Let me get this straight.

In Iraq, we are fighting Al-Qaeda.  In Afganistan, we are fighting Al-Qaeda and Taliban.  But in Libya, we are Al-Qaeda’s Air Force and our Administration wants to arm them?

While the whole time the Administration wants to disarm us and keep an eye on us because we are the ones that are the potential threat.   I’m under the impression that our current administration is goofier than Keystone Cops.

3 thoughts on “Let me get this straight.”

  1. So now we want to ARM the “rebels?” Seriously? *facepalm*

    This Administration makes the Keystone Cops look like The Untouchables.

  2. Didn’t I mention in an earlier post that the rebels were Al-Qaeda and others scoffed at me because why would our government in their right mind be helping our enemies?? Turns out that our elected officials didn’t even bother to do some basic backround investigating…but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that we didn’t hear Al-Qaeda say that the “Great Satan” was attacking another Muslim country, and that’s because we are fighting WITH them instead of AGAINST them. The difference between Iraq/Afghanistan and Libya is look at which administrations got the ball rolling for each conflict. Obama is the biggest idiot and it will take at least 50 years to undo the damage this man & his administration has caused to our country and economy. God help us if he gets re-elected…and it’s giving me a migraine just having that thought/nightmare in my head.

  3. No scoffing here Mattitude. This administration is willing to arm the very people we are trying to fight in other areas. Yeah, Obama is that dumb.

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