A Nation of Clowns

America has become a nation of clowns.  Since the Republicans have taken over, spending has not slowed down.  Spending Cuts was a puppet show.  They are raising the Debt Ceiling again – making the US Dollar even more worthless.  The GOP’s brightest star at the moment is Donald “You’re Fired” Trump?  Oh come on.  The only upshot to a President Donald would be that he seriously couldn’t be any worse than Obama…  The only President worse than Warren G. Harding (in my opinion).  The Democrats are acting the fool at every turn while being drunk on Tax Dollars.  The rest of the world is asking “What the hell is going on in America?” while at the same time pointing at us and saying “See!”   Every bad thing they’ve been saying about America – is being proven true.

And as a Nation, we care more about American Idol than actual issues and political platforms and who we are electing.

3 thoughts on “A Nation of Clowns”

  1. I like Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachman holding Boehner’s’ feet to the fire along with the freshman tea party members voting against the establishment GOP.

    At least the spending cuts they made allow the government to run for another three whole hours.

    Say goodbye to your way of life. Gas and food are going to take a 15% jump just like ammo. Get your gardens growing now and start canning while you can still buy food pre hyperinflation prices.

    Get ready for massive layoffs, they are happening already. The experts are saying recession officially kicks off when Oil hits $140 a barrel as if they think we have recovered from the previous recession. We haven’t. That historical $140 a barrel, if hit again will trigger hyper-inflation this time around and it won’t wait for $140.

    Bill Gross’ PIMCO just slapped helicopter Ben in the face last Monday for the second time. First he sold 100% of all U.S. Bonds for a cool $237 billion after warning Ben to stop the QE program which is purposely causing inflation.

    Ben gave Bill the middle finger.

    Bill took $7.1 billion of that profit and “shorted” the U.S. Treasuries on Monday this week! Every single commodity has been going through the roof since that move.

    JP Morgan is about $3 a share away from defaulting again, which will cause Chase and Citi Bank and COMEX to default. So much for manipulating Gold and Silver and the SEC not punishing them for it after GATA exposed their fraud.

    JPM tied their derivatives from the credit default swaps during the housing fraud banking scandal and bet that silver would never out pace the rate of inflation. Silver reached that threshold @ $40 ozt and JPM is loosing $4 billion for every dollar silver is over $40 ozt. ($42.52 as of right now.)

    JPM becomes insolvent once Silver hits $47 ozt or when the price of Silver passes the share price of JPM, which ever comes first.

    Do you think John Boehner will weep in the well of congress begging the GOP to bail those banks out again because they are too big to fail like this despicable RINO did the last time, with the unconstitutional stimulus?

    I fully expect it. The U.S.

    Fact: Inflation = Too many dollars chasing too few goods. Only governments can cause inflation. This is why the FED needs to be abolished and the bankers prosecuted along with the complicit politicians who enabled them.

    Economy is done. Nothing can stop this now.

  2. Correction…
    Meant to say JPM tied their dirivitives to the price of silver (they are the ones issuing the ETF’s manipulatiing the price, but got caught doing so and were not punished for it)

    1. Also meant to say the spending cuts the “establishment” GOP passed. Tea Party voted against it. Good on them.

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