The Church of Government

Take a look at this news report.  It’s about 700 thousand dollars to build a wheel chair ramp in a government office.

This office.

I pulled up the report and thought I was looking at some sort of temple or cathedral or something.  What the hell?  Then it struck me… they way people pray to the Government, and seek aid from the Government, and worship the Government… and the way the Government spends, acts, holds its self above question, and pats its self on the back.  The Government is the new Priesthood, much like Pre-Martin Luther Catholicism.  Doesn’t really matter what Branch or Level of the Government anymore.
Feds.  State.  Hell, even a lot of Local Governments.   Vernal City has just built their new temple cathedral office building.  Spending huge amounts of money that could have been spent better/wiser on other things.

Just an observation… The Sheriff’s department is going to be buying new vehicles shortly.  The current ones still don’t have cages or other safety equipment in them.  The new ones wont either.  They don’t want to drill holes in them.

6 thoughts on “The Church of Government”

  1. By not putting the safety equipment in the patrol cars they open themselves up to law suits. They used to say you couldn’t sue city hall, but that is changing.
    An agency that I worked for stopped selling the used patrol cars in the US. They were sold to a company in Mexico. It erased any chance of law suits coming back on the agency.

  2. About half of our cars have cages.

    Mine, a Charger, doesn’t. Being the 6’4 Sasquatch that I am, I don’t get along with cages. Can’t get the driver seat back far enough.

    On those rare occasions when I have to drive one of the Impalas with the cages, I feel like I should be wearing much bigger shoes…..and a big red rubber nose……

  3. Our new patrol cars were coming from the manufacture with holes on either side of the cage to allow the expansion of the air bags for the back seats. When we pointed out that this left holes that suspects could use to reach through and grab the officer driving we were told “to bad, its the law”. Needless to say we canceled the orders or “modified” cars in our own shops upon arrival, damn the “law”. AS to worship of gov with the emaculation of the O you expect anything less then worship demanded by the manchild?

  4. San Francisco is insane. I have a friend who did some carpentry out that way, before she moved back to the sane coast…

    One of the last straws was when they handed her a list of 20-some different inspections that the simple remodel would require. One of which was the “drywall screw pattern” inspection.

    Fortunately, she’s now working in a place where she’s treated like a professional, not someone’s idiot child, and doesn’t have to pay half her income to the very government that was abusing her. Good thing, too, as she’s one of the best carpenters I’ve ever met. The woman does her framing work with more care than most carpenters put into finish work.

  5. When you consider that there are “hate” crimes, then government is all the way there. They now have dogma. They are establishing a belief system.

    A gang beating a homosexual is wrong because a gang beating a person is wrong. The idea that it is worse for that gang to beat a person they hate than to beat me is patently offensive. The content of someone’s heart is the realm of God and conscience. . .not government.


  6. The offices of Fairfax County government were called The Taj Mahal for a reason. Marble, crystal but no gold plating. At least not where the public was allowed.

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