14 thoughts on “Crusader Sterlings Project Close”

  1. Again guys,

    We’ll take check or money order for payment made out to Crusader Weaponry. Please send it to:
    Crusader Weaponry
    5323 Baker st
    Murray, UT 84107

    Also, if you would please have your FFL of choice email their FFL over to me at joe@crusaderweaponry.com or fax it to (801) 590-6573 so we can be ready for shipment as soon as the guns are done I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks everyone.

  2. Would you share an estimate of how many folks have ordered so far?

    Also, I’ve been trying to (finally) register at wethearmed.com since Saturday but seem to have been marked as spam and rejected. I’ve sent two emails to the admin at wethearmed@gmail.com but haven’t heard back yet. Is there any way I could get an HappyOgre-assist here?

  3. Errrm, by Sunday, do you mean calling or emailing, or mailing the check?

    It will take a few more than two days to get there via mail.

  4. Dang man, if I wasn’t fully in the middle of my first AR build, I’d be all over this.

    Can I pick your Ogre brain for a sec?


    I’m assuming the Sterlings Project went as well as expected, so in light of that, can we expect other, similar sales to come up in the future? Other slightly eccentric firearms? If so, I’m sure another one will eventually come up that I’m interested in, and I’ll have to get in on it.


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