ATI 1911, I had no choice.

ATI is bringing in some really well made 1911’s.  I’ve been eyeballing this Commander for almost 5 months now.  Had to do it… I… can’t… help… myself.

A Commander 1911 .45... My biggest weakness.

I’m an addict… I know.  I have a problem.  I admit it.  I LOVE guns.

Crusader Weaponry list of soon to be done upgrades:  Full ST-1 Treatment.  Trigger Job, Action Job, and an OD Green Duracoat on the grip frame.  Then those nasty wood grips are getting replaced with something else… I don’t care what.

Sheep for the slaughter

You’ve all heard the news about the 2 soldiers that were killed in Germany.  I’m not going to go into all that… save for one small little detail.   Our soldiers were unarmed.

Once again, “Policy” has killed our troops.  Our Policy is that all US Forces are unarmed almost all the time.  This Policy allowed for more deaths at Ft. Hood as well.

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Speaking of Nikon…

Nikon has a great scope for a .223 rifle, such as your AR-15.  They call it the “M-223”.  It’s slick and easy to use.   It’s actually one of my favorite optics for any longer barreled AR build (Think Crusader Templar) or Varminter configuration.

What does Nikon have for AR-10/SR-25/Broadsword?  Nothing so much… Right now for a Broadsword I’m thinking a PFI RR800.

What Nikon needs to do is a .308 specific scope, much like the M-223… but with an illuminated reticle.

Crusader Sterlings

I am very pleased with how well these Crusader Sterlings have done.    This project is going to be a lot of fun and I’ll be working on these things personally, along side GunDoctor.  I am really looking forward to getting my hands dirty and taking a photo amongst a bunch of SMG’s.

I might have to change the name of the Blog to The Happy Ogre.

Gaming Fudd.

I think I’m a gaming Fudd. I’m a die hard PC Gamer and I’m really only interested in First Person Shooters (especially if they are in the Horror genre) and Simulators. I really don’t care about any other game types, even if I’ve dabbled in RTS and RPG’s.
Because of the FPS Fixation, I scoff at Consoles. Reason being is Mouse Aiming. Controller Aiming flat blows. And WASD combined with Mouse Aiming allows for very smooth and fluid movement. Controllers, not so much.

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Crusader Sterling SMG: Place Your Order.

Those of you that said you wanted a Sterling.  We are doing a limited run of these guns as these are a side project.   Because of this these guns must be pre-paid.  Price is $639.99 each.

These are Semi-Auto Only, 9mm, Slipstream Treated internals, Duracoat finished.  A perfect vehicle to SBR and/or suppress.

To Place Your Order. Contact Joe at Crusader Weaponry to send your payment for the gun and specify your Color.   Flat Black, Olive Drab, or Coyote Brown. (some parts will be black and/or Slipstreamed Grey)
Check your State Laws to see if these are legal.  They are classified as 9mm Rifles.

For some more information on the Sterling, I offer a link to this informational video.   To show you what these things originally were capable of, I will show you this video… but please note – we are only selling semi auto only versions with 16 inch barrels… not actual Submachineguns as shown below:

More Trolley Square Trauma

The subject of the Trolley Square Shooting is back in the news.  Back in 2007 there was a shooting spree at the Trolley Square Mall in SLC.  I remember that day clearly.  I was going to take my Son to Trolley Square so we could buy a gift for Mrs. Ogre from her favorite little store there at Trolley Square.  We were about to head out when I mentioned my destination to a co-worker. That co-worker said “That store isn’t there anymore.”   Had we left then instead of going to a Plan B… my Son and I would have been there at Trolley Square, and I would have parked where I always parked, going in that entrance I always go there.   We would have been right there in the center of the shooting.

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