Wynn, that Mr. Wynn has not just fired a shot across the Obama bow, but two bracket rounds and over and an under. I think he issued a subtle reminder to Reid about “business” that he and the Reid family have done together in Los Vegas real estate and about campaign contributions, and the help casino employees have given the various Democrat campaigns. Then again it could all just be delusional fantasy on my part……don’t hurt me Mr. Wynn

  2. I’ve heard similar stuff from some of the businessmen around here; they’re afraid to reinvest or hire new people because they don’t know all the ramifications of Obamacare, and they don’t know what kind of bullshit he is going to throw at them next. A lot of them are just basically waiting to see what is going to happen so they don’t over-commit in the wrong areas.

  3. Maybe these CEOs (sorry, Job Creators, as the GOP likes to call them) could start hiring again after all the tax breaks they’ve been getting.

  4. Not if its all “regulated” away by the Marxist in the WH and god help anybody that hires anybody if he is put back in power in 2012. The country is unlikely to survive.

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