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I find it sad that an entire political party has got to the efforts that they have to prove that they are against any and all fiscal responsibility.  They have shown that they just don’t want anything to do with it.  And yet they point fingers and sling insults.   There are few people on this planet more loathsome than Harry Reid.  Then there is Obama’s masterful demonstration of his leadership.

The US Government is such a joke, the question shouldn’t be weather or not it gets shut down… But if it should Re-Open.

The people caught in the middle of this mess directly – our Armed Forces – are going to, as usual, suffer the most, bearing the brunt of this SNAFU.  If our Government can’t fund our troops, everyone over there should immediately return home.  Everyone.  That’s it, board the planes and RTB.   It’s wrong to expect them to be over there, unfunded.  Its flat out immoral.

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  1. Don’t worry, they already made a deal, they will make mighty cuts, almost as much as the washington racks up in a week.

      1. Notice the news on the dollar becoming so toxic every country is trying to unload it on everyone else? (Drudge) Notice how fast the $USDX plummeted the last two weeks and the new records set for Gold, Silver and Oil twice in a weeks time? Once the $USDX falls below 74, look out. We are 74.84 now.

        I was hoping till the end of the Obama regime until the economic collapse but with the dollar becoming toxic so fast now, there is no stopping the downward spiral.

        I figure I will lose my job before the year is out. Big layoffs have already hit here in MN and the local news reports our unemployment rate at 6.5% which is an utter lie. Wells Fargo, for instances, just laid-off several hundred people due to lack of housing starts. Medtronic’s has had two recent layoffs. My unemployed friends and family are competing with 100-200 applicants for every job they apply for paying an average of $10/hr while others are moving out of state for work.

        The housing market still has a long way to go before it craters where equilibrium makes it worth the price you pay for a house. They are still over valued.

        Gas, food and clothing prices are making some dramatic moves northwards and we are one good drought away from a worldwide shortage on corn.

        Gad, I remember when silver was below $12 ozt when Obama was inaugurated and now it’s almost $41 ozt. On ebay and craigslist it will cost you $50 for one ounce of silver.

        Gold was under $900 ozt and is now $1475 ozt. Obama’s plan to overwhelm the economy and bankrupt the system has come to fruition perfectly as planned. (He taught this scenario as a college lecturer, wrote about it in his books and studied it n the books of his mentors.)

        I’ve well over doubled my investment against inflation in precious metals. PM’s retain their value and allow you to buy goods and services at true market value while your fiat currency loses value on a daily basis via the governments’ favorite back-door tax known as inflation.

        I started accumulating PM’s as soon as Obama won the election knowing he would do exactly what is happening now. I will still be buying as long as I’m employed since I know the dollar is junk.

        There is not enough known gold, silver, platinum and oil on the planet to pay off the debt we owe. The Chinese are not going to get their money back (or anyone else for that matter). The entire world hates our ass, including members of NATO. We meddle in wars that are none of our business, so a coalition to take us down is not inconceivable.

        The DOW has been inflated by the stimulus, QEI & II money which the Banks (too big to fail) are making a fortune off the taxpayer because the money is lent to them at 0% interest and they are collecting an easy 3% guarantee off of the US Taxpayer, so why should they lend it to the public at risk? Fanny and Freddie are still operating full steam ahead and losing money just as fast as the last housing bubble that we are still in.

        Eventually the interest rates will have to be raised above that 3% to avert hyperinflation and force the banks to lend the money to the public in order for those banks to make a profit, but they will have to raise it north of the true rate of inflation which is around 9%!

        I know, because that is what my child support was raised by starting on May 1st! Obama’s government has been artificially suppressing the CPI for two years now and it can no longer be hidden as the CBO and GAO have been reporting.

        Who is going to afford to take on a loan when the prime rate is around 12 – 15% with everyone losing their jobs and GDP growth below break even levels?

        The spending cut Congress just made is a joke. Fill your bathtub with water then remove as much as you can filling one eyedropper full. That is how much they just cut the budget by.

        Only one way left to attempt to give the appearance of balancing the budget now, and that is to confiscate your pensions and 401k’s (delusional since the money in those accounts are pretty worthless unless it’s invested in commodities) or the country has no choice but to default.

        You think it can’t happen?

        Wrong buckwheat, it already has in small towns all over the US who have already defaulted on pensions. Retired public workers have had to return to work because their pension checks simply stopped coming in the mail. Some have committed suicide. It’s not being reported in the MSM, but you can Google it and find the local small town news papers reporting this phenomenon. It will eventually happen at state and fed levels too. Forget SS. It’s already officially bankrupt 30 years ahead of schedule and I expect the checks to stop within the next five years or less once it is insolvent. The $USD is a contagion that everybody is ridding themselves of because good money always chases out bad money in the end.

