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Shut it down

I find it sad that an entire political party has got to the efforts that they have to prove that they are against any and all fiscal responsibility.  They have shown that they just don’t want anything to do with it.  And yet they point fingers and sling insults.   There are few people on this planet more loathsome than Harry Reid.  Then there is Obama’s masterful demonstration of his leadership.

The US Government is such a joke, the question shouldn’t be weather or not it gets shut down… But if it should Re-Open.

The people caught in the middle of this mess directly – our Armed Forces – are going to, as usual, suffer the most, bearing the brunt of this SNAFU.  If our Government can’t fund our troops, everyone over there should immediately return home.  Everyone.  That’s it, board the planes and RTB.   It’s wrong to expect them to be over there, unfunded.  Its flat out immoral.