        And no, Ryan’s plan won’t work either. His plan, while a step in the right direction, just balances the primary spending and doesn’t consider interest, and the job creation he and the Heritage Foundation are predicting that will be created is over quadruple what job creation was in the best of economic US history, even during the Reagan years.

        Not going to happen.

        Hyperinflation is finally knocking at our door hard and once the $USD loses its status as the Reserve Currency of the world, we are toast.

        Then it’s going to get ugly.

        You say that the military won’t fire on its own people?

        Well think again about how the “ex-military” regards civilians in the last Top Shot episode discussed here. I got the same sick feeling many of you got. They and their families will be offered protection for a price. And in the military, (current or ex, I don’t care) it looks like that price is now pretty cheap.

        When the government decides to throw down against its own people as it did in the civil war, put me in the trenches with the golf instructor. He’s the one I will die with, with honor, in the trenches. Yes there are some honorable ex-military and current military, but they will be culled quickly from the heard as the first casualties and there won’t be enough of them left to sustain a resistance without divine help from above.

        There will be only two classes of people in the end. Those who work for the government and those who work as slaves so the Government can maintain their current standard of living and carefree lifestyles.

        They will pry your gun from your cold dead fingers effortlessly and there is nothing you will be able to do about it in the end.

        Those of you who think you have enough bullets and lead (like me) think again. It is a very short term solution that will be a temporary fix against thugs, looters and LEO who misjudge the will of a determined group of freeman to retain their 2nd Amendment Rights in the early stages.

        You see those telescopic and/or infrared aerial movies on YouTube of choppers, jets, and drones vaporizing every jihadi fanatic carrying a weapon in the Middle East?

        Those splatters on the ground are soon going to be you and me, in our own neighborhoods, shortly after you refuse to voluntarily turn in your arms. Your bullets are useless toys at that level and they will Ruby Ridge your ass from the undisclosed confines behind a desk with state of the art computers and remote control.

        I’m ok with that. I’d rather die a freeman then live in bondage by another mans leave.

        Am I full of it and way off base? Conspiracy crackpot?

        I’ll continue praying to God and happily accept ridicule that I am.

        Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt…

  2. The climate in my shop is not very friendly towards congress right now. All they’ve been told is they’re probably not getting paid, they still have to come to work and will be prosecuted if they don’t (in breach of contract), and they can’t get another job that actually pays anything. Thank God I’m retiring.

    1. Business law basics would say it is also a breach of contract to not be paid for your work. How long would the neighborhood kid who mows the lawn and doesn’t get paid continue mowing? He is told the budget needs to be worked out and you may not be able to pay back wages. Also folks caught in the work for no wages situation, may not be eligible for unemployment benefits/relief. A tough situation if you’ve got a family to support and contractually your time is taken for no wages.

      1. That’s what I’m saying, the government is in breach of contract, not the airmen. It is guaranteed in our contracts that we get paid at a certain grade for our work and if we don’t then the gov’t broke the contract.

  3. They were talking about furloughing 800,000 non-essential federal employees. Let that sink in a minute.


    Why, pray tell, are there more NON-ESSENTIAL federal employees than there are PEOPLE in my state?

    Maybe I’m just the crazy racist teabagger wingnut over here, clinging to my guns, religion and outdated limited government ideals, but I’m thinking that maybe, just MAYBE, if a FEDERAL job isn’t absolutely ESSENTIAL to the lives and/or liberties of the American people, it should be left to the states or, better yet, to the private sector, which has extensive experience with “non-essentials” such as skinny mocha lattes and iPhones……

  4. I wonder if “passive resistance” would be all you’d need to circumvent rules like, “You won’t be payed but you have to report to work.” For example, everyone calls in and says they don’t have any gas money could the .gov send them a car? If they pick you up then point out that you’ve had no money to eat and they need to feed you or let you go lie down. Money is necessary for survival, who’s to say you’re capable of reporting in and working?

  5. Why does this only happen with a Democrat at the helm? I remember the last time this happened. I was stationed at Ramstein back in ’95 I believe when Clinton threatened to shut things down. We were ORDERED to be at work if our pay was stopped and we even couldn’t openly criticize the President otherwise face an Article 15. Same thing happened when I was in Japan when the whole Lewinski thing went down. Open your mouth and lose a stripe.

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